Sunday, April 02, 2006

White horse on tapas.

Okay, that didn't sound right. But either on its own were gewds (quote UnkleBUS). Pear and Ellie came to pick me up and we headed straight to La Bodega to meet the rest. The men all had their alcohol while Ellie and I had ice lemon tea and pink guava respectively. We are good girls. No substances thanks. Not yet at least :)

Let's see, we ordered lamb meatballs, tiger prawns, buttons mushrooms, fu yong egg okay kidding, spanish omelette, more tiger prawns, chicken in olive oil, garlic and dried chillis and err a few other dishes I forgot. Oh yea, a miserable cutlet of lamb in mayo and er something. Damn it I'm bad at this. I can't write articles, my memory is super selective. I can't remember nouns :D

But I remember Tyler, Aran, Jeevan and I laughing like mad hyenas throughout dinner while Ellie, Pear, Joey and Joey's cousin had a serious conversation about er serious stuff. First Aran and Tyler could not stop teasing me about the session the week before. Wholeeeee night I had to listen, on repeat,

"It's so sexual lor" (HAHAHAHA)
"It's so big! Why so big!"
and "Hi Fridge, I heard you can talk! *silence* Oh lansi la now, fine. *slams fridge door.

And then the tables turned and it was Aran and I doing recaps of Tyler's "I'm so ghetto! I'm here with my dawgs" and his romeo and juliet scene with Natalie Portman, or so he says.

Somehow everything we talked about during dinner was fucking funny. Tyler and Jeevan came up with so-called Mensa questions to test the rest of us and Tyler ended up as Young Buck after posing as 50cent the half hour before.

??? Something's too right with us. When everything is funny, you know you're with smart people :D HARHAR.

After dinner we headed to KMKS where the magic took place once again..

By dawn on Saturday I was home back in darling's arms :P and the rest of the day was spent recuperating. Well, at least it was for Ellie, Pear, Sor Ham and I. The rest were at Velvet. Like the awesome twosome we too stayed in, cooked our own meals, caught up with the two latest episodes of Lost and The OC.

So today's Sunday. Tyler came to pick Sor Ham and I up to Pyramid where there is a Bridal Fair. I happily bounced around snapping pictures of Ellie and Pear while they were speaking to various bridal galleries. I noticed several Ah Piaus shamelessly gawking at Ellie from stairs above her. She is looking at wedding pictures! She's getting them taken soon! She's off the market ;) But appreciate beauty all you want, see no touch ar.

And now I'm back home, Soe Ham playing DOTA. *snore. Time to harass him while the game is getting good. Hm or accidentally trip and unplug the PC. It's quite exciting to watch him get angry and when I look at him, eyes open as wide as I could looking as scared as a rabbit trapped in headlights while his face softens and he goes "It's okay, just a game. What do you wanna do now?"

Yay :D

PS: I'm only calling him Sor Ham because he's calling me Sampat. Hopefully, the sooner the better, we'll come up with better nicknames for each other because these ones are beginning to grow on me o_O

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anomie said...

The next day at Zouk, Agnelli and Nelson teased the crowd to the dance floor by playing "If you wanna ride, don't ride the white horse".