Monday, April 30, 2007

I come to you as a friend.

Joyce and I were having Dim Sum with Daddy Oo. The trays were coming around and Joyce and I started pointing at what we wanted while my dad eyes' followed our gestures when suddenly my dad reaches his hand out to ours in a smacking gesture and said "Don't simply point point point, I beat one ah." and then he chuckled and went back to eating his big pau. So random.

Later we were home watching the TV with Esther and there was this cool Taiwanese show on. It's called Treasure Hunt where these ppl go around looking for good food and other things to see on the show. At one part they were holding this sign with chinese words on it up and my dad quickly turned to Esther and said "What does it say? What does it say?" And Esther was scanning the screen with her panicky eyes while my add continues to say "Angry one ah I send you to school cannot read." Esther was panicking and exclaming "It's in old Chinese, olden Chinese!" HAhahaha my dad and I couldn't stop laughing.

We went to buy Cassidy's stuff like a crate (which I'm not planning to use), and more biscuits and other stuff and when we're at the counter he did his famous 'pretending to walk away while they are ringing up the purchases' except this time he really walked out for a whole minute while Joyce and I yanked out our wallets in a frenzy counting our money and then he walks back in with his wallet in hand chuckling to himself and making a "haha" face at the cashier.

I wonder if I get my sense of humor from him. I hope so!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

More pictures of Cassidy!

Hehe Mr.Tyler, Cassie found the monkey. Almost chewed it to bits. It's okay I saved him from her wrath! She can be quite fierce!

Ham bought a Siberian Husky pup today o.O We collect her in a week. She's 6 weeks old too early to be taken away from her mom. Man we are gonna have our hands and feet full.


It's funny how there are two very distinct worlds in alcoholism. Those who don't realize what a severe disorder it is, and those who are aware that it can be fatal and struggle to keep it a secret from their peers.

"So alcooo." I hear it all the time. It's like, the more you drink, the trendier you are. And the funniest thing is when people proclaim (so-called la oh its so bad for me la but actually.. they are so proud to say) that they themselves are alcoholic. They even sell it like its a brand. It's part of their hip hip image. Years ago depression was probably the hip trend and now it's alcoholism.

Lately I've seen what being an alcoholic is, and how empty that person's life can be when he drowns himself in any form of liquor day after day, night after night. There's nothing glamorous about it, there's nothing to be proud of. In fact he knows my disapproving eyes are on him and when his skin fades to red I can't help but feel slightly disgusted. He knows, he masks it, he gives excuses. When someone drinks at an alarming rate daily, he knows it's something he should be ashamed of and he is. The sweets and gum he keeps in his pockets has ulterior motives. His family tries not to mention it or to act like it bothers them but organs are failing and we all know the cause.

Is there anyone who thinks this fella is hip? Now you are thinking "well this guy went overboard, he doesn't know his limit." But thats how sooo many wants to sound like, I hear and read it all the time, "My liver so gonna fail lor." Wow man, really its no joke. really is stupid to me, to hear people throwing the term around so carelessly. Maybe it's just friendly banter. But there are people who build their image around it and thats all it is, an image. Sure you can hold your liquor and you like the taste of it, but that doesn't make you an alcoholic so don't label yourself so smugly. Really, they talk about it as if its something sad and that they can't help but they are proud of it! They honestly think it makes them hip.

Now if it was someone super hooked onto drugs, would they say "I'm so addicted laa I can take up to how much how much. I'm such a drug addict la *laughs demurely*". No because people who do it knows what its about and knows its not something that should be taken lightly like that.

Alcohol is not all that different. The only difference is that its legal.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I am damn free.

I scored 2nd highest on my sister's test. Shioyk.

Create your own Friend Test here

What's in a name.

Ham bought me a dog!! She's mine!! MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE!!!

She's less than 2 months old! I'm thinking either Bo, Stevie or Cassidy. But Cassie sounds good for now.

I'm torn between naming her Cassidy (Cassie for short) and Bo. I also came up with Stevie. The guys are happily calling her Carpet cause she likes to lie flat on the floor. Ham actually wants to give her a chinese name but neither one of is is particularly fluent in Chinese so how to name. We almost went with Xiao Wei but I thought against it.

I wish I have a better camera to take better pictures. I never liked poodles. But this toy poodle is irrisistable!!! She looks big in the pictures but she's actually quite small and SHE'S MINE!!

Sunday, April 22, 2007


My mom gave me 50bucks for cutting my hair. Except, I didn't expect it to be this short. I chopped a whole 6 inches off. It's weird now when I sit my hair touches my lap but now alien. But I guess its better now that its not layered, was starting to think layered hair is a bit duh. It's straight now. Plus Aran and I agreed that if hair is too long it looks quite the "hiong ha". Hehe.

London was an unexpectedly good movie! Children of Men was pretty decent too except the ending a bit potong. Seems nowadays all movies end too quickly for me, I'm always expecting another big bang. I finally got to watch Factory Girl and I really liked it! Also, I watched The Aviator for the 4th time. I don't like Leonardo Dicaprio but he seems to get the good parts. I am bored. I can't wait for The Simpsons movie. My dad is looking forward to the Transfomers movie although he won't admit it.

Oh the other day I passed a restaurant and its called, Sheesh Mahal! HAHAHahahah damn funny lor.

Monday, April 16, 2007

My afternoon out.

I saw the cutest ride.
I would have gone on it.
But there was a height limit. HMPH.
Hafiz and Heng took turns on the I Gallop instead.
Free some more. This is what I call a cheap thrill.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Shorty won a jug of beer!

Hafiz, one of Ham's roommate during their KTJ time is staying with us again during his Easter holidays. Hafiz's girlfriend Yaty works in Thai Club as their Marketing Manager.

Now I normally wouldn't have thought of going to Thai Club. I know how many (including myself before) cringes at the thought of going to places like Beach Club, Thai Club, Aloha. Even before we've stepped into the place.

Anyway on Tuesday we had dinner in Thai Club while waiting for Yaty to get off work. We were sitting outside at the back so I couldn't really see but there was this stage inside and the hostess who was a transvestite was reallly entertaining. He could sing too! At first we were a little apprehensive with the atmosphere, it felt kinda foreign but the night turned out really fun!

After the dance performance the DJ suddenly said "You know our bartendress Crystal, she's really short. If there's anyone in this club shorter than her, I'd give you a jug of beer. But I doubt there is."

I perked up. Then kept my mouth shut but it was too late. Yaty looked at me and said "Stel! Oh my god I'm gonna call Crystal over."

She came over and yes, I was half an inch shorter than her apparently. So Ham dragged me up to the DJ because him and Hafiz so badly needed another jug to share after their 2nd one. When Yaty flagged the DJ down and pointed in the direction of a sheepish me and a happy Crystal (because there's actually another girl shorter than she is) and the DJ said "SHIT! You are shorter than her! Is that your boyfriend?" I nodded ni Ham's direction and he continued to ask Ham "You're so tall and she's so short? How do you guys kiss?!" Ham leaned over and gave me a peck on the cheek and we got that jug of beer!

I think its damn cool lor.

The four of us went home happy. Then other guys came with a bottle of Martell and 2 red wines and the five of them finished it clean.

Does anyone else drink whiskey with warm water? Because Ham drinks it like that at home and apparently its better for you. It doesn't give you a headache.

Ok! Back to MSN Uno. Pek San and I keep getting beat and its time to fight back!

Where is Propagandhi?

Pulau Ketam's steamboat porridge. I'm not comfortable with cooking stuff in my porridge. So it wasn't a very pleasant experience seeing fishballs, wantons and foo chuk in my porridge. Porridge porridge porridge. That's Hafiz (back from Perth) and Yaty in the back, who are staying with us for a whole week and a half! Shucks can't see Connie next to Yaty, she's 7 and a half months pregnant and she looks DAMN cute and round.'s actually white. But its the "reaction" from Joyce's red shirt. (HAHAHA reaction! *alliance joke) Does anyone know how to change that wallpaper in the background? Help!

My almost everyday lunch. Tulip's Spicy Luncheon Meat. It's not really enough unless you have half a can. On its own.
My beat up toenail :D It's gone now. I picked at it till it bled so I sort of stopped.

Victor after his accident. BMW total loss, what is a RM1000 fine. Victor is quite concerned that is this picure is found online it would find its way to The Star. But be warned, whoever who rips this picture off will have their head ripped off their body. Won't win one la he wouldn't do the "jolly good" sign for this picture.
Really pretty dog. Look ma, no chains.
Lan's latest pet. It's a step up from snakes I feel. When I'm at his house I'm actually a little nervous that something might jump out of the cages and lunge for me. Or or worse, all ten snakes at once. Ham is getting quite worried about my luncheon meat intake. He asked me to pack on the pounds but at the rate I'm going its apparently scary.
Go Tulip! Forget Spam!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Jung called me and asked if I wanted tickets to Good Charlotte. I instinctively gasped and said "I hate Good Charlotte Jung."

I think I came off sounding a bit rude, sorry Jung! Hehe but its reflex. My goodness they are coming to Malaysia? Even more of an affirmation that pop bands are taking over the world. Who in the world dared to say that Good Charlotte was punk? Or Pop Punk even. You can't dress punk and look punk, only music and lifestyle is. Sure some of these shit bands are musically inclined, but anyone can be. It's being real that counts in music. Music isn't just rhythm and lyrics. It's beliefs, actions and just being very true to yourself.

It was about 5 years ago when I felt very proud to be Malaysian. It was when I first heard Gerhana Ska Cinta. Such insane potential.

Real life was stumped when the 90s came by. We are all just making do.

Oh and I also hate any toilets, sitting or squatting, that has water splashing onto your feet when you flush. Because everytime I use a public restroom, I have to prepare to run for cover before I flush. So it's my feet as close to the door as possible and my arm stretched as far as I could to flush the damn toilet. And even if make a run for it I sometimes still get it on me. I HATE IT! It's like shitty bands, you just can't avoid it. It's nothing wrong to make music but its everything wrong when you claim yours to be something it isn't. Why are you trying to dupe yourself and insult the the bands who really are something.

Actually, it could be a whole new genre. Wannabe Pop or Wannabe Rock, maybe just Wannabe. Well then there are some good wannabe pop bands.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Esther is 10!

Today Esther had her 10th birthday party. Okay its not the 10th she's had but she's 10 now and she had about 20plus friends over today. Joyce and I stayed up late last night planning the games, the balloons the food the prizes. Voonz came over last night and helped with the balloons. My two darling Kakaks also helping with the balloons, the cooking and the "headaches" as we lovingly called the event.
Joyce and I decorated the house :D My phone's pictures has this yellow tinge to it *ugh. The pictures does no justice to what was in reality. The whole house was bursting in colors.
There was so much leftover KFC. So I had six pieces today. Abuot four balloons popped in my face today. I didn't get hit by a water balloon. And speaking of those water balloons, you nkwo the proper teensy ones meant to be water balloons? Not the normal ones where when you throw them at someone they bounce off, hit the floor and thats when they burst? These ones are awesome water balloons but they are a bitch to fill up. I'm tugging and huffing to very gingerly pull the mouth over the tap hoping it doesn't tear and I get to fill it up without water spraying in three directions. My two favourite colors! I saved these for the end when no one else had any more and all power was in my hands muahaha.

Anyway Esther's theme was her two favourite colors, orange and hot pink (*cringe, though its better than the pastel). Joyce and I wore her Zara tops; one which said I Love Pink and I wore the one which said I Love Orange -_-"

Esther got this really cool laughing Elmo. It's damn retarded. It keeps laughing and moving about changing laughing poses. Sometimes it even sounds like you're torturing it!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My weekend home.

So Ham and I have had the Naza 206 for a while now and nothing's much changed since then though there's nothing really thatI want to change. Except! I don't have to take cabs anymore! Hip hip hurray! I have a feeling that in a couple of months, 206s will be everywhere! You heard it here first :D

ANYWAY, if you look closely at the picture below, you can spot my dad's new pet! I named him Jimbo. Jimbo the Lizard.

That's all the food that Esther, the small one on the left, Joyce, Daddy and I finished. Actually Esther had half a bowl, Joyce had one and my dad and I polished off the rest.
Jimmy and meeeee. I don't know why my arm looks so extremely fat here. But anyway, the subject of this photo isn't me, but Jimmy. That's actually him posing, I hope.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Follow the red balloon.

On the set of a Mastercard commercial, I saw a group of guys preparing the props..which includes lots and lots of balloons. Now I am not one of those girls who's all BALLOON! BALLOON! I want la my childhood so deprived so I get to act like a sweet innocent girl now. No, I'm not one of those. However, ONE particular balloon got my attention. A big red one. its HUGE.
Can you see how huge it is? I touched it and its all thick and rubbery. It's not a ball either, its a helium balloon. Feck! I want! I snapped pictures of it throughout the day. 1 in the morning, 2 in the afternoon and so on.
Look at the size of it! I was so tempted to ask the Art Department if they could blow up a few more for me to take home.
Good thing I didn't. The boy got stuck in the revolving gate thingy at the exit. HAHAHAHAHA I couldn't stop laughing.
Somesh helped the guy out by pushing the balloon out through the top. I mean cause otherwise the gate would be stuck for a while and there were a lot more people waiting to get out behind us. So there it is, the coveted balloon.

I tried desperately to MMS these pictures to Raychel. But she didn't get them so I had to put it up :D