Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Better Together.

First time I heard Jack Johnson's music, I cringed. Yer, music for saps, I thought.
And in high school I refused to date because I watched "Drive me crazy" and I agreed and said "High school love is for saps. For those who are insecure and seek attention. I will not do somethign stupid and regret it two years later."

But I've become a sap.

Hm, the fine print is for those who gives a shit ;)

Whoah. I look really shitty without any make-up on. Fuck. Never thought I'd say that. Foundation is evil. 6 months ago I was surviving without it :( I have sold out!!


hEeJuNg said...

As long as ur happy ^^*

Makeup is like our money, cant live without it! :( sadness...

Stella said...

ya man (jamaican stylez) haha miss you guys back in cyber :( but its smokey here in sunway as it is back there :P

hEeJuNg said...
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hEeJuNg said...


ur always welcome to join us back here.

just drag ur arrss here.