Saturday, April 08, 2006

Making boys feel like Christmas trees.

I'm still coughing and spitting phlegm out every fifteen minutes. At least it's more white than it was green.

And because I was tossing and turning like an angry baby elephant all night, I missed Tyler's call to go to KL with the Awesome Twsome. Now I'm stuck alone at home *grumpy*

I think I'm gonna go downstairs and fry slices of spam in a pan and scoff them down to fatten my already obese body (and face) :( Somebody stop me!

Ooh, Arthur just called. I answered and he went "Hello Mrs.Tan?" and I nearly threw the phone across the room. Haha, going for lunch with him and FyeHai. YAY! In case I haven't mentioned, Arthur is representing Mel and Fye is taking Rachel's place now that my darlings are in Australia. So its girl-talk time!

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