Thursday, May 25, 2006


The only thing remotely close to red wine that I enjoy is probably grape flavoured Vitagen.

No joke, it’s a cultured milk drink.

I’m a classy baby.


In a more heavily armed and less tolerant society, someone would have shot me.

But no! Here we revere…


Of pages and motion.

I have read many things that moved me. Where words are arranged in such a sequence and I read it over again, the 2nd time out loud, to savor the brilliance of the arrangement. One can choose to read, or to relish, in composition.

Take Harry Potter for example, I read the whole thing four lines at a time, photographic reading. Whereas with Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, I read four words at a time, each sentence, each paragraph, each page, four times and over. There are books which reputations super cede them and when I examine them, I have this fear of suffocation. For fear of swallowing before chewing, I ration my intake, taking slow long gulps in order to submerge the flavor. Comprehending the Nicomachean Ethics was a tiresome task, if a task at all. Three pages and I’m spent.

And now in modern times, we have movies as adaptations of bestsellers. Most movies nowadays are usually based on books but personally, if the book was or is a bestseller, I would not watch the movie if I had yet to read the book. Therefore I cannot understand how some can say “Why read the book, just watch the movie.”

Reading the book is in the vein of watching a movie in your mind, creating your own characters, generating your own panoramas and crafting your own imagery. Opting to watch the movie instead of reading the book is like saying you trust someone else’s imagination more than your own. Either that, or one perhaps, has none or alternative means of spawning creativity. This is just my poison.

I chose not to read the Da Vinci code, for fear of additional qualms. And therefore, I am most definitely not going to watch the movie. It's simply a matter of choice. Most would tell me that it's just a movie, no harm in watching it. Again, matter of choice. I'm not watching a movie just because the Box Office placed it in their charts. I have not watched Mtv nor listen to or anything on the radio for years simply because it depicts the mainstream trend which in my younger days, I have despised. I have never been a follower. But neither am I not watching for fear of becoming a sheep :D

But, I finally watched The Constant Gardener and Sin City and I am damn glad that I did. Sin City was awesome! I could not take my eyes off the screen. Every second was so freaking compelling.
Speaking of compelling, everyone should watch The Constant Gardener, watch it twice! Just in case. I think it's better than City of God in terms of human interest issues. I cried actual tears. Like five droplets but still.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Times.

I'm sitting in front of the comp, chatting and blogging. Which all the course of a day, would be very normal for any young adult.

But I also have a knife and a peeler with me.

Along with some ginger, garlic and an onion, all waiting to be peeled and I'm doing it in front of the computer.

I'm moving with the times, yo!

Everything is merging, everything is a fusion.

They now serve Roti Banjir, which is plain roti cut up and drenched in curry. It's basically Roti Canai Orang Malas. First we have people cooking our meals for us, then we have people cutting our food for us. What's next? People to feed us? It's amazing how far we've come and yet how lazy we have become.

All that jazz in school about not spoonfeeding the students. Take a look at what Maslow has shown us, do we really need people cutting our food for us?? Probing into little details of different societies, everything is prematurely stencilled and it's just going in circles, only different things at different speeds.

Or maybe, sadly, its my brain that's wack.

Monday, May 22, 2006

I ogle at my own boyfriend o_O

About the title, we'll get there.

One of the most apparent tags applied to clubbing would be alcohol.

So last Friday at Velvet Underground, it was "Free-flow night", I'm sure the night had some glamour handle like "I am Fabulous" but to us, it was free-flow for two hours and thats all that mattered. Blah of course after a while we realized it was a "I Am Fabulous" night and immediately I felt out of place. Anomie leaned over and said "We so do not belong to this crowd, we're so not fabulous." I laughed and felt at ease at being out of place. I've felt this my whole life harhar. Anyway, our group stood next to the bar the whole time. Anomie realized that if a girl asked for the free drinks at the bar, it was more efficient so I was the designated "orderer".

Anomie: Go go get more drinks. Get two, just in case (Russell Peters imitation).
He must have repeated that line to me at least eight times.
Me: We are so kiamsiap.

Then there were chocolate covered strawberries circling the club and I, the glutton, whalloped as much as I could. *YUM* Actually the strawberries weren't so good so it was more like I was biting the chocolate off the strawberry and tossing the remains away.

We are so kiamsiap. The kiamsiapness had UnkleBus and Sab laughing all over the place the whole night. We did not move away from the bar even though there was people bumping into us all night. It was so convenient. I've never seen Anomie so happy. "Shit it's the good Vodka! It's bel-WhateverIcannotPronounce"

So there we were, I was happily feeling out of place when Anomie leans over this time to say "My hand was in between the sofa and some girl's ass. She was resting her ass on my hand."
As Strwb said, "You should have said excuse me, pon pon (squeeze squeeze*)"
That made me laugh so hard I banged into Ham's drink and spilled it over his shirt *teehee.

Midnight came. "No more free stuff ah? Let's leave lah." We headed over to Mainroom where Judge Jules was spinning. When I first saw the Melbourne shuffle back in Atmosphere times, Rachel and I thought "It looks terrible! Like some warped version of a chicken flap dance." But then Anomie said to me "Did you know that Ham taught people to shuffle? Ask him to teach me!" and persisted in calling Ham his "guru". (Reminder: Dorothy story for another time*)

Ham started shuffling about five years ago back in Melbourne and stopped about two years ago. But as I watched him shuffle (after badgering him to do it for me), he looked so adorable! So cocky! That swaggering stare! He even incorporated my Alice in Wonderland moves into his dance. I loved it! I was giggling like a lovesick idiot while gawking at him. Now I know how a pre-teen would feel at a Westlife concert. So excited! I could just stand there and watch him all night. (Okay this is where I should shut up)

Chemicalboy saw me watching Ham and he said to me "Shuffle together la!"
I stared at him, "I will never be able to do that. I am more a bump and grind girl." (Sounds so salah)
And then he said to Ham, "You didn't teach her??" and turned to me and said "He taught me you know! Years ago, he taught me!"

I would have never known. Ham has many well kept secrets. Including being hillarious at the wrong times.

Sometimes he'd be staring at me while I'm talking and I'd get all flustered, blush furiously and start stammering.

And suddenly..

"B.b! There's vege stuck in your teeth! Wait stop talking let me get it out first."

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Inane both ways.

I went shopping and bought

C.S. Lewis: The boy who chronicled Narnia, a biography by Michael White.
50 facts that should change world by Jessica Williams

There were about thirty books from Military History and Warfare I wanted to ravage, twenty others from Non-fiction I needed to inhale, and about ten more under Current Affairs I’d pawn my clothes for but I could only afford two. The misery.

My sister Joyce said “Yer che why can’t you just spend your extra money on clothes like other normal people? And even if you don’t on clothes you spend it on books? That’s just damn weird la.”

Well because my mother still buys my clothes. And my dad is damn picky with books that he allows me to read. He’s still upset that I bought Karl Marx’s Selected Writings myself after he had said no and hid it under my bed.

It’s alarming. It really is.

There are 44 million child laborers in India.
Four years ago when I started keeping up with the UN International Labor (ILO), they seemed to be doing a pretty good job but hell, boycotting Nike and other brands for half a decade isn’t enough. Maybe I should start making my own clothes. But then I’d still have to worry about where the fabric came from, if a child working in a dangerous environment with bleeding fingers was a victim of this freaking cloth.

Ten languages die out every year.
That is insane! Mel and I were just working on an assignment on globalization and yes cultural identities die out as a side-effect of the gradual evolution of our species and yes universal communication has its benefits but ten languages a year… That’s a steep price to pay. I love the fact that I can speak Hokkien. For those who can speak it, you know what I mean, Hokkien can be si beh funny when used appropriately.

There are at least 300,000 prisoners or conscience in the world.
Now this just pisses me off. Declaring your beliefs and practicing your religion is subversive? And for that you go to prison? Cowardly governments. A strong and confident government may not like its critics, but it should be able to withstand a healthy public debate. The right to be who you are and express what you feel is one of the most fundamental of human existence, how can that right be revoked?

There are 300,000 child soldiers fighting in conflicts around the world.
WHAT THE FUCK? What kind of unscrupulous and downright SICK government/army would recruit children? They are forced into too, sometimes forced to kill their own families in order for them to emerge “stronger”. In some cases, the children are told to murder and cook the flesh of their victims and then eat them. I couldn’t stop crying while reading this report. I must do something.

Nearly 26 million people voted in the 2001 British General election. More than 32 million votes were cast in the first season of Pop Idol.

I think I should stop now, or I’m gonna work myself into a heart attack.


For Mother's Day I bought my mom a whole bunch of red helium balloons and another larger one which says Love you Mum. I also got her her favourite candy, some nougat thingy I used to see her chomp on when I was younger.

But when I walked into the house with the balloons I was bombarded by the kids. Esther was wailing "Da jieeeee you didn't buy this for me on MY day!", Han Yang was trying to climb up my leg out of sheer excitement and his sister Si Qi was giggling nonstop.

I almost forgot how it feels to be surrounded by children: purposeful.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A thousand words.

This was all before the stupid raid. So NOT a good night for a raid. But thanks to the excellent Zouk staff; entertainment, front office and floor (and an ex-manager in particular :P), we managed to escape.

Looking back, although I've been in a few raids, this is the first time I panicked a little. As soon as the lights came on we strolled inconspicuously toward the DJ console and walked into the back. When the bouncer opened the door we saw a lot bunch of people in there. And another horde inside the Artist Room. Damn obvious, true enough a cop discovered us. Then Ellie got a call and we walked more conspicuously this time it seems because another string of people were following us upstairs and into the staff entrance to the office where we escaped into the blue. No actually just outside. Just felt like saying into the blue, I don't know why.

Though the rest of the night was filled with "nen nen pox" songs, pointers for insulting me, a nutty "drummist" and a boyfriend who joined the other side, it was a good night. Of course la, the Technicolor Gang was together. Listening to Tyler sing "Don't give me no cloroxxxx, I just want my nen nen pox. Put it in a boxxxx, I have no chicken poxxx. No no no no cloroxxxx, just nen nen pox" was.. damn chat entertaining.

The band rocks! Just like nen ne- nevermind.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Road Trip.

Tuesday night, when it was turning into early Wednesday morning, the guys jokingly disccussed driving up to Genting. I jokingly said I would go too. I even made fun of those who didn't want to go. "You got class at 10? Mine's at 9 and I'm still going. You're such a wuss."

Next thing I know..
"Huh? We're really going?! But I get seasick! Motion sickness erm car sick? Air sick! All sick! Are you guys sure you want to take me? I mean, I'm gonna be puking every 20 minutes. Not pleasant. Plus-" bla bla bla. By the time we got there I came out of the car pale, pasty and nauseated beyond belief. And what did we do after they lost money? Heh.

I became the designated photographer of the night.

Yum. We do love our greens.

If you look carefully they are posing with a freaking rubbish bin, pointing at..nothing.

They were intentionally looking for sohai stuff to get on camera.

Too bad the pictures are kinda blurry, the expression on Bulldog's (right) face is priceless.

Sigh. Some boys just never grow up.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

My colorful weekend.

Tyler, Aran, Andrea, Ham and I were in for a treat Saturday night! Ellie made pasta. Uncle Leong (are you guys sure its okay to call him this?) came later so he didn't get to have any. See the little faux "snow globes" by the tv? I got them :D The yellow one represents Perry, the red one Ellie and the Green one Tyler. Anyway, the food was YUM. Especially the baby carrots.

I seriously didn't think he would actually take a picture while I was doing that. Look at him, unshaven and dishevelled. YUM.

At 5.15am we got up and headed to KLIA for the Return of Strwb.

Notice the difference in her expression when she's standing next to me and Perry? :P 2 weeks. 2 weeks is a longggg time to separated from your other half. Ham and I could barely make one without whining. Him, not me.

All in all, we're damn glad Perry's back. Just wasn't the same without him. Since he was gone Tyler and Aran ganged up and bullied me quite a bit. I have to find some way to bribe him to be on my side. *ngerk.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Wet & Not so Wild.

Ham and I, Tyler and Wai Leng, Heng and Kenny: took a trip down memory lane back to high school and decided to go for the Skate&Surf thing at Sunway Lagoon a couple of weeks ago. Maybe two. The place was swarming with kids in their teens. There were two firsts on this day, one was when the majority of the crowd looked younger than I and the other when I refused to go into the water. I can't remember a time where I didn't gung-ho and dived into the water. I love the water. If I had a choice, I wouldn't choose to be able to fly. I'd choose to be able to breathe underwater.

But on this day..

Ham dragged a very unwilling person into the water. I've always read this phrase, but I brought it into action at this moment: "kicking and screaming."

Wai Leng and I: Before I was tormented by cold icy water. (And I loveddddddd it)
I don't wanna grow up, I'm a Toys R' Us kid. A million toys to choose from, that I can play with. From bikes to trikes and video games, its the biggest toy store there is. GEE WIZZ! I don't wanna grow up, cause baby if I did... I wouldn't be a Toys R' Us kid!

Friday, May 05, 2006


Thomas has got a super adorable nephew!

Thomas taught him how to wink!

So geram!

I love, I live, and breathe in now.

We don’t have a barbeque pit so Ham put charcoal in between two bricks on the ground and the griller over it. It took him a while to get the charcoal burning because we don’t have any fire starters either. We sat on newspaper over the cement and patiently fanned the fire for half an hour or so. Under these circumstances it took a total of another hour before the steaks was ready to be devoured. By the time Ham was done with the squatting down, fanning and poking at the steaks, he looked like a member of an eighties punk band who just woke up from an overdose. Hawt.

I spent that same hour chatting with Rachel over the phone. While talking to her I peeled potatoes, boiled them and made mash potatoes.

Dinner was great!

You know an almost sneeze? An almost sneeze where at the last moment, swallows itself? I think Casper's made of that. The "about to fall into slumber" theory he has is all wrong for him, that's for something else. But that's another story for another day.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Reviews Shmeviews.

Just heard Taking Back Sunday's first single from their latest album Louder Now, Make damn sure.

En said they were kinda Strokes-ish now. I can see why, except not as good. It'd be better if they were less screamo in this song. The album will probably come out here soon, there are probably better songs on it than this one. This one reminds me of Hawthorne Heights, I don't like it much. En probably likes it cause it sounds a little like Sparta, except more upbeat.

Ham and I were talking the other night and we remembered this song, a while back, it's called Kiss the rain by Billie Myers. I think I used to like it. I hated Nelly Furtado's Like a bird. In fact I hated Nelly Furtado anything. I don't know why I'm bringing it up though. Velvet Revolver sucks. I think expressing dislike is healthy. An insult a day, keeps the psychiatrist away!

SobieNeverSober was here a couple of nights back and I was jumpyhappy. Haven't seen him in a long time, he has this really cool afro now. Except instead of the usual round-ish afro, he's got the triangular one. Imagine Arnold from Hey Arnold! with an afro and wears blurry glasses. But anyway the best part about Sob is, he listens to punk.

I turned The Ramones on and to my giddy delight he sings along!

"I can't control my fingers, I can't control my brainnnn."

I turned to him and said "Everyone needs at least two punk friends. At least two." with my fingers in a peace sign for emphasis. It seemed like the right dramatic thing to say. I am the movie of the week.


If you wanna know why I am crapping so, refer to my comments page. Look at the very top, under No Comments what does it say?

There you have it. The answer to the majority of questions about my sanity, or lack thereof.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Ham and the guys have been loading, unloadnig, setting up, sticking carpet to grass (something along the lines of that) and doing basically any hard work other guys I know wouldn't do, since 8am.

Ham and I usually cooks one dish each for dinner and we cook together. But I thought I'd do all the cooking tonight and broke out the pork, prawns and squid. I don't have any more chicken left because night before last, I took out the chicken to defrost in the sink and two hours later, I checked the sink and lo and behold! The chicken was gone, right out of the plastic. There was a hole in it though. Must be the damn cat. Which one I don't know. And I was really really upset.

Anyway, I considered walking tp Pyramid to get more chicken but was quite sure that they didn't have the parts that I wanted in any hypermarket. Only Ah Long at the SS2 Pasar Pagi has them. But then Gerald told me of a Pasar Malam in Subang which happens to sell raw meat as such during the night (which is rare). So I contemplated taking a cab there. But then I heard thunder.

A little disappointed I couldn't cook up a better meal, I settled on what I had. A fusion of seafood and meat curry and my own recipe for fried rice. While I was washing the rice, the water pressure went lower and lower. I banged around the sink a little and the water went down to a mere trickle..

SO SAD. No water!!
After all my pacing around the room thinking if I should walk out to Pyramid to try my luck.
After putting my jeans on and taking it off three times because I couldn't decide if I should go.
After calling numerous people to see if they can take me to the Subang Pasar Malam (which none was gracious enough to help a damsel in distress).
After peeling the potatoes and chopping them into cubes!


I wanted to complain to Mel.

No water!!

So cannot bathe la?

What cannot bathe! Cannot cook!

Tar pau la.

But i took everything out to defrost already! I peeled the potatoes! Everything is ready!

Eat it raw then. Hahahahah. You sound danm si lai okay. Beh tahan. Upset that you can't cook.. HAHAHAHAHA.

Some people, I'm not saying who, but we know la, have no compassion. You can forget about your "fatt tiew cheong".


The Machine.

Today I used a washing machine. It was my first time. Ham had shown me how to use it before but it was kinda complicated, too many knobs.

And separating the colors, where does the light blue go? In the blacks or the whites? I had to ask Aran. I assumed he knew. He needed to know exactly what shade of blue it was. He suggested I tell him using the html hex no. We are band geeks.

I bet you're assuming that I've never done laundry before.


I handwashed my clothes before this. Yep. I was all gung-ho squatting down in the toilet to scrub and rub each garment piece by piece.

I'm moving along with the times. Tomorrow I'm cooking something from the frozen food section for dinner instead of making a meal from scratch. No peeling onions or slicing garlic.

*I think I'm having a fever. My joints ache, my head is warm and heavy, and I feel like throwing up. I need Ham home :( I don't like him doing manual labour under the hot sun :*(

Monday, May 01, 2006


We were at Alexis, Ampang.

Although I don't enjoy listening to jazz, I somehow feel as if the notion in jazz and rock are actually quite similar. Like how it can take you anywhere. You don't need to be melodic throughout the whole song and you can bang out solos and go crazy. The flow is so, liberal.

I was trying to depict "greed" in this picture. But it came out as "insane."

Ham has hands of magic.

Ellie and I. Andrea is checking the drummer out :P

The Blame Game.

1. The reason why my body was in a weird posture and my face wearing a stupid expression (I was laughing really really hard, inwardly)

Behind me, the evil man who tickles with his words.

2. The reason why our group looks like a "rombongan dari luar negara" while having their picture taken in a mall after hours.

Can you spot the person with the reddest face?

Here's a clue:




Last night was weird. I was distressed.

The twinge that Ron was hurt bad.

The love for Ham for having such a big heart.

The smarting twitches.

The ignorance, the malice, the foolishness, the wounds.