Friday, April 28, 2006

O happy day.

I'm going back home to my parents' house later today.
Ham is coming with me. I don't care how fierce he thinks my dad looks, he only looks fierce.

Mommy called last night and said "Sorry dear, ma hasn't called you in a few days hor..hehehe."

"Yala, some more dare to say. Beh pai seh."

"Haha. Been busy ma..You know, when you get home, you should check on Esther's Malay homework and etc. And teach her something."

I could hear my father in the background going "Books for Joyce!"

"Oh yea, bring some books back for Joyce to read. You need to help her with her General Paper. The English is very tough."

Miss Crazy10AsForSPM needs help? It's not tough la she just doesn't like reading because she's a freak who does Add Math sums f0r fun while watching TV. I did her GP homework for her last week. Serves her right for being so smug when she had to help me with my College Calc last year. I'm so gonna be bitchy while correcting her mistakes.

Hm. I'm a glorified tutor, talk about bringing your first job home.

Maison again tonight :) Ellie's first time. *gulp. It's gonna be hard to beat Tyler's camwhoring last night. He's damn vain good la.

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