Sunday, April 16, 2006

Black Birthday.

No racial connotations intended.

At the last minute we went for John Black's birthday thingy in Poppy Garden. Liqour everywhere! I counted 11 bottles of liqour before I stopped counting. Ham was such a greedy pig. I spotted his greed when there was half an inch of Chivas left in a bottle and he poured all of it into his glass and then looked around, spotted a Black Label and then poured some more until the glass for 3 quarters full without any ice or mixers. And the birthday boy was happily going around grabbing people from the back, his arm around their neck and jabbing the nozzle of the bottle into your mouth and makes you down at least 5 secnods of it. This went on all night. Naturally, I crossed the fine fine line and suddenly Poppy was spinning and I couldn't stop dancing.

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Jodi said...

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