Friday, August 24, 2007

Most of us are sad, but I'm not most people!

Last night Ham tried using this free facial wash Heng brought home months ago.
He had his whole face covered white in that gunk except for a thick line above his upper lip and he turned to me and said "Look babe, no milk."

Maybe this is commonplace for couples who use facial wash, but neither of us do so I laughed and laughed and laughed.


Ham has his friend Awang. Awang is also my friend. Awang loves trance. Whenever we are in Ham's car my music would obviously be playing. Awang would compliment the song and tell me I have good taste but then ah, at almost every song he'd say "Hey if they made this song into a trance track, best!" and would try to churn out this sound.
After a while I said "Wang, jangan semua lagu best best nak jadi trance ok!"

But apparently there are already quite a few of the Ramones' songs made into trance song. Hm.


It's 9am and Ham isn't back from his outing. I'm so hungry cause I'm waiting for him for dinner and I ate a quarter of my cheesecake. It's not very thick la about half an inch of biscuit and an inch or so of cheese. But dunno why now feel quite the full.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sheena is a punk rocker.

I like my new font on MSN so much I'm typing and typing! So long-winded! Haha when Khai Lee asked me to join some 16-word short story competition I said "Hello, I'd die if I can't eloborate mty points man, 16 words siao."
He told me the night before the dateline so naturally I forgot. Meaning I didn't have time to get reminded repeatedly.

Wrote a long ass post just now when I was bored but blogger wasn't working. I'll go check and see if it was saved.

I'm gonna post the shit/chocolate pictures soon! So exicted! It's right up there on the same level as my cake picture. Ooh who has my cake picture! Send to me again. Jung? Aran?

Brainstorm, take me away from the norm

I went for class today and my classmate John said "Wow Stella, you're early! It's only Week 4, we usually see you at least a month after classes had started."

True. But this Lenny has been scaring me saying Mr.Bong (Faculty Director) has been really strict on attendance and they'd minus 2% for every class you miss without an mc. 2% is damn bloody a lot lor considering I skip at least 50% of all my classes. Plus I know he would definitely notice if he walks into any class and don't see me there.

But apparently that might not be true too. We'll see.


In the beginning, when I'd go to Ham's grandma's for dinner I'd stick by his side, eat quietly, wash the dishes and then sit in front of the TV.

These days I'm not glued to his side anymore. In fact sometimes he'd take his dinner to the telly and I'd sit at the dinner table chatting with his aunts and uncle. After dinner I'd sit outside with his two aunts and chat for an hour or so while he watches TV. Sometimes he'll even go out with his friends and I'll stay back at his grandma's talking to her and taking notes as they explain how to cook certain dishes. We do things separately in his grandma's house. I'm really comfortable there! Sometimes I don't even want to go home cause I like the atmosphere so much. I love family life la, just makes you feel like everything will be okay no matter what and nothing could go wrong.

Now Ham is trying to convince me to go over earlier everyday to learn how to cook from them so that I can cook the same dishes for him in the future. What la.
Actually I don't mind, the food there mostly spicy! I LIKE!


Alvin asked me if I had a blog a couple of days ago and said that someone someone gave him the link. Then he teased me and called me a blogger. I'm not a blogger lor. I never considered myself to be one and I really really don't want to be one. I see this as an online journal and though people say it all the time I really do mean it when I say it exists as an outlet for me and just something for my friends to read. 5 friends who read this blog. I don't write here as if its for the world to read and I'm definitely not hoping to attract more readers or anything like that at all.

If you know me, you'd know I don't give a shit about my "social life" or "network" or anything lame like that. I keep it real! (quote the lovely

But recently certain friends tell me that some of the things I wrote offended their friend(s) and bla bla bla. That I should be more mindful of what I say because anyone can access this blog. Hello! I don't even know your friend leh.. I give a shit ah how they feel about what I write. So kepoh wanna read ppl's blog then deal with what's here la aiyo.


The other day someone, one of Ham's friends I think asked me if I was going to the Gwen Stefani concert and I said "No.."
Then the fella said "Eh, no? So your thing! Gwen and hiphop and all."
SINCE WHEN AH. Do I really look like the type *SOBS I rocker maa..mat rocker also can dowan to look like a Gwen fan hehe.
No Doubt was okay la, but when she went solo I never really caught up with her. It's like a different sound in a different dimension.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My poor baby!

Ham smacked Cassie for the first time today! Not smack la like a little tap but it made her so confused! She was staring at him in a "Papa why you beat me" kinda look. I know these things la ok.

Cassie peed outside of the toilet today. She's stopped it a long time ago you know! She has been doing her businesses in the toilet for months already :( But daddyHam would not tolerate it.

After that she went to him and licked his feet. Poor baby. Until now keep staring at her Papa, wondering why he smacked her.


On a brighter note, she has become quite aggresive. She bit Sexy till Sexy was bleeding. *evil laugh*

Ham and I had a big argument today because I refused to take my cirit-birit medicine (its pink and white.. and quite frankly, tasted like fermented tulips) and he went and crushed it. and put it. in my air kelapa. Like I couldn't taste it in there!

After that we continued arguing cause I didnt want to go to school tomorrow saying I should make full use of my 2day mc and claim I'm still feeling sick. Lecturers love me! They will surely buy it one. But no, kept giving me that sullen face. He's going to start working on another production again soon, might as well spend time together now! Other boyfriends would be thrilled if their girl wants to skip class and spend time with them.

Only of course, when that class is a 9am class and he doesn't have work that day.

Legs to beat the ground, and our hearts to beat the band

After a shower Cassie would look damn good. But after 5 minutes of play with Sexy, gone la she'd look like a wild puppy possibly a stray. Like in these pictures. They would tumble and bite each other to no end and Cassie would emerge covered in saliva and her fur like chicken feathers. Somehow she's not photogenic la. She hardly looks nice in pictures but the real crazy cute!! Cute until can die why why la the pictures doesn't show. Doesn't even show 5% of her actual cuteness.

I've been making cheesecakes the past 2 weekends. Damn nice lor if I say so myself.

These past weeks I've also been seeing more of Ham's friends Darren and Dwayne, along with their girlfriends Su Ann and Michelle. I got along with the girls! Stella made new friends :D Ham's usually the friend you have to beg and plead before he'd agree to go out so..even though we've been dating for almost a year and a half I've only seen his friends in a complete group a handful of times.

I miss my own ones. My colorful colorful space people!

I'm gonna post more nonsense pictures before posting my shit/choclate ones (I've been saving them!). To achieve balance. Heheh
My sister did my nails. I like!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Backside clean clean.

Actually, quite fast lor me. Except this youtube damn mafan ask for this that. But it's worth it!

See, Cassie cleans her backside after she shits. Almost every single time! It looks damn cute la when she's doing it. But girls would say its gross. But nola her backside clean leh, I wipe it for her with baby wipes every time she shits or pees. I actually have a few videos cause she does it for quite a while in intervals. But only one worked. Ho hum. Everytime I see her do this I know its time to wipe her backside!

Have an apple, have some lye..

I lost my phone USB cable thingy right, but then today I realized, my mom has the same phone! (My parents also uses the same message tone as I -_- So when Bob Marley's Don't worry be happy comes on all three of us move) And she definitely doesn't use the thingamajigs. So I took hers :D

Yay there are cool pictures to see! Can upload the shit/chocolate pictures! I wanna upload these videos of Cassie. But first I gotta find out how and I'm guessing it'll take me a while -_-
So here's some pictures of Langkawi from my phone.

Ham and I! Bangun pagiii gosok gigiii

One can of that and I was spinning and spinning (the Heineken). No more! I don't know why I bought that vodka thing apart from it being peach flavored there's no other redeeming quality. When I used to drink.. vodka tasted the worst! Smell and taste like rats saturated in detergent. I drank half of that though and made Ham drink the other half. He agrees with me, got cockroach inside. All vodka is made from cockroach pee. Ok, I need to make up my mind about the contents of vodka. Brown liquor used to rock. Whiskey la everyone. Eh that can of beer RM3.10 only :D

Krys at Rasa. Rachel took this picture and said my phone picture quality sucks. You just don't know how to use it la. Look at the other pictures -_-

View of Babe from the bed. I like!

Okay so this picture isn't from Langkawi. This was in Rachel's room. Dunno when. He's so adorable! msikgn494jgmn309902n2777ion!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Cassie infiltrates.

Cassie's favourite spot in my house is under the couch.
Everyday I'd lie down on my stomach on the floor next to her and hold her hand while she sleeps. My parents think it's a little abnormal.
Last night Joanna slept over so we put a mattress on the floor for Ham :D
But Cassie took over so I lied down on the mattress and stared at her for a good one hour.
She kept moving away from me cause I'd put my nose right in front of her and grin at her.
Everytime she moved I'd move also to face her. Ham sat next to me and stroked her. When she moved he'd move her to face me saying "Baby girll mommy wants to look at you" :D

Ham says he's becoming more like me cause he's starting to talk to her in a baby voice.
He damn bad lor. Whenever Cassie is under the bed and we wanna get her out I'd call and say "Cassieee Cassieee mommy hereeee come come mommy hereee."
Ham mimiced me using a high-pitched annoying voice. All complete with the gestures except he made it extra gedik. He calls her "baby girlll" haha so pondan.
Sexy is so fat her head looks too small for her body. Sounds like someone we know :P

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Venus, hardeeharhar

Last night, I went to a night club! Venus, somewhere in Sg Chua. Joanna and I have never been to a shady night club so we decided to go. I bugged Ham and he called his friends who has friends who frequent the place.

We got a big 20 seater room with moderately comfortable couches. I was quite excited to see the "girls" in action but erm they were quite irritating in their high-pitched, extremely loud cutesy China accent. They kept screaming and yelping with the guys. The guys asked them to leave after 20 minutes hehe.

At first it was pretty fun, singing and listening to others sing.

But later in the night, some of the guys played some trance music which was realllly crap. Imagine Safri Duo remixed with some ah beng dude's voice talking in between. It got so bad Jo and I went outside to escape for a while.

It'll probably be my first and last time.

Anyway, this is one of the rare occasions pictures were taken.

Me sleeping cause it was past my bedtime with Jo and Hafiz.

Hafiz and Jo. Hafiz is back from Perth for good! He's now working in True Fitness in Hartamas and is pestering Ham to work out -_- me don't like muscles. No mus-kels!

Victor and Leong. They are both fathers to adorable adorable kids.

Jourdang made his special appearance. I loveeee this expression on his face.

Ham and his best friend Hafiz. Victor pulled a prank and called a girl for Hafiz. He glared at Victor after giving a feeble smile to the chick and asked her to leave. Damn tiu these guys.

Ham and I!
Erm, not sure what Ham was doing here.
Hello everyone!
Ok bye!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I got tagged!

I've always seen the word around, tag. But never knew what it was till today. Yeah I'm stupid like that.

Anyway, before the tagging thingy.. We went to Cowboy and it was closed! Ham was so sad! So we decided to try Boathouse which Ray said, I have to try the beef burger there. But steak trumps burger so I had this bleu cheese and black pepper steak. The lady said "Oh this one's different, quite special." So I was all excited to try it but when it came, it wasn't bleu cheese and black pepper mixed. It's cheese on one side and black pepper on the other. It was yum anyway.
Steaks never keeps me full. I came home and had nasi kandar with fried chicken and sotong two hours later.

So okay, tagging thingy.
We're supposed to talk about our ambitions. Or at least, what they were.

Detective (higher ranking than a cop ok)
Oooh I've wanted to be a detective for the longest time! All throughout primary school. My friend Candice and I always talked about cases we would solve and stuff. I think its because we read a lot of Nancy Drew and Famous Five books. I wanted to be a detective all the way until I started reading newspapers and watched Kisah Benar.

I've always wanted to teach. At first it was because it is an honourable occupation. How clever teachers are to know these things and could answer my questions (well some of them) But lately it's because I love kids! I do teach a little here and there.
First I tutored some kids and it was good pay, RM25/hour. But then it all got a little hectic and I my A2 exams were coming so that stopped. After that I gave night tutoring to Korean kids, all 22 in one class. They're 8 to 12 so the drama between the girls had already started so.. I didnt like the job that much. I used art to teach them about harmony and how people, just like colors work better when united. (Long story) It didn't work, maybe cause I didnt believe what I was saying haha. Though..they did pay me RM600 a month for 2 hours of tutoring a week.
During my past holidays I worked part-time in Peter and Jane. They threw me in "the deep end", or so they said. Three year olds. I was Miss Stella to Class Yellow. I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT. Even though there was a kid who cried till he threw up every morning, a kid whose mom has to sit there all day while he weeps and you know, more vomit. Even so, I love every single one of them. I have so many stories to tell. I yakked about it nonstop, Ham was going cuckoo cause after a while I kept repeating the same stories.
They were going to pay me 1200 a month full time from 8 to 4 but I decided to do it voluntarily. After all I'm not qualified in Early Education. So this kindergarten thing is something I'm definitely looking into.

Why?! Why?! I like(d) debating and arguing so I thought being a lawyer would be fun. I was in primary school, probably had to do with the detective thing. I thought, If I know the law well enough I'm gold! I can get out of any situation and put people in situations! Bullshit made my parents so happy I had to do Pre-Law in A-levels. I knew I didn't want to be a lawyer but it turned out my best subject. Bye bye Queen Midas.

Art Restorer/Painter
I love painting. I discovered it in Form 4, late I know but I was nuts about it. I was painting all the time. But it was the one thing that my parents were unhappy about. The art I love isn't digital, isn't photography or anything semi-practical like that. I am a copier. I look at something in a book and replicate it. I go weak at the knees when I see a beautiful scenery that I can copy. Also if I restore paintings, that means I get to touch paintings from Renaissence! But uh, no hope of that here and since I was young my parents' biggest fear is that I will move overseas. So..slowly my parents discouraged me, got rid of my paints and somehow I don't want to like painting anymore. I picked up a brush a year ago, it felt strangely familiar and wrong. Like being caught in the act of something shameful.

Professional Skateboarder.
Ok, so I wasn't good at tricks. But I am damn fast yo. I used a gravity board and it had this little speedometer in the front. I was fast. I ran into a bus once, but it wasn't moving. I've had stitches, dislocated knees, bloody knees, bloody palms, bloody hair, fractures and whatever but the most painful skateboarding experience was when I was running downhill after my board when it hit a car tyre at full speed, bounced backwards off it and hit me full force in the shin. I think I had a hairline fracture, because the last time I felt that kind of pain, it was a fracture but I was too scared to tell my parents again so I limped for 2 weeks. I saw the exact same thing happen to my friend and I made the same mistake. I love Bob Burnquist because he is good-looking and I loved Chad Muska's 26 steps so I tried it and a piece of flesh from my finger came out cause the railing was rusted and busted in a few places. I used to wear torn jeans and black cons everyday, and listen to what they call "noisy music"; some people called me a lesbian. Yep, thats what you get for skateboarding in Malaysia they call you a lesbian. Also because I never dated in high school and thought high school love are for insecure saps. I rather be a dyke than be stupid :) I didn't date but I had my fair share of making boys do stupid things so somehow although the first time I held hands with a boy and kissed a boy was in college, I was either an Icequeen or a slut. The world and all the teenagers in it are warped. Why are people stupid.

I studied Advertising and PR. People tell me I'm perfect for the job. WHY?! I dislike more things than I like things! How can I romantisize things that I hate. If I have to work with Nike how? Or Esso? Or McDonalds or KFC? They are all criminals! Opportunists with no principles! If I go into advertising I might end up a criminal too, for grevious bodily harm! I sure whack people one haha. Somemore this kind of field where you have to layan people sometimes and the girls are all one-kind. How! I sure cannot stand one. Look at me and Mel! I almost killed her! :)

Okay, so I didn't stick to the topic. I'm a stoner, I can't ride my own train of thought.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Eat eat eat only I know.

I'm having steak tonight! Yay yay yay. I haven't had steak in a month!

Ham and I have had steak everywhere.

San Francisco Steakhouse Okay only la. I go there for their desserts. But because you're in a steakhouse you gotta have steak.

Jake's The bomb! Price also quite the bomb.

Victoria Station Overrated dunno whyy we go there I hate the place. Try once like ok only. Then somehow we'd think "maybe that time not good this time good leh got the wrong chef or something" then we'd go again and its always just so-so only.

Roadhouse Grill Not good at all but dunno why we end up there sometimes

Fridays (JD steak!) Yum

Le Meridien's Prime Expensive! We've only eaten there once. Dunno how our bill came up to almost 700. *faints. But on the bright side, they've got quite a selection of butters! I love butter!

Maredo's Steakhouse Love the ribs over their steak though

Gobo's Upstairs Lounge and Grill At first when I thought..lounge ah..yer dowan la later got a lot of pretentious people and girls talking in high-pitched voices. But damn the steak is good! It was salted hardcore! Anything salted is good.

Okayla, that's all I can remember off the top of my head. But I'm pretty sure we've covered quitea few steakhouses. We see a random one somewhere, off we go.

I haven't tried Boathouse and Tony Roma's which according to Ray and my sister, are good.

I use to have steak every weekend as a child! One of the places we'd frequent is that Windmill place in 1u but it closed down. Their steaks were served in cut-up pieces! I like! Child ma that time. But about seven years ago my mom became a Buddhist so none of us are allowed to have beef. Not in her presence anyway. So we stopped going for western food. At the same time I grew to love chinese food so I didn't really miss steak that much.

You know why. Cause I use to have them well done. When Ham forced me to take a bite of his medium rare, I fell in love all over again! I've rediscovered steak! Sometimes we'd order them rare because some people don't understand that medium rare means there should be some blood oozing out :D

Mind you, this is one of few things Ham and I spend money on. We are really quite thrifty. But since we don't waste any money on shopping for clothes or things like that, we spend them on steaks! It's our common ground! If cheap steak I'll pay if expensive steak, Ham pays hehe so no pinch on my part.

But anyway, our favourite place for steak is..Cowboy in Kelana Jaya. (I also like Suzie's Corner)

Cheap and effing good. The sauce..once you catch a whiff of it your mouth starts to water. Maybe it's because we're Malaysian and they are Malay chefs and the just perfect.

We're not the kind of ppl who care for a nice ambience and nice chairs or whatever. It's all about the food and just the food. Sigh dunno why we pay good money to go to nice looking restaurants with mediocre steaks. Quite con la the whole thing, you see a nice looking place and you think, hmm they probably have good steak here because there's rich looking people in there and surely, rich people would know good food!


Just like Jogoya and Shogun. Everyone thinks Jogoya is better because it's more expensive and it looks nicer. People don't admit it, but its true. Because even people who've not eaten there thinks its the better. I've eaten at both places about 10 times each and honestly I'd have to say they are both equally good lor. For different things.
Shogun definitely has better salmon shashimi and since that's my FAVEEE I prefer going to Shogun. But Jogoya has a wider selection of food and Movenpick ice cream and pretty good desserts. But half the time I'm there the raw stuff just isn't that good. Like it's been sitting there for a while. They rarely serve the good shashimi, the one with thick white lines of fat. Although my dad and I love going to Rakuzen best. Only thing its a la carte and it'll be quite expensive if I eat as much shashimi as I can take. Hm no perfect place for japanese food yet.

Anywayy...shit I'm becoming quite long-winded.

OK. One problem with Cowboy though is that, its by a lake. So there are mozzies! I HATE! Also if you go there on public holidays like Christmas Eve *ahem, the food will suck. But on weekdays where there are only a few patrons the steaks are the bomb. THE BOMB! Only about RM40 per steak. And uh, don't sit on the water. The first time it looked quite inviting, the dock bobbing along the water and all but really, its in disguise. It's really a feeding tank for the giant mos-ti-kos!

So we're going there tonight!! In exactly half an hour!

Actually I'm just killing time writing in here waiting to go. Ham wants to nap first and I'm getting quite agitated. Sigh.

My little secret.

I know people say "Life is too short to read shitty books."

But I've read a fair few of books I wouldn't pay money for.
I've read maybe 6 books of Marian Keys and all of Sophie Kinsella's.
Also, I've read all of Jane Green's books. A few of Nicholas Spark's, Sidney Sheldon and several other authors I walk past in the bookstore. But when my sister buys them, or when I see them in people's houses I pick it up and finish it. And then, to my horror, I started to borrow a few when I'm at Walk In Rent a Book. Given, their non-fiction section is made up of 30 books which most I've read so..not being able to afford books I borrow from other sections. My dad stopped buying me books on military history and warfare for 2 years because apparently, it was making me an angry person.

Anyway, chick lit.
Especially! When it's about babies. Jane Green had this one called Babyville. That was the first chick lit book I read. Then there was this other one about different couples, some trying to have kids some with kids and how they coped with their partners and their babies and baby baby everything! I liked! I also liked Anybody Out There by Marian Keys o.O

Chick lit. OMG.
What has become of me la, buying meat and vegetables from the wet market at 7am and once, I was tempted to read a female beauty magazine. I saw it when I was getting my hair cut and instead of picking up my usual Master Q comics, I almost..almost picked up Vogue or something.

I am rock and roll! I skateboard, I have stitches! I hate pink! I hate sparkly things! My dad wanted to change my name to Scott! I hated wearing skirts! Certain friends still snigger and laugh when they see me in one now.

So ok la, life's too short to be too critical of everything. I plan to age gracefully and if it means reading flimsy chick lit I'll do it.

I also come up with reasons to justify things I am ashamed of doing.

I was bored and asked Ham what I should do and he said "Blog about one of your secrets. "

"What secrets! What secrets! I don't have secrets!"

"How bout the time you surfed that hollywood gossip page and was telling me random useless infomation."

Fuck man that was just ONCE and I was so bored and I saw the link and discovered that Britney already has 2 kids. He's gonna remember it forever.

Friday, August 10, 2007

All in a week of my wonderful life! Hah

I put Cassie on a leash for the first time three days ago. She definitely did not like it. I tested it around the front of our house walking about and she would hold her ground in an "attack" pose refusing to move. So cute! I was heartbroken though to have to tug on her leash. I become a wimp around her. I crawl around my house for an hour playing hide and seek with her everyday and had nasty bruises on my knees. (Augusten Burroughs does this with his French Bulldogs too except he wears a cat mask, I didn't know until I read Possible Side Effects!).

Sometimes when it looks as if something happened I'd hurl myself to the floor to get to her and yeah bruise my already bruised knees.

Anyway Ham and I go for dinner at his grandma's place nearby and he walks Sexy there everyday. At first I'd carry Cassie all the way but she'd always be looking down at the street longingly, envious of Sexy who has the freedom to sniff and bite at everything.

So, reluctantly I bought a leash. I didn't even like the idea of a collar on her but o well. Love a dog too much ppl say you siao, not so nice to a dog ppl say you are cruel.

It's been three days and she's getting used to it though today I think she felt lazy cause as I was sitting on the steps waiting for Ham to put Sexy on her leash Cassie jumped up onto my lap so I made Ham drive there :P

I'm such a wuss la. I'm overbearing, I worry over every little whimper and at first I didn't even like other people or other dogs around her (unless they are poodles jessica hehe).

Rachel says "Stel I'll go to all your push push classes with you and everything but as soon as the baby pops out, I'm not gonna see you for seven years. You are mad."

But you know, it gets better and I don't worry that she's gonna die as often.
Though I still crawl around the house on my elbows to play with her.

I lost my phone USB thing so I can't upload pictures of her anymore :( I have about 150 stuck in my phone and 100 on Ham's computer. Which is more pictures than my entire collection of pictures with friends for the past 4 years :D

Good thing it isn't on my laptop because Ham reformatted just now.
He asked if I wanted to keep anything and I said "Nah nothing important, wash it off."
He asked again, "Your songs? Your shows? Pictures?"
"Nothing one la. Delete la."

All gone. Suprisingly I feel nothing. I'm so not a geek! :(

Ham's computer got struck by lightning a few days ago, sort of, and when it didn't turn on he was grumpy and sour all day until he bought a new power box thing, new lan card, new network card and new modem/router that he cracked a smile.

Oh Ham was telling me about how he shouldn't have partition(ed) my laptop.
A partition? Like a living room?!

Ham has spent 1k on curtains and curtains rods for his house. So mind the auntie in me.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Backside boy

Ham has been playing dota for the past hour and I'm in one of my moods.

Lazing around asking him What Ifs questions and urging him for long philosophical answers. I'd bug him for a better answer if I didnt like the first one he gave, I'd pester him to justify his choices and stances.

Then I remembered once someone had said that if she would choose her favourite disney princess character thing, it would be Pegasus because she can fly.

Later she found out Pegasus was a he. All the cool ones are taken by men la shit.

So I asked Ham who his favourite disney princess was and he said " Sleeping Beauty. She didn't talk a lot."

I think this was the question he gave most thought in answering. The little chibai.

You know he calls his computer Mommah? As in, the mothership?


Monday, August 06, 2007

When we remember Zion

I spend my weekends with my Dad. And recently, on Saturdays I've been joining him and his friends, Uncle Steven and Uncle Vincent for lunch. A long lunch stretched over peking duck, dim sum and of course, hokkien mee with exxtra fried pork lard. We're usually at Oriental Pavilion Jaya 33 for abour 3 hours or so with 3785 refills into the teapot. Sometimes another uncle joins, sometimes not. It can be quite enjoyable, chatting with my dad, debating with the uncles.

Uncle V sometimes prints out absurd emails of his about our government and its slander right left and centre. Sure bits and parts are true but its stretched to the point of nonsense. My dad would tell him that its depressing to read even though its mostly untrue while I nod my head vigorously. One of them said something quite funny yesterday, "It's not that I'm scared of my wife, its my wife not scared of me..Ok??" Hahaha he said it in hokkien. I laughed I couldn't help it.

The night before that, Friday night, my Dad and I went for durians with Uncle Steven, Ah Yi and some of my cousins. Uncle Steven recently suffered a "slipped disc". So him and my dad (arm injury) can't play badminton for a while. Which is their favouriteee thing to do. Anyway, Uncle Steven has to wear this back brace for a while, for his lower back. It's brown and its huge. When I got to the durian place, he was wearing it. Only he was wearing it on the outside of his shirt! My dad told him it looked like he was wearing a girdle o.O My aunt then told us he was wearing it the same way when they were out for lunch and some ladies were glancing at him as they were waiting their table. Uncle Steven loudly said that if they wanna look they should look straight at him and not glance here glance there. My aunt then told him he must have wanted more of that attention thats why he's wearing it on the outside again. He huffed, and then pulled his shirt over the brace. His son Jian Hwa said " Aiya, just take a piece of paper, write there Slipped Disc, No need to ask! and stick it on your brace."

HAHAHAHHA. Anyway, my dad secretly went to play badminton. I woke up today at 10am and saw him, well caught him, creeping into the house in his badminton gear, "Did you play??"

"Yeah! My arm's better already, I can smash and everything...But uh, I sprained my ankle a little bit" and pointed at his bandaged ankle that I didn't notice before.

What is this..

Cassie's being really demanding. Everytime I get on the computer for more than 15 minutes she'll start trying to scramble up onto my lap, and then wanting to get down, then staring at me, and just distracting me. I just groomed her yesterday and already today she looks like fried chicken.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Let's go to a rave and behave like we're trippin cause we're so in love.

Ham and I reached Langkawi in the morning on the first day. We left the night before and got to Berjaya Resort whatever nice and early at 8am. Thankfully we were allowed to check in at the time. We got a whole chalet to ourselves, divided into two rooms. The other room was for Rachel and Krystina. We spent the morning watching infomercials and left to pick the two up in the afternoon. Sauna solution!

Because our chalet was in the middle of the jungle, to get to our room or from our room back to the lobby, we had to take a buggy. They were available 24hours and is hell fun if the driver is a daredevil cause the swerving made for a lousy rollercoaster. Better than no rollercoaster I say. That's us on the buggy.

Our rooms were really nice. Wooden and erm big. Wonder why we didn't take any pictures. That's the two sleeping in the other room. Takes us 45 mintues to wake them up every morning -_- Ham is useless at waking them up. "Erm Ray? Krys? Time to wake up." Practically a whisper. I'm like storming around the room going "WAKE UPPPP!!! We're late! WAKE UP!" Admittedly, that didn't really work either.

Oh, this is the jungle view from our jungle chalet balcony.

We didn't really take very many pictures on this trip, none at all on the 3rd day cause Ray left her camera in the car. Which was a shame cause we rented a private boat on our third day and they took us to 5 different spots around Langkawi and we swam in the middle of the sea cause we treated the boat dude to some reefer. There was also this lake where we, with foresight, bought water guns and had a really nice time shooting water into each other's eyes.

Also, we didn't get to have pictures taken with Daniel. The guy who arranged the day for us. We met him the night before at Rasa restaurant where he was working as a waiter. Throughout the day he kept telling us to come visit him in Perhentian. He told us he had his own place there and kept promoting snorkeling packages to us. "We have really good teachers! From Holland etc." He yakked non-stop about diving and this that but when we got to the lake (which was 25 metres deep) and jumped in, Daniel didn't come into the water.

You know why? The fella can't swim! He's afraid of the water! HAHAHAHAH. So should have taken a picture with him, fella looked baked 24/7.

This is us at Pantai Tengkorak. The nicest beach we went to. The first hour was awesome cause we were the only ones around but soon after others came by. Heh the others.

What's left of their sandcastle.

What's left of ours. The unnknown slipper was the mouth of our Sandkenstein castle.

The waterfall! Telega Tujuh I think its' name was. So as you can see, the space to wade in the waterfall wasn't very big. But we jumped in anyway, the water was super clear.

Several groups of people came by and were taking pictures of the waterfall. It wasn't until much later we realized this waterfall probably wasn't meant to be swam in because people kept giving us curious looks. I don't know, I think all waterfalls are meant for swimming. Maybe we were just a weird bunch. Maybe with Krys' tattoo and mine they thought we were a mob :D

Hehe Ham's been packing on the pounds. Can see some fatness there muahaha

This is where we ate by the roadside. Some Laksa Power place. I loved it. It tastes like my highschool Assam Laksa which was the only redeeming factor of my 2nd highschool. Everyone else hated the laksa though ho hum can't please everyone.

During this trip I broke my non-drinking vow and drank every night because beer was so cheap. What a waste of time la really, within an hour I'd be lolling about wanting to go to sleep. No more drinking. I never get to that nice tipsy stage anyway, I either feel nothing or I feel like shit.

Great trip! Next stop, Tioman/Perhantian!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Back to school.

Back to school, back to school, to prove to Dad that I'm not a fool..
Adam Sandler in one of my all-time favourite movies, Billy Madison!

I used to recite lines from that movie day after day. Till it kinda got on ppl's nerves, so I did it even more until it wore out heh.

So Fye didn't come home for the holidays and I miss him like mad. 8 years of annoying me and I still can't get enough. San didn't come home either, so now I just hate them both.

But Tigger came back! I met Tiger and GG (George) one night and we were hanging out in the park haha like we used to for years and GG was munching on this chocolate bar. Only it wasn't any ordinary chocolate, it was some health chocolate thing.

"Mahai 15bucks and taste like shit," GG said. He tossed it somewhere and we all continued talking when suddenly I saw something that looks exactly like a piece of stool, on the bench opposite ours. Long piece some more complete with creases and what nots.

"Is that shit?!"
Tiger looked over and laughed and laughed.
Stupid GG scrunched up his lousy chocolate and left it on the bench. I'm dead serious, it looked like shit. Then Tiger decided to pick up the shit, and put it on the swing.

GG and I took pictures with it. Freaking funny. No one's ever gonna use that swing again we said! Damn tiu right I can be so evil. I will definitely post the pictures up when Tiger sends it to me. Classic! Fye will so miss home when he sees it.