Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Boston Legal Season 2 is finally fully downloaded.

As far as I'm concerned, everything else but Denny Crane and Alan Shore, has cease to exist.

Ok bye!

Sunday, October 29, 2006


I hate having to wake up in morning to pee. Especially when I'm sleeping so soundly and in the middle of one of my bizzare dreams where I'm dressed as Wednesday jogging up yellow and red stairs, the urge comes and I try to ignore it for as long as I can but I obviously can't hold it for that long before my bladder threatens to go Hiroshima on me. Having no choice I drag myself out of bed to pee and rush back to bed to sleep but I can't sleep as peacefully as before.

Damn tiu lor the forces of nature.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I finished The Triangle. A Bryan Singer and Dean Devlin 6 part sci-fi miniseries. I was hoping it'd be more like Lost, like why these alternate realities and not just whats causing it. I like distinct stories about each separate individual. But still, pretty cool to watch. I'm still on the lookout for The Motorcycle Diaries and Maria Full of Grace, if anyone has the DVD would you be so kind to give it to me? Yeah I've a feeling I'd want to keep them for future references.

I finished Sellevision. Entertaining book, but of course its Augusten Burroughs. Although his non-fiction stuff I feel is more..him. One would think that when writing fiction he would have more creative freedom and therefore more inspired narratives. But his non-fiction books is definitely more provoking than this novel.

I have been trying for the past two weeks to stop the ice-cream man. He somehow just can't hear my pleading almost desperate screams from the upstairs window. Today however, he finally heard me and I ran out the gate and bought five not two because this is not a just in case scenario, I have suffered enough to make sure there is no space left for "just in 'case(s)'". I'm on to my third bar of delicious creamy generic chocolate ice-cream.

I have been waiting patiently for Boston Legal Season 2 to finish downloading. I've watched Season 1 three times over! I want to scream and kick Fye everytime he gloats about the 3RD season. I want to watch the L word's Season 4 too. Season 1 was quite bland and boring but Season 2 was getting better and better and by Season 3 I'm glued to the laptop watching episode after episode and almost, just almost! forgetting to eat. I have Aran's Queer as Folk Season 1 and 2 but I can't even get past episode 2. Many tells me Queer as Folk is much better than the L word and from their explanations I can sort of understand why but for me, the L word (not including Season 1) is the bomb!

I feel slightly deprived because I haven't had Skype since last Friday. Skype is where I chat, daily, to Mel, Rachel and occasionally Fye and it keeps me entertained because I don't have MSN on my laptop. Arthur had borrowed my laptop and when he returned it he was wearing a grusome pink and white striped shirt that I could not help but ostrsacize. I keep forgetting to watch him on Cornetto Love. The only clip I've seen from his show is not even one is will be on air. It's this super funny clip of "The Malaysian Steve Irwin" on YouTube where the boys from the show were horsing around in briefs.

And obviously, I am really bored. Another ice-cream bar please, I plan on eating myself into oblivion. Ooh Mars ice-cream.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

A year older.

I suppose I should be a little wiser, but all I am is a little chubbier around the waist.

When I saw the present my youngest sister made me; a home-made lantern made from half a plastic bottle wrapped in blue plastic adorned with blue toothpicks and a whole lot of green glitter, my jaw unhinged. She's quite the artiste!

When my other sister Joyce gave me a pink balloon saying "Happy Birthday Princess!" and a pink box in a pink bag, my jaw nearly dislocated. All that pink! Can die. But then I opened the box to be greeted (very warmly) by Augusten Burroughs' Sellevision, which is also pink. I grinned.

So the happy lah!

Friday, October 13, 2006


My friend Yoshie and I, apparently. She's studying Oceanology in University of Hawaii, Manoa.
I took her clubbing her first time and she was so curious about everything it was so funny.

...yoshie... just sent you a Nudge!

Stella says:
...yoshie... says:
...yoshie... says:
Stella says:
erm no abla espanyol
Stella says:
...yoshie... says:
porque no?
Stella says:
yes i like to eat pork
...yoshie... says:
muy facil
Stella says:

Then found out it wasn't her but her drunk anonymous friend.
I am so the boreddddddd..

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Freezin in VU

Contrary to what the night is called, Burnin', it was freezing in Velvet last Friday! So most of the time I squeezed behind Cameron, Aran and Elle. Leonard played Sexy Back! I like la :D

Technicolor Beauty and Technicolor..erm Baby? Uhm..heheh. Well they do baby me most times.

Technicolor Bulat and Technicolor Broke-dareIsayit..no-Bachelor!

Technicolor Berry hehehe and Technicolor Benchmark.

Cameron, Aran, Ellie and I :D

Andrea, Bombshell, Balloon and Andre. (Eh so ngam!)

Ivan Princess Zouk!

Now all men should be like these men. Then all the women in the world would be happy happy women! Don't be deceived by that scared look on my face.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Mr Burroughs.

Whenever I walk into MPH, Borders or even Popular Ikano I see a great deal of money to be spent. Once or twice the thought of stuffing a book under my pits and walking out with it has crossed my mind.

It's been months and I still haven't gotten Augusten Burroughs' Sellevision and Possible Side Effects. I have the rest of his books which I've read at least six times a piece and I feel slightly misplaced not having read the two. It's funny how in order of publication Sellevison and Possible Side Effects are the first and last books of the Burroughs collection. I need, I want!

I bought Running for Scissors twice. The first copy I would like to think, was stolen from right under my nose while I was peeing. The second copy I'd loaned it to my Psychology lecturer in ICM and one day she happily got married and I never saw her or the book ever again. I'd have to buy another copy. This is starting to sound like my black converse shoes story. Except the shoes I wear them out, somehow.

The movie for Running with Scissors came out this year and I'm dying to watch it. Miss Paltrow playing Hope and Rachel evan Wood playing Natalie too, *hm. The trailer didn't really give off that dark sentiment as the book did but it'd still be great to see the book attempt to come to life.

When I first read Running with Scissors three years ago, it was one of those books I couldn't read while eating or snacking. And I always snack and read. Life is complete when I snack and read. The ideal snack of choice would be none other than Ruffles Sour Cream and Cheddar. Ooh better yet accompanied by Frito-Lay's spicy cheese in a can. I forgot what its called but have that with Ruffles and its perfection! Okay I'm drooling over the keyboard.

Anyway when I was on the second chapter, I put down my bag of chips and swallowed what was in my mouth fighting the urge to spit it back into the bag.

Monday, October 09, 2006

That twitch.

That leads to shallow breathing.

That leads to heaving breathing.

That leads to cracked fingers.

That leads to a lump in the throat.

That leads to glassy eyes.

That leads to a thumping ribcage.

That leads to a sinking heart.

That leads to a heavy spirit.

That leads to nothing.

Nothing left to say but goodbye. (Air Supply)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

So bored lah.

Reminds you of an ex-"lover":
counting crows - colorblind

Reminds you of an ex-friend:
matchbox twenty - unwell :(

Makes you happy:
just the two of us - grover washington jr & bill withers

Makes you cry:
i could sing of your love forever - sonicflood

Makes you laugh:
dysentry gary - blink 182

Makes you wanna dance:
sexy back - justin timberlake :*S

You wish you wrote:
wild horses - rolling stones

You never want to hear again:
teriyaki people tokyo drift song. worse than fingernails across a blackboard.

Makes you want to mosh/bang your head:
pennywise - fuck authority

Album you grew up listening to:
ermm there's more than one. foreigner's records. michael jackson's thriller. sting etc dad's influence.

Sums up your early teen years:
ballad for the lost romantics - new found glory.

Song that gets stuck in your head easily:
saturday night - the thrills

You like out of your parents record collection:
dad's sting collection. mom's teresa teng's music.

You love the video as much as the tune:
ok go's here it goes again.

Reminds you of your (serious) crush:
stand by me - oasis

Your favorite remake:
pennywise - i would walk 5000 miles.

You play so that you can fall asleep:
citizen cope - sideways

You love which is from your favorite movie:
bob dylan's tweedle dee and tweedle dum from the bandits

You play when you're depressed:
everybody hurts - rem

Makes you think of sex:

Makes you think of being alone:
i need a hero - bonnie tyler

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Best read if Hokkien.

Haha found another funny post, this time to do with my dad on Joyce's blog.

Daddy got the hang of smsing earlier this year.

It's a damn chun option because when he first started, he replies everything with "ok".

"Daddy can I buy this thing I really need? Later you pay me back okay?"

"Daddy I'm so so so sorry I'm going to be late love you I'll be home before 12 okay?"

"Daddy I got a bit of headache I'm going to skip class and rest for a while later I come home you write letter for me, okay?"

Eh. I damn like la.
Except now he types longer messages.
Today he messaged me.
"Are you having dinner on your own?"
"Ya." because like, it's short and sweet ma right.

"Ya is coconut in hokkien and it is 2.00 dollars each. See I learnt something from your mother."

My father, my father.

Home Alone.

Ma called first in the morning. "I'm at the airport! Bye! Daddy and Joyce are not going on their trips so go home and entertain them."
I was planning to anyway so I got up and packed my things.

Then Joyce and my dad took turns calling me. After lunch I rushed home only to find..that both cars were out and that no one was home. It's 5pm now and no one's home yet. I called my dad to tell him I'm hungry, cause that would usually make him rush home to take any one of his daugheters out to eat. This time he said "Uhh..I'll order and have korean chicken sent to home okay." :(

By the way, 'korean chicken' is Han Chon Chicken. If you like spicy food, go look for this Han Chon Chicken in Hartamas. They had anoher stall in Asia Cafe but it didn't last very long. Actually its more of a delivery thing. At first they only delivered to Hartamas and Mont Kiara. I first had it in Rachel's dad's house. But then one day, Rachel brought it over to my house and thennn.. my dad became buddies with the owner and I became best friends with the delivery guy. So they send to SS2 for us.

It's been half an hour.. I want my chicken!

So..I was bored. So I read my sister's blog. Eh this Joyce quite funny ah. Let me cut and paste. She reads my blog like once in a month so hopefully she doesn't notice this post. Shit sounding like her already, so maany "likes" in my sentence! *dies.

Joyce blogged. A week or two back.

Anyway, the whole family sent miss Stella Oo Hoo Woo Hoo back to cyber today.
"Actually I can get other people to send me one. But I just thought you guys would like to have a nice ride down ma, so long never send me already."
"You look at my face and tell me if I'm having a nice ride la." Daddy answered.
And since Esther wasn't in the car to be annoying..
"Let me see! Let me see the face! Let me see!"
"Ma! Ma! I damn scared, why your daughter like that one."


I really really have a very bad case of the middle child syndrome lo. Tell you first.

Because che and ma sometimes speak hokkien right, and I feel like, damn left out la, WHAT, so,

"Eh today we ALL speak in hokkien today, okay?"
"Yar. Wa ah kek sim lu anikuan meng wa." which like, means, (because like, everyone that reads my blog is soham and does not know hokkien *flips hair*) 'I am damn sad you ask me like that'

You tell me if I should unsister her or not.

They are like, so unsupportive of me. My hokkien is actually damn good one, I mean, not trying to be action packtion or anything la, but, actually, really one. You hear also you scared. (not because it's terrible)

I can't believe how weird Joyce can be sometimes. But I was laughing so hard reading that. Because I was horrified on more than one occasion at how insane she was acting.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I should be so lucky.

I was in the room when Jung called out to me from the front door.

The person at the door could only speak chinese. She said that there was a hypermarket opening soon nearby and she wanted to do a survey. I agreed and answered her questions accordingly. After the survey she gave Jung and I a coupon each and told us it was a discount voucher. It's also some sort of lucky draw so we had to fill in details and tear open the coupon.

Jung got a "Terima Kasih" in hers and when I opened mine the girl looked over, started shaking my hand, congratulating me and speaking really loudly in a Mandrin I suddenly did not understand. Then she had me speak to her boss on the phone to double confirm it. She took out a newspaper clipping told me that this was part of her company's advertising strategy. The clipping had pictures of families who've won prizes. It's a chinese newspaper. I tried to read what I could but then I was told I won 1.5 million ringgit and she listed down all the things I've won including a Toyota Altis, a Waja and a whole lot of other stuff. Jung was so excited but I had my doubts. But I listened to her nevertheless. While she was talking I looked at the list. An Altis, a Waja, a Kancil, an Apple desktop, DVD player, a bunch of other things and cash prizes. These things don't even come close to half a million in total. I was tempted to call her bluff but decided to play along.

Her hands were shaking as she was jotting down their office address where I was supposed to go over and have my picture taken with whatever I've won. I continued to watch her charade and listened patiently waiting for the catch. And there it was, I was to pay a deposit of RM3000++ in order for me to claim my prizes on Monday. I told her I didn't have that kind of money. And she asked if I could withdraw it, I said no. She desperately wanted to know how much I had on me now and I said about a hundred ringgit. She said that a hundred ringgit would do for now and I could pay the rest later. I explained that that hundred was for a school book I needed to buy tomorrow and I can't use it. Her eyes opened wide and she said "But this is once in a lifetime, a book can buy another time!" I just smiled at her while she tried again, "How bout just 50?" I said I'm sorry but I can't pay her anything today, that I have to buy my book tomorrow. She countered and said I could get the money for the book tomorrow from my parents and I said no. Leo came out halfway with this really skeptical look on his face. "I'm humouring her" I told him.

She was going to go on but I stopped her and said thank you but the book I really need, as for these things it doesn't make much of a difference to me if I have them or not. I apologized for wasting her time and showed her to the door.

When the door closed Jung said "Hey she took the Carrefour discount vouchers back."

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A million degrees away.

I think 80% of the people in my life see me as a failure of some sort. The other 20% I would come to meet in the future. My sisters Joyce and Esther, along with both my parents are not included in this 100% because they are my life and I theirs. This 80% see only two or three I don’t know, divisions of me, all of which they believe require some form modification for the better or for an “improved lifestyle.” They say "Oh Stella has so much potential, if only she does/doesn't..." Who doesn't have potential? Who shouldn't have dos or donts? The choices I've made so far, good or bad, has made part of me. And if I'm any worse than the next person, so be it. I am human.

We are made up of our choices, I suppose. But there are many things beyond choice. I used to be bullshit-intolerant. I had very few friends and a whole lot of angst. Now I've chosen to practice tolerance and come to accept that there will always be more of those whom with I would not see eye to eye. In fact, there more people there are out there who disagrees with me, the better. Shows that I don't go "Baa." Although.. some things don't change; I don't have swarms friends but the few that I can call a friend will undoubtedly be more than enough.

Anyway I watched V for Vendetta last night. I can't remember who it was who told me I'd like it but he was right. So disturbing, I sat and thought about it for half an hour after and still felt the chills. Khai Lee told me I'd like Syriana and I've yet so watch that so I must find the DVD. And I NEED The Motorcycle Diaries. I need a lot of things, if only I want them enough.

Monday, October 02, 2006

An eye for an eye.

When Joey first told me my right eye was red I shrugged it off as mild irritation because we were sitting next to a satay stall.
Then Pek San came. And he told me it was red too.

Then Ham confirmed it was because he could name the symptoms I was feeling.

I went to the doctor the next day. The worst is confirmed, its conjungtivitis.
I sent a text message to my dad about it and first reply was "Use the medicine as prescribed. Take care." But then another one came in.. "Come back only when you're thoroughly cured"

Of all the mean and sad things to say to your first born!