Friday, December 29, 2006

Jimmy 1 - Joyce 0

My sister was watching TV when my dad sat on the couch across hers and reached for the remote. Joyce quickly said "I was here first daddy. Don't change the channel."

My dad frowned for a moment then smiled and asked "Have you showered?" Knowing very well she hasn't because she's still in her jeans.

"No, later la."
"Go shower now Joyce."
"Nope. I'm watching my show." Not taking her eyes off the screen.

Dad looked her her, blinked. In 3 seconds he yelled, "Lilllyyyyyyyyy (my mom), Joyce haven't taken her bathhhh."

Joyce sat up and stared at my dad wit her eyes wide open. We all know how my mom is about showers. You HAVE to shower. She makes you shower even if you've just showered.

My mom stood up from the dinner table and went "Joyce! Go and take your bath now! So dirty! How can you come home and sit down and not shower first! GO NOW!"

Joyce took her bag, stood up and shot my dad a dirty look while he looks on happily then grabbed the remote and switched it to Discovery.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Talk.

Mel and Fye came over at 1am while I was still decorating my brownies. Happy Christmas!

We lit up a doobie in a my room and the nonsense began.

Mel: I don't do this. I'm a chemist la.
Fye: Yeah yeah I'm a herbalist.
Stel: Hey! That makes me what, a Worldwide Medicine Connoisseur with a PHD in Herbs!
Fye: Hahaha FDA tester la!

*hahaha hehehe kekeke muahahaha*

Mel: Nolah you're DBKL, everything also take.

Sigh. Happy Christmas!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Dumbo in Mambo.

L to R: Julian, Rachel, Me, Arthur, Melissa, Bonnie and Fye. Eh where's Tyler! Shit he's the one taking the pic for us. He's the man you know!

A bunch of us went to Mambo last Wednesday. However although I liked the Sardines game when I was young, I couldn't stomach it for a club. There was no one single idiot to laugh at at the end (okay maybe got hehe). Oh and because Bonnie had suede shoes on and Melissa was only 20. I didn't know she's only 20. She's moving on to the 3rd year at the University of Warwick!

That's Melissa next to me. She too hasn't been back in 2 years.

Bonnie and I. We've been friends since before she had braces. She hasn't been back to Malaysia for 2 years so imagine my joy seeing her again.

I was in Velvet for a couple of minutes and was feeling sucky with my darlinggggg friends sitting at Terrace Bar outside. A few more minutes passed and I was getting more and more annoyed as I passed so I grabbed the bottle of Jack and walked out of Velvet. I went up to Ivan and said "I rather drink this in Terrace Bar la." He laughed and took the bottle from me and we walked toward my friends. He set up the nice table for us and got us free mixers. Yay Ivan. Yay Tyler the man too.

After having supper at Petaling Street some came over and we watched Rules of Attraction. Not a bad movie.

Highlight of my Christmas Eve.

Apart from it being my dearrr dearrrr sister's birthday of course.

We were to have dinner with my sister and her significant other tonight. Except he took her to Malacca early this morning so they might not make it back in time, either that or they will be really late. So Ham and I went out to the Sunway Fatman Steamboat outside of 7-11.

In conjunction with Christmas Eve, the uncle set up one of the pots with oil so that you can have your food fried! So cool! He only does it 4 times a year. Plus he was really nice too and fried your food for you himself because the rain was causing the oil to pop up quite a bit.

At first it was just Ham and I, then this two ladies came by. He told us that if the fried food wasn't good we didn't need to pay! He continued to tell us that he himself can eat 10 sticks of fried foo chuk, easily! One of the ladies had some fried stuff and when the uncle asked her if it was good she said "I wanted to lie and say it wasn't good so I can have it for free hehe. But it's really good."

Everyone was laughing and talking when two indian dudes came by. They were obviously regulars. The uncle promoted his fried food and said to them "If not good no need to pay!" The indian dude replied "Eh don't la like that!" and under those circumstances I found that phrase really funny and couldn't stop laughing into my fish balls.

The uncle professed "I not bluffing! My business ah, I won't bluff one. Banks can bluff, insurance can bluff. Food cannot bluff one, not good."

Such a nice guy I tell you! The atmosphere was warm and fuzzy despite the rain. Everyone laughing and joking with each other. It was at this exact moment I felt the Christmas spirit fuzz within my belly.

Steak Pt 3

So the day after that "Closed on Tuesday" fiasco, Ham took me to Cowboy; this very western restaurant by the Kelana Jaya lake. He's always preaching about the steak there, how good it is and etc and since the first two times there I didn't have the steak I had it that night.

Wah their black pepper sauce is out of this world. I was literally salivating WHILE eating my steak. Soooo freaking good.

Today is Joyce's birthday and because I'm such a fantastic sister, Ham and I are taking her and her boyfriend to Cowboy for steaks. I bought 2 bottles of our favourite Eva sparkling juice and Ham got some red wine for him and Voonz.

I've stopped drinking alcohol completely. For the past year I drink it in clubs and bars because well everyone has bottles and bla so it's easier to just drink whats there. But I don't like the taste at all. Plus it doesn't give me "a goos buzz". So I thought, and as Elle has said, what's the point of drinking something you don't like?

Since my parents are always making us girls drink Cranberry juice. So when I'm out late at a club or a bar I compensate my parents by being a good girl and drinking Cranberry juice all through the night. Yum.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Muh Steakkkk..

At 3pm the other day I went over to Ham's house. At 5pm I called Fye. "We are having steaks tonight."I called Pek San and he said he's game. At 6pm Fye said he didnt have any petrol and he's broke so Ham and I took a cab over to his place to fill up his gas. Then we thought might as well go in one car so we called San to come pick us up. It was jam hour so it took him 45 minutes to come over. Most of them was bitching about not wanting to have steaks but I didn't care. Steaks!!!

Then we thought why not see if Bonnie's free. She hasnt been back in 2 years and doesn't have a handphone. Her family moved and the new home number she gave us was wrong somehow o.O

We drove over there; another long ass ride and yay she was free for dinner. I told her about steak. Good steak at a mamak, inexpensive and just about the best steak in town. So off we went. It took us almost an hour to get into KL and another half an hour to get into Ampang. Plus San's car isn't the most comfortable car for five. He himself said he's never had so many people in his car. It's a small Suzuki Vitara. The backseat's really small and the ride was freaking uncomfortable. I tried not to throw up even though I got really car sick.

"All this just for your steak Stel!" Bonnie.I'd be damned if its closed.
As we got there we drove past and Ham joked that it was closed. Very funny, HAHA.

We parked and walked toward the place.

(Closed on Tuesdays)

Just let me die la. Just let me die.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Most of the usual suspects @ Zoukout 2006

Joachim showing off his glow-in-the-dark shorts in the room before the rave. Peewit!!

Andrea and Cameron rushing to party! Teehee.
The Awesome Twosome chilling on the beach.

Smile! It's Zoukout! This gentlemen bought me ice-cream so that he could flirt with the ice-cream girl -_- Smooooothh!

Elle and Laboo :D

Uhm, party favors? Hehehehehehhe.

UnkleBus and Laboo, dunno whats wrong with them.

Happy Andre with a not so happy me because it was starting to get really hot and my eyeliner was dripping off my face.
Joachim and Shorty.
Mervin and Fatty.
Me with Mr. Loh and Mr Fitness.
There weren't much pictures because most of the night was spent having a good time ;) And a good time it was! Although we missed Mel and Eve. If there's one next year, we'll make sure all if able to go!


Wah the anger. Already know I dowan fast food. Jo was saying "Elephant drive-thru" repeatedly. So i repeated also "Elephant drive-thru?" Then she doubled over and laughed and said "Let's go drive-thru" hhahha

Then Jordan's other phone went missing when the phone that he had rang. So i said "Eh your phone calling you ler"

Okay we ended up at McDs at 15. I damn respect Jordang because instead of using the tiny plastic plates for ketchup he used the drink cover hahahahhahha. Imagine the drink cover overflowing with ketchup hahaha. So Jo was telling this story about her friends who just had their first child, and how the husband was so irritated at their baby because he kept crying every night that he wanted to throw it over the balcony. So obviously i said "Wah thats damn shit wei."

Then Fye said that when he has his baby and if the baby doesn't want to drink milk. He would pour milk powder into the baby's mouth, then pour hot water inside and then shake the baby hard hard and then punch the baby in the face so that the baby would swallow it.

Everyone was laughing hard but i didn't find it funny. Until I said "Thats why your face like that la!"

Hmph. Shows him right for telling stupid stories about boiling babies in oil.

Monday, December 18, 2006


I really want to have steak lor.
For the past hour its been..
Me: Babeeeee I want steakkkkk
Ham: Come eat my steak la
Me: WTF I want the black pepper medium rare one.
Fye: Eat yourself la. Beef Chop.

Then I texted Rachel telling her I want specifically, Suzy's Corner Ampang's steak.
Then Pek San also.

But nobody layan you know!!!

If it was Rachel or Melanie who wanted to eat something badly everyone would fly to get them there bvut if its me, NO. Just let her rot here. Let her saliva infest her keyboard while she angrily dreams about her steak.

Please la.. Do I ask for a lot? Do i get huffy and puffy if i really want something? I let it slide okay! I eat what everyone wants to eat okay! Today I want to have steak hou mou! Wahlauehhhhh. Last week went to Chandelier the steak damn yuck, now I wanna have cheap but better steak in Suzy's cannot?!

Ham and Fye are happily taking turns playing Dota while the other plays cheerleader from behind. Every 15 seconds I'd say "Wey..I really want to eat steak one lor..."

"La, you wanted that since just now."

"I wanna eat steak leh..."

*silence* *keyboard tapping* *triple killll*

Damn tulan you know!

"I bet ar if i was one of those skinny skinny girls that can't eat much and then say wanna eat steak everyone will hump through hoops to get me steak. In fact it would be a fucking field trip! We'd turn it into some WWF charity event! BUT because I'm a fucking fatso nobody gives a shit if i want to have steak!"


Then Fye pipes up. "It's true lor.."

Friday, December 15, 2006

On friendship elevated.

It's funny how in some actions you can experience words.
This was our trip to Malacca. The full album is here.

Rachel said something to me on friendship a while back and I remember it word for word.
"It's about leaning on each other when we have a problem, appreciating that we've got someone who gives a shit and knowing that while you aren't being very sane, they still put up with you and next time you'll do the same for them."

She's not being very sane in some of the pictures but as you can see I put up with her insanity while she puts up with mine.
While Mel is away and can be difficult (and its difficult for me when she's away), sometimes I want to strangle her. But as difficult we can be I know she will afford me that same luxury she herself expects. In fact I wouldn't call it friendship. It's this unbreakable bond and sometimes I feel I would be nothing without the people I love.

To those I look up to [Ellie & Perry]
To those I respect [Tyler & Aran]
To those I cherish forever and ever amen [Fattys you know who you are]

We R Bakers.

Everything's been good to me this past month. Yes everything, even inanimate objects :P
So Rachel, Mun Fye and Pek San is back. Everyday I get to see all or at least two of them. Life is good.
Until Rachel tries to bake.

Yankee (in the middle) graduated the Cordon Bleu in Sydney a couple of years back. That guy Loong is one of his current students. Rachel just there to cari pasal.

Hehe *flap flap flap*

Squeeze! The orange.. :P Lamamity points please.

I is baker! Hardly la its a chilled cheesecake haha.

Yankee's toolbox, damn cool!

Boiling the orange juice with sugar.

She not only has her head in the clouds, she got them in her hands.

Looks like heaven right. Nice fridge.
Arthur thats a cake, not a Cornetto ice-cream cone thing.

Yummy yummy cheesecake!

Monday, December 11, 2006


That's Ellie and Munchin with Jung and I in one of those Ghetto Heaven days back in Zouk. Ellie's the best female dancer I've seen in Malaysia so far. And I don't mean grinding like Beyonce. I'm talking Missy Elliot kinda krumping, popping, locking, the crip walk, the robot, and every breakdancing move I know of. Her hubby Munchin founded Munchmen Productions and organizes dance classes since 2003. As for vocals they are both members of D4W. Ellie is a freelance dance choreographer and has supported herself all the way through dancing and teaching. For the last months however she hasn't been able to dance because..

She just gave birth to the beautiful Aaliyah on the 29th of November last month.

Throughout her pregnancy she kept repeating how much she missed dancing and couldn't wait to get back onto the dance floor. It was super adorable how she still dressed hip hop styles during her pregnancy.

I can only imagine all the rhythm beating through Aaliyah's veins since music is so rich in both her parents' blood. I'll be visiting baby Aaliyah soon!

Friday, December 08, 2006


I hate Ian.

We're on MSN and he's turned his webcam on. Showing me the glory of the greens in Melbourne. Sticky sticky yooo!

I hate him. I remember when he fell and broke his ankle.
That was the happiest day of my life.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Good Morning!

It's 12am I just woke up!

I got home at 12pm and after more than 24 hours of doing this and that and singing the same song I thought I'd be tired but I was still buzzing so I played Jenga with Esther and kicked her butt :P Then I turned the TV on and this movie called Sometimes in April had just started. It had me at "a hundred days of slaughter in Rwanda". The 94' genocide in Rwanda. Obviously I watched it to the end. I have no willpower.

Then I trudged hehe upstairs and slept. That was at approximately 7pm.
I dreamt of poverty, specifically about starvation. Actually I dreamt about food in the end.

I also dreamt about boy/girl love. About being on the roof of a tall building watching fireworks with fifty other girls and every one of them but me had a cute balloon tied to the railing from some shithead who is only gonna break their hearts into teeny little pieces and then throw gasoline over it and light happy matches. But it didn't feel like this at the time. In the dream those girls were probably gonna be loved forever even though we yup we were all about twelve.

Right before I woke up I dreamt about 800,000 dead bodies in 100 days. What if it happened again and is closer to home? 1994 is not too many years behind. It's recent. Have we learnt nothing in 50 years? How can there be ideologies like this in the 90s. Genocide. I feel sick.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

My Big Mouth

2 hours after the post below my upper abdomen started to hurt but I knew it was quite impossible for it to be gastric. And it felt different. It started to really bother me and then I was looking into the toilet bowl while brown and salmon colored mush was stuck in my nose. This as well as other busniesses *ahem went on for a couple hours and I didn't get much sleep. More like a painful stupor haha. I woke up the next day and I couldn't eat. I had no appetite whatsoever! I could only eat 2 slices of bread. So at dinnertime when I told my dad i still couldn't eat, he figured it must be serious so we went to a doctor.

*Whee food poisoning from that Ikan Bakar. Joyce was lucky before right after the below supper with my dad she came home and puked everything out right down to the Baskins ice cream out into the longkang outside. Daddy had a sore throat so he couldn't have that damn fish either :(

Tyler and Eve came over the next day for Eve to rediscover her inner child and when they were walking in i sadly said "I can't eat.."
Tyler "YOU can't eat??"

It's been three days. I still can't really eat.
I suppose its a good thing? :(
But i am damn sad lor.