Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The way I are

Awesome song only Ham and I had just only realized how much the lyrics relate to us.

A hiphop track, related to us! To the us during our first 6 months, when he was still renting, had no car and no money ;)

See I show you. First, imagine Ham and I all ghetto and shit

I ain’t got no money
I ain’t got no car to take you on a date
I can’t even buy you flowers
But together we be the perfect soulmates

Oh, baby, it’s alright now, you ain’t gotta flaun for me
If we go touch, you can still touch my love, it’s free
We can work without the perks just you and me
Thug it out til we get it right

I don’t need the G’s or the car keys, Boy I like you just the way you are

I ain't got no VISA
I ain’t got no Red American Express
We can’t go nowhere exotic
It don’t matter ‘cause I’m the one that loves you best

Baby girl, I don’t got a huge ol’ house, I rent a room in a house

Oh and especially this part!!
yeah my money and me loof like feel me them,
and it's realy not quite louis allason,
Your body ain't Pamela Anderson,
Its a struggle just to get you in the caravan,
But listen baby girl,
Before I let you lose a pound I'll buy a bigger car,
So listen baby girl, I love you just the way you are, the way you are

So me and my fats right!!

You know, except for that last bit, Ham and I had that exact conversation except not in ghetto lingo.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Cassie's day out.

The other day Elle and I were home alone so we decided that I should go over to her place and bring Cassie along!

We went to Mont Kiara something first and I brought Cassie's leash and everything. She got agitated after being on my lap for a while so I took her for a walk around the place.

Before, she only got to walk on dirty tar roads so this was a pleasant change for her!
Now she keeps sniffing at her leash and wanting to go for walks!!

My baby is growing up *sobs.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Wo shi hua ren

Several artistes and bands has been coming to Malaysia but I haven't been interested in a single one. In fact I wouldn't even go if I was given free front row tickets. And believe me, I LOVE my music. I've been got bruises in mosh pits at real concerts with real bands.

Ham has been letting me listen to Jacky Cheung and I've grown to love his songs. Even though I don't understand he's singing about the sensation is beautiful. You know what's sad, I was wondering if he was coming here soon. Ham said yeah he's coming this month so I quickly went to check. It's today :( Too late to get any tickets :( If I'd had known earlier my my mom could have gotten me free tickets. SIGH.

This is the english translation of one of my favourite songs of his, Wen Bie (Goodbye Kiss). Go download! Don't understand nevermind, just let it flow.

Goodbye Kiss (Jacky Cheung)
The dusty past becomes a cloud of smoke, scattering before our eyes

Even though we've said goodbye, I can't see any of your sadness
Everything you've given me, it's all been a routine
When you laugh so sweetly, I love you even more wildly

Understanding always occurs instantaneously
Things you've spoken, they'll never happen
In the twinkling of an eye, I see how your face
Has already become unfamiliar, it'll never again be like before
It has begun to snow in my world, so cold that I can't love one day longer
So cold that even my hidden sorrows are all so apparent

You and I kiss goodbye on an empty street
Let the wind laugh idiotically,
I can't refuse it
You and I kiss goodbye on a wild night

My heart is waiting to welcome grief
Wanting to give you nostalgia is like a kite with a broken string
It can't fly into your world, and won't warm your line of sight
I can already see, this play is a tragedy
There's no happy ending, I'm still hiding in your dreams

Okay the english translation abit off..but listen to it in chinese and if you can understand bits and parts you can meltttt.

My goodness since when am I so jiwang. Chinese songs makes me go soft (unlike my usual music my blood and heart pumps mad); its my roots after all and the connection is really quite strong. I've only listened to Emil Chau so far but now Jacky, wow Jacky.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Last night a 5iver saved my life

After drinks with Ty and Ro, uhm Tyro haha my headache got worse. I felt it hours before but while I was laughing with them and Ham it didn't feel too bad.

As soon as I got up and walked to the car I threw up three times like a "waterfall" according to Ham. It was a migraine, both my eyesballs were threatening to burst. I "high 5ived" half and the nausea slowly but surely went away but the migraine was still unbearable.

I was such a wuss! I rolled around the bed and started to weep a little. It was so painful! I've gotten migraines before and I use to ignore it but whoaaa this was crazyyy.

Looking at the computer screen now I stil feel woozy but what to do, sien.

Why am I getting voted for uncool stuff in Facebook, okay I got "Party like a rockstar" here and there and "Most likely to be on the cover of High times" -_- But "Most likely to correct your grammar?!"

:( Kelly Yeng, you see what I vote for you.

Scrabulous anyone?


I've been ill for a few hours.

I don't normally fall sick. Whenever I do I brace myself through it, refusing anti-depressants or painkillers when they were prescribed. I want to be above that. I am heavy duty and would not succumb to minor botherations such a fever or fatigue. I am iron. I dislike the weak, I dislike having to resort to medications but I am in destitute.

But the past couple of hours has been laborious. I was in agony, I couldn't stop my tears from creating a trail down my cheeks, rippling down my chest, soaking my collar.

The pain cannot be affiliated with with anything emotional, only I felt so sorry for myself. This physical pain can't even be alchemized into art, it is bodily. I can't even chalk it up into an interesting experience.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Cassidy Oo

I love her looking like this, her fur long and messy super cute la.
But Ham, my dad and my sister likes it shorter. She was just groomed 3 days ago and looks like Whoopi Goldberg again because they took off all the hair around her face and her fringe is gone :(

Justinla's lingo.

Stella says:
more "chee kick"
Nitsuj says:
chee kickapoo
Stella says:
kick your poo
Nitsuj says:
Stella says:
pick cheekick poo
Nitsuj says:
chick pee pick koo
Stella says:
poo is kick
Nitsuj says:
chick pee on d pool
Nitsuj says:
kick chickpea po
Nitsuj says:
Stella says:
you know poo
Stella says:
you know who?
Nitsuj says:
who is poo?
Nitsuj says:
is poo you?
Stella says:
you are poo
Stella says:
i know poo
Stella says:
and poo is you
Nitsuj says:
i not poo
Nitsuj says:
poo is you
Nitsuj says:
you so cool
Nitsuj says:
cuz you poo
Stella says:
poo in the pool
Stella says:
you are the pool
Nitsuj says:
but u are poo
Nitsuj says:
if i am pool
Nitsuj says:
then wut are u
Stella says:
we are fools
Nitsuj says:
u can be poo
Nitsuj says:
cuz poo is in da pool
Stella says:
i am a fool
Stella says:
you are a tool
Stella says:
Stella says:
you are a stool
Nitsuj says:
arent we so cool
Stella says:
i am cool
Nitsuj says:
too cool for skool
Stella says:
we is cool
Stella says:
yeap too cool for pool
Nitsuj says:
but as kool as stool
Nitsuj says:
too pool for cool
Stella says:
too fool for cool
Nitsuj says:
coo tool for pool
Stella says:
you are a fool
Stella says:
you are my tool
Stella says:
Nitsuj says:
a tool dats cool?
Nitsuj says:
or a fool who's pool
Stella says:
a cool tool
Nitsuj says:
or a cool skool
Stella says:
no school is cool
Stella says:
but a pool is cool
Nitsuj says:
as cool as a fool?
Stella says:
cooling fooling pooling poo
Nitsuj says:
drooling like a fool, tooling with da cool
Stella says:
a fool's drool?
Stella says:
a fool's drool is cool
Nitsuj says:
as cool as a pool?
Stella says:
cooler than a pooler
Stella says:
a drooler is a cooler
Nitsuj says:
cooler than a 3yr old stool?
Nitsuj says:
cooler than 3yr old skooler?
Stella says:
cooler than a preschooler
Stella says:
but a preschooler's stool is cooler
Nitsuj says:
aint as cool as a stooler who's a fool
Stella says:
a stooler who's a fool is indeed cool
Stella says:
but not as cool as stool in the pool
Nitsuj says:
i still think a skool wit a tool is cooler than a stool in a pool
Nitsuj says:
but no doubt
Nitsuj says:
a cool fool is like a stool in a pool
Stella says:
but a tool in a school is a fool although a stool in a pool beats a cool fool's stool
Nitsuj says:
i dun think a cool fool's stool is betta than a pool wit a stool
Nitsuj says:
but a fool who drools in skool is like a pool witout a stool tool
Stella says:
but thats what i said
Nitsuj says:
could b dats wut u paid
Nitsuj says:
wanna drink lemonade?
Stella says:
a drooler is no fool in a school
Stella says:
Nitsuj says:
Nitsuj says:
like an ant
Stella says:
i wear the pants
Nitsuj says:
then i'll grant
Stella says:
you wear the skirt
Stella says:
then i drink
Nitsuj says:
how bout i pear the wants
Nitsuj says:
u skear the wirt
Nitsuj says:
den i think
Stella says:
im the wire
Stella says:
you the fire

Monday, September 10, 2007

Scrabble babble.

Hm. Playing Scrabulous with Leonard, Zhao Kun and Jung.

I got 32 points for a word I made and Leonard said "MA CHAU HAI!"
When he made a word for 33 I said "wahlauu ehhh"
This game making us so malaysian I love.
He is also "smoking like a bitch" i quote cause he's stressed.

Jung came online, msged me and said "Stel, are you ready?"
I'm like, ready for what omg scrabble!!

Ok back to t he game.

How many brothers fell victim to the streets.

Hot damn I'm so addicted to Scrabulous. I see anyone online I bug them to play.

Great weekend! Friday night a few of us attended Arthur's financial planning seminar. It was alright only..my sister and I were communicating on this feedback sheet they gave us and we were saying things like "so money minded can die", and when the presenter was speaking on how he gave his wife 10k to go on a holiday we wrote "ugh that depends if you want to have a wife who'd bug you for a gucci bag every week" and yeah..along the lines of that. It was two pages front and back full of our comments. We also answered his questions like when he asked which stock market fell in whenever or some math questions he directed at the audience. Joyce answered the math ones and I answered the other ones and we added a "duh" at the end. And..the presenter, who is Arthur's investor, found it.

He said I'm going down. He is also going to frame it up o.O
I wasn't dissing the presenter per se, I was dissing the concept in general. Putting wealth on a high pedestal, worshipping it, it disgusts me. Overall I thought the presentation was good and he mentioned a few key points we should all remember. Pyro, financial designers. Thumbs up!

Anyway, on Saturday morning my dad took my sister Joyce, Rachel, her brother Russell, Scott and myself to Bah Kut Teh! Read about BKT again on Elle's blog and Ray wanted some so there we went.

After that Edmond came to pick my dad, Esther and I up to go to the Times book fair!! I bought 6 books! For less than 200ringgit. Thick hard cover books. Love love love going again next weekend.

Edmond and I haven't seen each other in a while but he's an amazing friend and we use to be super close so it was awesome catching up.

In the evening I took Alex to play ping pong with my dad and his friends. I was so freaking bored.

For dinner Joyce brought her friend Choo Yen and bf Voon Ying along.

Poor Daddy didn't get anytime alone with us cause after that I met Tyler and Rowena cause we happened to be in SS2 but when I got home Joyce and I had maggi with Daddy and it was off to bed!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Where my balls!

So yeah I don't shop, I don't buy makeup or shoes (cept for converse) or bags. I've never had a facial and I don't use facial cleanser.

But, I am addicted to manicures, pedicures and brazilian waxing.

When I get mani and pedis I always only get the French.

However, these days I get talked into something else. I actually dont want anything but the French but I don't want to offend the manicurist and somehow am shy to insist on what I want.

I end up with disgusting designs.

So sad..but sayang to wash it off :(

I'm a walking freak show.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Yesterday is yesterday, if we try to capture it, we will only lose tomorrow.

I'm browsing through the downloads on Ham's computer.

Who the fuck downloaded avril disgusting bitch lavigne and high school music songs into the computer? What the fuck is up with the akon and fergie songs? Wah I damn pissed.

Some more someone put my Rilo Kiley and Eisley songs into the trance folder. WTF?? No wonder I haven't listened to them in more than a year.

Wanna die is it.


On the happy.. Chemical Brothers is pulsing through me and Cosmic Gate sounds pretty damn good. I'm in an alternate universe.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

So cute can die.

This was taken in Tiger's car on the way to Ham's house. Doggy took us through the longest way ever to get there. Oh, that phone there belongs to Tiger's mum, I was using it :P cause the mic on my phone was ripped off when my sister changed the cover for me -_- But it works now! Yay! I smsed so much my little finger very nearly fell off. Pictures were taken with my apparently outdated 1.3 megapixels phone. I only found out yesterday its a 1.3 after many many months of using the same phone. Not bad what. Can see Cassie so dirty daddyHam havent showered her.

Cassie very rarely sits or naps on my lap. She doesn't like anyone holding or touching her either. But this time in the car although I sat her on the other side she came over and put her head on my lap to sleep. I tried very hard not to move at all cause I didn't want her to go away!

Living to eat

Ham and I went for dinner with my dad and baby sis Esther last night in Rakuzen Plaza Damas, one of my dad's favourite Japanese restaurants. We actually wanted to go to Greenview after I heard Elle's review on the place. But Joyce would be pissed if we had crabs without her so we decided to have Japanese since she hates Japanese food.

I don't normally take pictures of food. But Ham and my dad were yakking away about some business thing, something along the lines of tenders and gangsters wth. So I snapped two pictures and then my dad looked at me disapprovingly so I stopped.

But got two! Esther looks damn scary, she another one not photogenic. Hehe. Her favourite, Unagi.

This is one bento set. Couldn't even capture everything in one frame. My dad, Ham and I each had one although this one was the biggest but yet didn't have any rice unless you count the sushi and I hate sushi. By the time the 3rd set came (and my extra portion of shashimi) we had to move to a bigger table -_- The 4 seater didn't have enough space for our food.

Funny, this set is supposedly the biggest one cause it cost the most but the other sets had rice, more shashimi and shishamo. Hm.

Sometimes you can't make it on your own

Ham was away for a couple of days the week before. I house-sat for him and I realized that without him, it was pretty hard for me to get by because I didn't know how to connect "Mommah" to the internet once it somehow disconnected. Also, I had to take out the trash. I hate taking the trash out. But I had to do it and was feeling so kesian for myself. Then somehow, there was a baby cockroach in the sink. There's never been a cockroach in the house and the moment he's not around, here it comes swaggering into my sink!! Sexy the husky keeps crying and staring out to window *sigh. But Cassie was completely fine and dandy hehe.

So he's back now and everything is in order!