Thursday, September 28, 2006

Drunk but white o.O

Pek San came back from San Francisco and Sukah, Jonie and Cindy from Melbourne. These people are damn smart. I really don't know how you score straight As for SPM/O levels AND A-levels AND be studying medicine and yet, drink as much as you do.

These pictures was taken at the beginning of this year but I only just got them off Pek San's laptop last night. Wah I damn the drunk. Didn't even remember feeling drunk so must really be drunk. Stupid alcohol. Alcohol sucks. Unless its whiskey. And why why why my make up so the white one?? Beginner at the time, dunno how to use. Clever go use other people's foundation cause I didn't have my own yet. OMG sounding so bimbo. Becoming like Mel.

Pek San, Stel, Su Kah.
Jonie, Cindy and me.
Quite nice lor my tatt :D

Macho macho me.

I met with Li Shan today who was my classmate back in A-levels. She told me about this one incident I had with poo. I laughed like a mad woman. The story's not pretty.

*knock knock*
Boo: Good Morning Miss, may I speak with Bliss? Just for a while. (in a pleasant tone)
Li Shan comes out of class.

Li Shan: What?? What happened??
Boo: Look at my shoe!!! I stepped on shit!!
Li Shan: So? -_-
Boo: It's human shit!!!
Li Shan: What! Okay calm down let me se- EEYERRRR you stepped on shit!! Human shit!! YUCKKKKK!!
Boo: Help meeee help meee.

We got 2 packets of tissues and because I was wearing sneakers I had to fold it till it had a sharp edge and scrape it off the ridges under my cons.
Then I thrusted it into her face. LOOOKKK!!!

I wasw henceforth known as the girl who stepped on human shit.
If I knew who the stupid bitch was who could shit on the floor outside of the cubicle, I'd slap her senseless I'm so serious. What kind of sick stunt were you trying to pull? Trying to duckie walk to the sink to wash your ass off is it. WHAT THE FUCK WEY.
I would have tossed the pair of shoes if it was any other pair but this one was too precious. My first pair of plain black cons. They were at least 4 years old. If I was wearing my second pair I would have dumped it and walked around barefoot.

But I think I handled the situation well. Any other girl would have cried and gone home. I'm macho like that.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A year ago.

This was after the Revelation at PD last year. When this picture was taken we were at a mamak nearby. It was approximately 7am after a whole night of sweating our bikinis off. After eating we went back to the penthouse to drink till 11am. Those days can party till dawn. Last week at Maison when it was 1am I was already asking Pek San if we can leave and go eat. And then I sulked till we did :D

Don't tell me without certain "fuels" I can't function outdoors.

The body and the mind are two tricky bastards.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Ink my soul.

"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails."
I Corinthians 13:4-8a (NIV)

Monday, September 25, 2006


From L to R: Ah Heng, ME!, Alfred, Kong, Boon.
Yer, Heng looks naked here. And scary.

Nigel and Black, playing the Big2. (I hope that sounded salah)

John and Soon. It's black, its white. It's cincau soya bean.

Ham.. :(

Oh and Ian wasn't here. He left to Melbourne. Where he is obviously smoking the good stuff.

Bye Shor-tay!

Merry & Pippin.

Ixi's new babies. Super cute!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Good kinda hectic.

Lunch with the technicolor was to be at 1.30pm.
Joey got here at 2 and we got to Little Sai Gon at 2.45. *sheepish* Jam mar.
I had the Prawn Toast which was fricking awesome.
Everyone got their Awesome Twosome wedding invitations.
I wish I had a picture of it. And more time with them.
After lunch we left to Coffee Bean Mont Kiara.

Where Khai Lee picked me up at 3.45pm to meet Rachel and Jon at The Curve to watch S'kali but it wasn't showing.
So we went to Tribeca to yak about random everythings.
That's when I found out I was affiliated to the Rhino.

At 7 Rachel and I left to pick her mom up from Tropicana.
Rachel's mom revealed her delight in Ice Age 2, especially the part about how pissed the squirrel was when Sid woke him up just as he was getting to the Giant Acorn.
And then we both found out we loveee Boston Legal (Denny Crane..) and she told me the history of how it spun from The Practice to Boston, to Boston Legal.
We drove half an hour to Bukit something Rahman where her brother Russell had tuition.
We got to 1utama at 8pm.

Scott joined us at 8.15 at Chillis.
I dare say everyone overate.
Walking with our tummies sucked in, Scott, Rachel and I went to the car and picked Peish up and headed back to the Curve to meet Jon and Pek San to support Khai Lee's erm Laundry Hiphop thing.

What support. We found out that we had to pay RM25 as cover and immediately told Khai Lee we were gonna spend that money on drinks instead. He joined us half an hour later.
I've not been to Laundry so far because well in one of my earlier posts, I was extremely annoyed with the manager there who was extremely extremely rude to my sister's friends who were there.
Not being any moral values is fucked up enough. But asking a bunch of kids to "fuck off because i don't need your ice lemon tea and coke business", I would have slapped the fucker. Not because he was insulting them, but also because he was insulting himself. How stupid can one grown man be I really don't understand.
I told Khai Lee I'm sorry but I will not step foot into Laundry because of this. I'm a pain like that.
He said he spoke to the owner and she said she would compensate them.
I thought that was really sweet (and ethical, unlike her manager).
But no, we didn't end up there either.
We went to Fridays (hehehehehehehehehehehe)
I so cannot drink. I was red and drunk from one Electric Lemonade and 4 gulps of Long Island tea.

I had good company all day. I came home feeling really happy. And now..I'm going to sleep happy.

This writing style is so unlike me. Probably cause I have a headacahe from all that alcohol and my bed is calling me all sorts of sweet pet names.

My oldest buddy, Jonnums. We were reliving Standard 3, where he tried to slash me with a blade.

My brother Pek San. He has saved my life countless times and therefore, I can't imagine life without him.

Scotty and Hobbes. I love them both to death.

Rachel, Calvin & Peish. They were missing Krystina. If you're reading this Krys, you should have been here =)


Saturday, September 23, 2006

Return of the Hobbes.

Rachel's back! *dances around*

Gila time!

Hobbes: I'm coming to get you! Dress up!
Calvin: Are we going to some yuppie place? I don't like wei!
Hobbes: Nolah! Cause I'M dressed up nice.


Saturday, September 16, 2006

How did he know..

After the "Freedom Party" last night where I was Queen and my loyal subjects were Tyler, Aran, Mervyn, Joachim and Enzo. Actually subjects wouldnt be a very good word since Aran wasn't being cooperative at first. But remember folks, Round 2 = The Rematch (Fight the ___!) of the Freedom Party will be held at the end of November. If some people *ahem are still "free" at the time.

So I came home and rang the doorbell and instead of the usual bubbly and gurgly Yang running and yelping "Da Jie! Da Jie!", I was greeted by a grumpy boy who was rubbing his eyes and saying "Da Jie..I'm sick la.."

I picked him up, swung him to me and we spent the next four hours together, coloring, cracking jokes and cuddling. One of the hours were spent in front of the computer and Yang cilmbed onto the sofa next to me. Usually he would listen to whatever I'm listening and bob his head to the beat OR when the Ramones come on he would headbang and shriek in excitement while trying to climb up onto my lap. Today he had a song request "Da Jie, Chicken Little song!!" So I played One little slip by the Barenaked Ladies for him. He knew all the words, I didn't know any.

Later we sat in silence.

He scooched over to me, put his arms around my neck and asked "Da Jie, are you sad?"

"No, I'm just unhappy."

He looked at me for what I felt was a long time. I saw tears in his huge eyes threatening to overflow and as I move to speak, he wails. And he wails. And he cries. And he sobs. And he heaves. He lies face flat on the floor and wails this bloodcurdling song. And he screams. Kicks. "Da Jie NO SAD!" He was bawling. And choking on his tears. When he was done, he crept over to his blankie and went to sleep, tears in his eyes.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Jumping on the bandwagon.

I finally saw something on YouTube worth posting.
Most would find this disgraceful and childish.
But I found it refreshing!


Fragments Part I.

How did Boys II Men's End of the Road infiltrate my playlist??

I miss listening to my dad sing along softly to Tears in Heaven.

I want my books back. I need my books back.

My dad finished The Da Vinci Code and passed it to me. Traitor. Frankly, I am mildly suprised that I can't get past 30 pages. After months and months of refusing to read the book and declining the movie (waiting for the right time to read/watch it), it really isn't as provoking as I expected it to be. I wasn't glued to it like I thought I would be. Like Aran, except he expected it, it was boring. Maybe that's why we both can't see what others can in those erm colorful blurry pictures you're supposed to stare at and relax the eyes to see what pops out. Nothing ever pops out for us.

How many fingers do I really have.

My Dude Ranch CD case is broken, when I saw it I felt strangely better than I was before.

When I watched Batman & Robin again this year, I thought it was really funny how I thought it was really cool the first time I saw it almost a decade ago. I watched the whole thing thinking "How did I fall for this crap?!" laughing by myself. And then I felt kinda sad, I wish I could still fall for crap.

Do I fall for crap?

If I hear another metaphor, I'll kill the messenger.

When was the last time I slept?

Please never worked when I was a child begging for another hour with my book at bedtime. Why should my relentless pleading work now? What am I really begging for? A beggar almost only gets scraps, because he doesnt have the luxury of choice. But I know I do. I know the choice is mine, hell life has been all about choices, paths and decision-making. So, again, what am I really begging for? When all my pleading falls on similarly broken heart.

If no one's gonna sing it to me, I'll sing it to myself.
"Don't you cryyyYYYYyyy tonight, there's a heaven above you baybehhhhHHHHHH.."

Don't give me anything breakable, cause I'll do to it what its intended for.

The last time I cried must be a week or so ago, and everytime the sky changes a shade, I wonder if that was the last time I would feel tears go down my cheeks, betraying all fronts of bravery and strength.

So now I heave and the anticipated flood doesn't come as I exhale, am I now brave and strong?

Have you ever seen a toddler so cute you feel like biting him/her? Ever felt that the thought is a little wrong? That's how I feel. A little wrong.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


It was cold.

Red. The others do it to feel alive, I slid it as a reminder that the choice to die is mine. I have no control over everything else but this. I am not allowed to cry, my tear ducts cannot function. It's too cold, 7 in the evening with 2 jackets on and I am shivering as if Hell froze over. I am clambering with this defect, my internal organs in a twist.

As it dripped the area felt warm and Hell struck a chord. I am bound by this fear, and torn between the eternal fire and the temporary death here in this 2nd hell and yet I want God to accept me through His gates yet I wish I never knew God and that Jesus never died on that cross so if I'm doomed, I'm doomed.. and I'm free to kick the chair from under me.

So I'm wrong. I don't have a choice. I want so badly to be off this "hook", to be free of this belief and this awful relationship with the Trinity. I've never believed in Karma and have never relied on it to get by. If Man is to hold to this and save himself, I believe him a fool. Having said this, Christianity is cruel but its never meant to offer temporary comfort(s) (the belief in Karma is a form of temporary comfort). As bizzare as this is to Man, Christianity is to save us from the cruel as this Earth is.

Holding whats left of my freezing and pulsing heart I can't begin to wonder what could be tomorrow, or what could become the day after but what simply is. I will continue to desire the unrealistic and absurd because I will continue to feel what the mind fails to articulate. The words of those who loves my empty shell echos within my skull and I am ashamed and shattered to say that their love falls short of this grief.

I don't need a reason to love, however ill-equipped, I can cling on to love at the threat of my ceasing to love him as I am to just be. My justifications might be weak but the fact is that unrequited love is unjustifiable. Just as how he keeps pushing me away and my heart is tearing and at the same time, is able to continue to love him. This is my only comfort, that I am able to love the unjustifiable.

Which is superior? To know why you love, or to love?

I'm sorry, I'm incoherent. My thoughts, as my heart and soul, are in fragments.