Sunday, April 30, 2006

Mother's Day Plans.

Joyce and I were in the car with my dad on the way to breakfast yesterday morning. This is the kind of conversations the three of us normally have.

(Joyce)Daddy Mother's day is coming. What are we doing for ma?

(DaddyDearest)Buy her peanut butter and chocolate ice cream from Swensons la.

But she doesn't like peanut butter and chocolate anything!

I like ma.

(Me)Why don't we bring her to Sunway Lagoon? Nyahaha. I went there last week for some skate&surf event, quite fun lor!

Good idea. This time you both sit with me and have lunch. I heard there's good fried chicken there. We'll tell her to take Esther with her and we'll wait for her while having fried chicken. She can go play then meet us back there in 3 hours. Should be ample time for her to try all the rides.


Di, mummy hates theme parks. She never goes on anything!

Some more ask her to bring Esther.. She wouldn't last half an hour with Esther running around like a mad cow.

And for the next two minutes my dad was laughing nonstop. The night before the three of us was at Swensons for supper. Joyce tried to convince my dad to come back again for teh Earthquake.

Di, on Tuesdays the earthquake here is 50% cheaper! We should come back on Tuesday.

Can la. But now that you've started college, you're a big girl already. We split the bill la half half.

Sure. It's RM32 so 50% of that would be RM16 and half that it'd be RM8++ plus tax. Cheap still.

What you talking. Obviously I meant you pay the 50% that has to be paid and I pay the half where it's discounted la. I'm your father okay.

I nearly choked on my lamb chops.

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