Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Electric girls and worn out boys.

My thumbs feel twice their size. I gave my mom a one hour massage last night, her feet, her knees (she prays kneeling), her hands, her neck, her back, her head.

Anyhoo, it's a good day today :)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Lunch for two.

Remember I said my dad and I had a big lunch at Mui Hiong Jln Imbi? Where the minced pork with salted fish was the bombs? Bombs until my dad ordered 3 servings. Yum. The giant steamed fish haven't arrived yet.

Oh last night while Joyce and I were having out nightly talk-nonsense. We came up with the two words we really can't stand hearing or reading and would never use. Actually I came up with one and she came up with hers.

Mine is: Diamante. Goodness, its the stupidest sounding word in the world. Hate hate hate.
Joyce's: Adjourned. "Some more ah, the peope who use this word has to use it like 39743 times if they are blogging in one post."

I never realized lor. My sister qutie sensitive. Like that also can irritate her, its far far better than diamante. Especially the -te. Ugh.

I don't know much (about dogs), but I know I love you

Oh yes, she's beeg! She's more than twice her weight and her size than when I brought her home.

On the way to pick my mom up at the airport, I took Cassie for a ride. Uhm her fur a bit unruly cause I hadn't brushed her for 2 days :D

Argh. Cassie loves my Che monkey, it was my Christmas present from Tyler but she cries and cries and cries for it. Good thing is she doesn't chew on it anymore, she just holds it to sleep sometimes.

This is Cassie's favourite afternoon nap spot.

Friday, June 22, 2007

All in a day's work.

My dad and I came to a sad conclusion today.
That his favourite chocolate, the Almond Gold, has been discontinued.
As for me, the Myojo Pedas. It was the best ever mee goreng in the entire universe galaxy thingy. It's over.

I'm drowning my sorrow in this bag of Parmesan cheese. I've eaten half the bag sadly dumping the contents into my Myojo Pedas deprived mouth. I hope this doesn't make me sick hrm.

Anyway today I tagged along with my dad while he ran his errands. We went to Menara Maybank where this lady tending to us gave me these silver wrapped chocolates which were out of this world! Should have asked her where its from. Or maybe I was hungry. Later we went for lunch at Mui Hiong at Jln Imbi. My dad ordered something soy chicken, bean sprouts with salted fish, some giant steamed fish, and three servings of minced pink with salted fish. When I took the first bite of the minced pork I knew why he ordered 3 servings. They were the bomb! I had two bowls of rice! (hm thinknig back why did the lady give me chocolates, did she think I was a child?! probably.)

We were walking around Lot 10 and we passed MNG in Isetan and there was a sale. (Here's one line you don't read in this blog often) My dad gestured for me to go look. I told him Nah dowan. But then he said "You've been wearing Joyce's clothes, learn to buy some of your own." Wahlau even my dad looking down on me. Fine so I chose one top. There were so many ppl I was getting nervous. Women on a mission, don't mess with them.

After that we went to the Berjaya Vacation Club office where he booked 2 rooms in Berjaya Langkawi Spa and Resort whatever for 4 days for me! Yay yay! I've never been to Langkawi (yeah I know) so its a big deal! I have the confirmation slip in my wallet yay! We got Deluxe Chalets on the Water whatevers wheeeee can just dive off the balcony into the water.

Ham came over for dinner and then him, my family and I went grocery shopping. My favourite kind of shopping. I am now a proud owner of 3 bags of Ruffles (different flavors), 2 cans of Tulip Spicy Luncheon Meat, 3 bags of Milano orange biscuits, 3 packets of Ayamas Sausages with cheese, 2 boxes of Lindt orange chocolates, 2 bars of Cadbury milk chocolates and I really can't remember the rest. I was going nuts. So nuts that I'm listing them out here when its my usual when we grocery shop. Esther was choosing her own stuff where she saw some milk cartons and it said "Free 2" or something and she told my dad "Daddy look, free 2!" where my dad replied "I'm buying it for you you're not paying, everything here is free ok?"

Oh oh and when we were watching Al Jazeera, there was a clip of this mob beating a dummy with Abbas' face on it. Esther asked "Why do they hate that man daddy?"
"Because they are naughty boys la." and then he turned to me and said "Someone must have paid them to do it. These people should be taken off the streets." Heh, that's my dad. Strong opinions just like me! Or me like him hm.

To top the day off Ham and I went to buy ABC and Chendol for my family. My mom's so cute, everytime she takes a big bite she'd shudder and say "Mm so fattening".

All in all, its been a fanfuckingtastic day!
*dives back into the Parmesan cheese.

PS: Argh need my phone cable so I can upload super freaking cute can die pictures of Cassie!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

One little two little three little Bak Changs.

Actually the one I'm having now isn't little at all. I found a giant one in the stash that Voon Ying (Joyce's bf) brought over. And its MINE. It's huge its the size of both my fists put together. Oh joy.

Cassidy is sick. She's got an ear infection and skin irritation *sobs. The first time she took her antibiotics from the syringe willingly because she bites everything so as soon as she bit it I leaked the medicinal goodness down her throat. Hah. But she's smart, from then onwards when she sees the syringe she'd run. She'd run from upstairs all the way downstairs so now I put cheese at the tip :) She's never gonna see cheese the same way again.

If that's not difficult.. Her ear drops. My goodness it took me and my two kakaks to hold her still, distract her, and discard the liquid into her ear. She turns into doggie Rambo ready to attack anyone who comes close with the bottle.

Cassie has seen two vets at her clinic in Sg Long and both of them, meeting her for the first time said to me "This one must be very naughty." And the other said "Oh she's going to be a handful for you."

Now that I'm back in PJ I took her to the vet in Taman Megah and he said "This is one is a rascal ya." Took two nurses to hold her so that the doctor can clean out her ears. She's a miniature poodle for goodness sake.

During diner Cassie nicked some of my Nasi Kandar. My dad and I have Nasi Kandar like twice a week at least when I'm home. I've had the same thing for a decade. Kayu's fried chicken (thigh) and sotong and occasionally fish eggs.

Today she also accomplished destroying my mom's wallpaper. Someone has to come tear down the whole thing and re-stick it :(

Her designated wee-wee and pang sai place is at my parent's room door :D :D
Good morning to my mom! Goodnight to my dad!

Damn it this bak chang doesn't have yolk in it. Bad..bad thing when there's no yolk. Cause it'd tempt me to have another one just to satisfy my yolk craving. But cannot..this is my 4th bak chang today. No meat in this one some more, pure fat. Yum yum yum it's like drinking butter!
Good luck to me.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

One fly tune to have black and white in one room.

New look :) I tweaked it on my own too!

Just Like Music by Marvin Gaye and Erick Sermon. I've been listening to it all the time for the past months. I thought I'd get sick of it soon because of the absence of guitar solos and crazy drumbeats. But no I'm still going nuts over it. Everyone and anyone would like this song, so chill.

Then again I thought everyone and anyone would despise Mika's music especially that Grace Kelly song which sounds exactly like fingernails on a blackboard, going higher higher and higher. But Rachel likes Mika *cringes. Apparently the relax take it easy song is by the same fella too. Cannot la how to enjoy a song when it gives you images of fat men in pink leotards with pink cheeks looming at you with a pink plastic bag in their hands ready to suffocate you to death. My sister likes Mika too *sobs so I have to put up with it.

Jo was telling me that she was pissed at her boyfriend for something when another friend said relax and listen to this song. Then he (its a he some more!) turned on that "Relax, take it easy song". She said "What the hell is this? Listen to this lagi stress wei."

The worst one is the lollipop song. The first 30 seconds.. I stared my sister. She ignored my stare. I stared harder and she finally said "Sorry Jie" and turned it off. Want to kill me is it.

SHIT that song I swear I could see Telletubbies high on acid getting it on. Do you know what mental images like that can do to a person?

I've been eating 3 bak changs for lunch every afternoon. 2 normal ones and one nyonya one that only my grandma knows how to make. I'm eating my 3rd one now and I must have chosen the wrong one :( This one has like 38592759 nuts in it :(

My Father's Eyebrows

I talk about my dad all the time (yes my friends you would know) and I've written posts on him pretty often too so I don't see how a Father's Day post would be any different cause well everyday is Father's day.

When I was out at Mel's birthday dinner Daddy Oo texted me saying "I bought many goodies back but three are for you. You'd never guess what they are so don't bother trying."
I replied saying "Hmph no faith in me."
At the time I KNEW there were gonna be mangosteens cause a few hours before I accidentally mentioned mangosteens. My dad is sharp when it comes to what we want so I am careful with what I say I want because he will get it for me by hook or by crook.

When I got home and asked what they were he said "First bag has otak-otak in it, and the second one mangosteens-"
"I knew it!!"
"But you can never guess whats in the 3rd bag"

I went to check. It was another bag of mangosteens. He bought two gigantic bags of them.

I'm up to my armpits in mangosteens.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I remember when, I remember, I remember when I lost my mind

I've learnt many things from Rachel but all of this year one of the things she has said rings clear in my mind. That people will love their own opinion(s) over you and your happiness. What matters most to others is what they think and what they feel even over their own friends. A small handful escapes this. And I'm one of them! I could murder a person and someone would justify it as long as I'm happy.

After many years I finally realized the significance...that whenever I have a problem, or whenever life throws me for a spin and I'm unsure of what I am doing she asks very simply, "Stel, are you happy? If you are, I am for you. Nothing else matters."

So Ray, I'm happy buying water and not boiling it ok? Next time don't simply agree agree with other ppl. Hmph. Ask you don't buy clothes but make them yourself see how you react. Or buy from pasar pagi don't waste money on Marc Jacobs where the prices gives me a mild heart attack.

It's one in the same ok? :D Bye, remember to buy Cassie treats.

She'll hear me.


I'll post on our dinner and the cake story when I get the pictures from Kim. Can you make sure it doesn't go up her blog since 500 ppl reads it a day and in the picture I looked like something was poking my side, because someone was. Cool pictures like that only deserves to be on deserted blogs like this one. More like a treat ma.

I know I haven't said it in a long time but today I wanted you to know that "Yes, I still love you." We all do (above) and Be good, don't become the office slut :)

Remember when I put up with your snoring? :D

That's neither here nor there.

While I was driving to Ham's house I realized it's been so long and I still get the heart-thumping feeling of blessedness when I'm on my way to his house :)

I made a mistake of taking a 2 hour nap with him in the afternoon. It's almost 5am and though I used to be able to go days without sleeping I can't anymore I know I'll be sleepy later in the afternoon and I wanna go for breakfast with my dad in a few hours.

I tried to go to bed. I played with Cassie for a while, combed her fur. I turned off the lights and as usual my mind started to wander, I started to think about Rachel coming back and where we should go on a trip next month. Thought abot Ham. I thought about Arthur and Mel starting work. I thought about Cassie and whether she has an ear infection. Thought about Ham. Thought about my sister in Redang. Then bla bla bla I started to sing Christmas carols in my head. The one that I really hate some more the Fa la la la la one. OMG so I started to play with my phone, looking at my pictures one by one. I even looked through Cinema, Forex Rates and other nonsense on my phone when I decided ENOUGH I'm going back online.

SIGH Fye and San are not coming back for the mid year holidays. *SOB* How do I get through the days. I've had them at my disposal for years!! HOW NOW.

Heh was chatting with Rachel and was telling a story about how Ham and I would buy water from those big water machines every other day. We'd lug our empty mineral water bottles and fill them up. Someone advised us to boil water or instead of wasting money on buying water like this. Rachel said she agreed with the person and I said "Eh don't nag ppl about how they drink water when you spend like water." Really one. No shame. Can spend few hundred dollars on clothes but ask ppl to save like 2bucks and boil water. Hehehhe I damn bitchy.

Anyway, Ham wants to buy that Diamond water filter thing. There's a promotion now it costs 3k plus but its buy one free one so we're looking for someone to share it with. OMG how did I get to the topic of water filters, so sien until it came to this.

Oh oh I was browsing through Multiply (that's how freaking free I am) and found interesting pictures!!

My brother and my boyfriend! (Before he was my boyfriend) Look! They both have horrible hair!!
I didn't know such a picture existed! But now I know why!

Monday, June 18, 2007

One is an idiot, the other is insane.

I got to see Alex last night for Mel's birthday dinner and I realized how much I had missed him and how significant he is in my life and how much I treasure him.

I miss his "Stella Oo! Don't you dare do that ah! Stella Oo! Don'ttttt. Stella Oo! How can you say that to people's face. Aiijorr whats wrong with you! Stella Oo! I said don't touch that!!" I use to amaze him with my lack of tact. How I used to drive him crazy. He'd stop the car to go to the bank and when he comes back to his car there would be neck ties tied to his steering wheel, his readview mirror hidden, his seat pushed all the way back flat with seat belts intertwined. Or how I would wind down the window and ask random girls on the street if they'd go on a date with him. He loves me to no end I tell you.

All my boyfriends never good enough for him. Not one. Not that there were many but still. He'd find flaws in them but find me perfect despite all my attempts at driving him nuts. He taught me how to throw a punch and I usually only use them on him. All his ex-girlfriends also quite cow one to me. Just now during dinner when we were laughing about the cake and laughing about Arthur, I realized I MUST make it a point to keep him in my life. I cannot lose this guy.

Also, I look like a pau in this picture.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The arrogates are spewing nonsense

I haven't had polite conversation in a long time. I haven't felt fellowship, I haven't been in the company of interesting people. I miss my friends.

I've been talking to Rachel and she is of the opinion that I don't make new friends because as soon as I set my eyes on someone new I'm too busy judging them. Probably true. But it's better to judge in the beginning and be set straight later on. Than to whole-heartedly embrace someone and to be made a fool later on, right?

I have the few relationships I need that don't require any effort to maintain. Its just there whether I like it or not and with one look or word everything's back in place and I'm home. Okay maybe it's not as if they don't require any effort to maintain but more like its sails on effortlessly.

During this quiet, I have done a bit of thinking, just a bit. I've realized that even as we grow a little older, no one is any wiser they are just a little more careful, a little more crafty. There's always someone who is stuck in high school and that person will drag a whole willing bunch back down that sick sick memory lane. There's always some sort of competition going down, always something snide to say about someone else but people are smart, they say mean things with sweet overtones. Like oh we're saying shit about you because we care. Yeah, because we care about ourselves and how your attitude is affecting US and OUR wellbeing.

It's shit, Rachel and I said. It even happens in adult social circles. Men and women, in their 50s bitching "nicely" about a friend. I hate that I've played a small part in these instances ebfore. An agreeable comment was all it took and I've contributed to the High School Wars. I'm like that kid who nobody really sees and my opinion would only be valued if it was on their side.

So when one person makes a decision that everyone else disagrees with, that person has become a leper. People would play you hot and cold depending on their mood, because apparently once you're a leper people can be self-righteous and have a reasons why they are above you. I've seen this many times, I've watched from afar and I've been in those shoes. It happens.

Boy am I fucking tired of walking on eggshells. My fist is tired from clutching all that salt. I'm tired of people and the lousy system they live by. I am sick of playing with children who compares the size of their testicles.

Thank God I have perfect friends, the above is so behind me. In fact its been behind me for a while now but I just wanted to rant on about it because although it doesn't happen to me, it still happens to the people around me. There are stupid people everywhere, what to do.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

You show your age, when you drown your rage.

Cassie has developed a habit of crying and whining whenever I leave the room or am out of her sight. It's not like she's clingy, she's not. She doesn't like being held for long unless she's in the car with me. Sexy the husky cries when Ham leaves the room and waits at the door for him to come back in. Quite the whiny pair these two. Even if we're in the shower which is in the same room, they'd whine the ENTIRE time from the other side of the door.

When Cassie is downstairs with me while I'm cooking and I go upstairs for 30 seconds to get something, she'd run up 3 steps on the stairs and be stuck there because under any other circmustances, she does not do stairs.

Ah the elections, the elections. Half the democrats voted for military force in Iraq but right now ALL of them decided against it. I know "flip-flopping" is quite commonplace in politicians but sometimes it can get quite ridiculous. Many many videos to watch, many many readings. This is gonna be like the Olympics, there's something to stay tuned to everyday.

Oh that reminds me, if the ending of Pirates 3 wasn't a mockery of George Bush Jr. I don't know what it is.