Wednesday, April 12, 2006


an.anomie: Can we chat here? I prefer the cleaness of gtalk.
an.anomie: *cleanliness

me: its cleaner? i prefer MSN
haha but sure

an.anomie: gtalk sticks together also.. easy to manage [smile]

me: true true. but its weird. it feels like that msn webthing u use when u cant use the real thang [tongue]

an.anomie: Are you using gtalk off gmail or did you download the actualy gtalk program? you know this isn't even important conversation. AHAHAH How are you feeling now?

me: hahaha i'm using it off gmail. no wonder it feels so generic..its not the original one? i've been conned!!

an.anomie: The gmail one has cooler emoticons but it is actually a program you download and install just like MSN. But it's a lil more minimal than MSN

me: no wonder la..i'm like why aran's taste so shit one. gtalk sucks [tongue]

an.anomie: well you might still think that after installing gtalk

me: we are having the stupidest conversation ever. HAHAHAHA

an.anomie: you must be on weed. I can't remember anything we talked that morning
But I kept thinking that you were trying to purposely talk nonsense with me

me: no this is the best part, i'm not right now!
i wasnt! i mean, i was feeling chatty as usual but i cuoldnt remember anything so i kept asking and bringing up new stuff. now i cant remember ANYTHING. ooh! but i remember us saying that tyler looks like the lion in wizard of oz. thats the only thing i remember

an.anomie: at one point I decided that you were purposely just changing the subjects and confusing me.. so I started to do that on purpose to you.
THat I remember

me: you what?! well i was..kind of..but because you were participating. tyler was out.
hahahahaha tyler is the coolest la. its like..first he looks like the lion..and then walah! he looked like wes boland! the rice boy version!

an.anomie: Haha.. and then he talked to us for a while.. then decided he wasn't making sense and he just shut up.
I thoguth I'm check IMDB for the Wizard of Oz and look for the pic.. but there's like 38 movies with Wizard of Oz.. what the hell

me: hahahah hm whats the lion's name? he had a name.
shucks. what we really need is a picture of tyler's face that morning. damn blur and dont give a shit [grin]


me: cowardly?! hahahahaha.
HAHAHAHAHA now the resemblence isnt realy there. maybe tyler looks like the young version [grin]

an.anomie: I think we were just high

me: shucks..i was so convinced. i was gonna get you to play dorothy and joey's cousin can be the tin man [grin]

an.anomie: Why did I get Dorothy?
Why not Ellie?

me: because ellie is the good witch of the north
guess who perry is [wink]

an.anomie: No clue
The Architect?

me: what the
he doesnt look like colonel sanders k
perry is huck the scarecrow

an.anomie: Colonel Sanders?
I still don't get how I'm Dorothy


UnkleBus said...

ehem. why la rice boy wes...

i tot i'm cooler. must be your eyes playing tricks on you making me so uncool.. heehehe

Stella said...

wes boland is damn fucking cool wei! he was one of my teenage crushes!

anomie said...

What is ol' Wes up to these days?

Stella said...

side project the last i heard. err the album name was.. wes something. can't remember.

slipknot asked him to join them but he rejected them :D

UnkleBus said...

he's disguised as a chinese dude last i hear. apparently only appears after a certain hour of night at private parties...

trademark: likes to massage hands :P

Stella said...

hahaha we have evidence. o wait, or he himself has the evidence hahah

Stella said...

hahaha we have evidence. o wait, or he himself has the evidence hahah