Thursday, November 30, 2006

Makan makan

Now that i'm back home with my family, I eat my usual amount. When I wake up I go "Kakkk Sitiiiiii saya mau makannnnNNN" and while giggling she will reply "Tauuuuu, sudah siapppp." I love her la. Then after a lunch of rice and usually french beans, sambaled fried eggs and fried chicken i'll have a snack 2 hours later of a packet of Cintan. If i go out i'll have something else and if i don't i'll also be munching on something, kuih or potato chips. Then come dinnertime i'll have rice and everything nice. Then ice-cream or whatever my mom bought home. Then supper usually in SS2 Lok Lok with a bowl of porridge, bowl of fish balls and a shared ikan bakar with Joyce.

In fact just an hour ago while Joyce and I were having supper with my dad, we were having the Ikan Bakar last and my dad couldn't have any because he's got the sore throat. Suddenly he asked, "Is it still hot?" "No." "Can hold with fingers?" "Can la" We told him it wasn't and he should try some (we tried a new stall, not bad). Then he said "Then pick it up and eat it while walking to the car, it's getting warm here I'm sweating." I tell you ar...father like this...we LOVE!

So after midnight I'll usually have a slice of cake that's in the fridge or whatever other goodies they have there. Then around 2am Joyce and I would get hungry again and we'll have instant noodles or half boiled eggs about 3 each.

After this holidays its back to Beached-Whale-Stel!

Monday, November 27, 2006


I am uncomfortable taking pictures most times. I feel really awkward in front of a camera. In my teenage years I hated the camera. These days, I enjoy taking pictures with my friends but I can't take pictures when its me alone. That's why when I need a picture of me by myself there's a grand total of maybe 6 out of 34728524.

Like this haircut. For the first time ever, a haircut of mine doesn't suck! In fact I like it. Happened in 5 snips and I'm done. So i don't know why but i wanted a picture of it la. And i was so uncomfortable facing the camera. Joyce was laughing so i snatched the camera from her and tried to take a photo myself. Wahlau so one-kind one. Hahaha.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Wedding pictures!

I think i'll be posting Elle and Perry's wedding pictures every now and then when i get the pictures off the others hehe. These are from Eve's camera.

Whee, the bride damn kau pretty lor. This was in the bride's room before the guys came. Left to right, that's Yean in the yellow top, Jimmy the hairliist, Azuree is rasta colors, Lalang Eve next to the bride, Andrea the bridesmaid behind the bride, uhm the makeup artist, Maryann and ME! Eh! Where's Ivan??

The delightful 'torture kit'. Nescafe, condensed milk, crackers with wasabi and cili padi (i said crackers!! hahahaha) and of course, the waxing strips.

Eve, Stel and Ivan. We look nice and calm but at this point we were actually already getting real excited at the prospect of watching the *ahem dicks go through what we had planned.

Eh cepat la! Scared is it :P Pushing the best man forward all. Joey so brave! (kind of) I damn like the sound of the wax strip coming off your almost hairless leg hahaha.

KMKS with the Lohs.

In the hotel room before the wedding. I like that expression I have, try zoom in and see :P That's Jung's back!

At the reception area with BlogLittle, Bloggila and BabyBloggila (of late)

Uncle Remy Loh and Christine before they crooned Endless Love.

That'll all for today folks! More next time when Elle gets the professional shots from the photographer. Not that Eve isnt professional :P

Baby Bloggila

I have been posting quiteee a number of posts lately haven't i?
Dunno why.

So Armin turned out alright. Thanks to Ivan we walked in without spending a cent and getting free drinks all night. Yay. At first the crowd was getting to me and Rachel was getting sick from the smoke. So we drank and ate at Terrace Bar. Then we went in, after a while it was pretty alright just sitting at the stadium stairs watching our significant others enjoying themselves (*shuffling o.O) They haven't done this shuffling thing in a while. Haha rusty. But i somehow love watching Ham when he does.

Saw Mervin and Joachim there too. It was weird seeing Joachim in public, usually its in a home or a hotel room. EH DAMN SALAH. As in erm cause we chill out as usual suspects in KMKS ma.

Before the four of us went in we were having drinks at Terrace Bar when Arthur pointed out a shirt this guy was wearing that said something along the lines of "If you catch me listening to pop, please cut my balls off" Which i thought, if you were to wear a shirt that said that, you're probably someone who is extremely passionate about music.

Then I started la my banging. If you love music you'd love it regardless of whether its popular or not. Pop does mean popular music. I mean i'm not a pop person Top40 and all that but Guns and Roses was Pop once, so was other great bands i love. The Killers, Pop also (although the latest album fell short of my expectations). So if the music you love turns into Pop you're not gonna love it anymore? Fucking contradictory. Rachel started fanning me because she knew i could go on and on.

Yeah i know i get upset when certain band i love is suddenly big in Malaysia and that's not very supportive of me. But thats only because once they get that big, their music will sell out and will start to change to suit popular taste. So usually by the 3rd album it goes down the drain for some good bands. But i still love their music, i still regard them as great muisicians. Hm heh okay enough.

Anyway, we wanted to join Aran and Andre in Velvet but didn't want to walk in and out through the crowd. When people's sweat rub off on your arm and face when you need to get to somewhere, you don't want to get anywhere.

We are going to Malacca today. All of us woke up later than we should so actually.. we're not sure if we are going. But I am craving for Assam Laksa! And Su Ann gave me a bunch of food places we should go to and I really wanna makan makan makan.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Tis the season to be vain

I'm not one to comment on my face except for the chub part.

But I have a Christmas light embedded right smack in the middle of my nose.
It's huge, it hurts and I can double as Rudolph.

And tonight at Armin I can pose as a baby disco light.

Joy to the world.

Say Oo La La

I got tagged Joyce said. Whatever that means. So here goes.

Layer ONE : On the Outside
Name : Stella Oo.
Birth Date : 15th Oct.
Current Status : Online.
Eye color : Black like anything.
Hair Color: Also black like anything.
Righty or Lefty : Leaning towards a righty.
Zodiac Sign : Libra.

Layer TWO : On the inside
Your Heritage: A little bit of this, a little bit of that. (rap)
Your Fears : Disappointing my father and my mother when she's angry or sad.
Your Weaknesses : The people i love
Your Perfect Pizza : I only eat one kind. I don't like pizza unless its Pizza Uno's. Beef pepperoni, salami, anchovies and extra anchovies.

Layer THREE : Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Your thoughts first waking up : That was a bad dream.
Your Bedtime : When there is time.
Your most missed memory : Doing things like sand art with Rachel, blowing giant bubbles with Lisa Koh (who's surname won't be Koh after December :P) and climbing trees with Miriam.

Layer FOUR : Your Pick
Pepsi or Coke : Neither. Both are evil.
McDonald's or Burger King : Neither. The biggest seller of Coke is McDonalds and McDs is freaking unethical.
Single or group dates: Don't go on dates.
Adidas or Nike: Same like my sister Joyce who answered on hers: I don't normally wear shoes, but I take after my sister who doesn't support Nike, so, Adidas. Ha. Ha.
Lipton tea or Nestea: ...
Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate!
Cappuccino or coffee: Cappuccino if i had to choose.

Layer FIVE : Do you
Smoke : yes and yes.
Curse : When i'm passionate. Ha ha.

Layer SIX : In the Past Month
Drank alcohol: Yeap, just a little.
Gone to the mall: Yes.
Been on stage: Life is a stage they say.
Eaten sushi: I don't like sushi.
Dyed your hair: No.

Layer SEVEN: Have You Ever?
Played a stripping game: Nope.
Changed who you were to fit in: I changed friends to not fit in. I think tahts the same thing. Freaking counterculture.

Age you're hoping to be married : 25 :D

Layer NINE: In a Girl/Guy.
Best eye colour: The color God gave him.
Best hair colour: Anything la. Not "kam mou" can already.
Short or long hair: Whichever that doesnt need gel or wax or anything foreign :P

Layer TEN: What Were You Doing.
1 minute ago : Telling Mel she can't be my girlfriend.
1 hour ago : Eating supper with dad and sis.
4.5 hours ago : Watching Erin Brockovich for the 75648th time in Rachel's room.
1 month ago : struggling with assignments
1 year ago : annoying the hell out of pek san for a whole week.

Layer ELEVEN : Finish The Sentence
I love: reading Maddox's stuff.
I feel: super the happy.
I hate: people who are mean to the ppl i love and to me.
I hide: my dad's Nike shoes
I miss: Melanie Loh, Wong Mun Fye and Ter Pek san.
I need: aran to loan me maria full of grace :D

Layer TWELVE : Tag 5 people
1. melanie loh
2. tyler ng
3. elle ashley
4. aranesan
5. eve lalang chua

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Sien..nothing better to do :D

Films I have yet to watch but absolutely have to.
1. Running with Scissors
2. The Motorcycle Diaries
3. Maria Full of Grace
4. The Nativity Story
5. The Prestige
6. Charlotte's Web
7. Downfall
8. Darwin's Nightmare
9. Andy Warhol - A documentary film
10. Iraq in Fragments
11. Marie Antoinette
okay, this list could go on for a while so i'll stop here.

Films I haven't seen but don't really have to.
1. The Da Vinci Code
2. Casino Royale
3. Happy Feet
4. Capote
5. The Devil's Rejects
6. Supergirl
7. Scary Movie 4 [haha need i say more]

Films I didn't think would be good..till I watched it.
1. Lady in the Water
2. V for Vendetta [i loved it! love love lovedddd it]
3. Ice Age 2 [freaking funny lor]
4. Vanity Fair
5. Thank you for smoking [rachel says thats how i'd talk to my children. the part about the essay]
6. Million Dollar Baby
7. The Aviator [almost forgot! i watched it 5 times]
8. The Banquet [not bad somehow]
9. Devil wears Prada [the clothes.. *blushes]
10. Sin City!! [turned out awesome!]
11. Domino [caught me off guard, she wasnt bad]

Films I thought was gonna be good..until I watched it.
1. United 93 [Overdid the family and crying babies in the background bit]
2. Miami Vice
3. The Departed [I'm standing on Asia's side for this one]
4. The Omen
5. My Super Ex-girlfriend [Damn stupid]
6. Pride & Prejudice [Must be Keira Knightly, so irritating her face]
7. Fahrenheit 9/11 [After reading Michael Moore's books, i'm a bit biased against him. i don't think he's being objective, but duh most of you know that. bottomline is, its NOT a documentary. they shouldn't have advertised it like it was. Its just Moore's opinion on the event, just like the Da Vinci Code to Mr.Brown and if the- okay stopping here. This too can go on forever.]
8. Assasination of Richard Nixon [IT was alright la but..i think they merged too many different versions of his story in this movie, but it guess it happens. Still, i think i expected too much maybe]

"Kids Nows-a-days"

I quote TerenceC hehehe *tsk tsk*

I logged on to MSN and there was that adding thing. And the nickname was Esther while the email address was my youngest sister of 9's full name.

What the hey.

Stella says:
esther oo?
Esther says:
Stella says:
Esther says:
i am esther
Stella says:
okay..what is da jie's full name?
Esther says:
stella k. oo pui yen
Stella says:
Esther says:
when are you coming back
Stella says:
Esther says:
what joyce
Stella says:
you think funny is it
Esther says:
*crying emoticon* i miss you da jie
Esther says:
i dont think is funny i just askking what is the meaning
(okay, must be esther. joyce would have come up with something retarded)
Stella says:
hi babyyyy!!!!!
Stella says:
da jie miss you tooooooooooooooo
Esther says:
hi pretty
Esther says:
i miss u more
Stella says:
...? ee lynn?? jian yi?? (my cousins, 16 and 12 respectively)

Then i got disconnected.
Hours later i was talking to the actual Joyce.

Forget the things we wore we meant says:
Forget the things we wore we meant says:
just now it was esther
Forget the things we wore we meantsays:
Stella says:
Stella says:
Stella says:
Esther says:
she called me up and she was like "er che help me tell da che it's me!"
Forget the things we wore we meant says:
she don't believe me!
Forget the things we wore we meant says:
why she don't believe me?
Stella says:
Forget the things we wore we meant says:
and i'm like er. how you get her email
Forget the things we wore we meantsays:
and you know how!!!
Forget the things we wore we meant says:
she's damn smart lah
Forget the things we wore we meant says:
she logged out
Forget the things we wore we meantsays:
then she copied your email from the saved ilst. then she added you
Forget the things we wore we meant says:
Forget the things we wore we meant says:
Stella says:
she can type so well one
Forget the things we wore we meant says:
ya i was like whoa you type one a
Forget the things we wore we meant says:
then she's like ya la. but little bit slow

Joyce and i agreed.. Esther's growing up!!! *CRIES*

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wednesday Adams

Wednesday morning rain is (not) fallinggg..

Damn pei. Just woke up quite hyper.

Kim is working but i still wanna kacau her on MSN. Flooding her with random msgs.
Since she starting working we hardly get to see her :(
We are unsuccessfully trying to get her to join Miss Malaysia World or Universe.
Looking at the previous contestants, Kim is a sure win!

Mel once wrote on her blog that in Ice Age, that she she is Diego the sabertooth because she danm kau fierce. And that Ray is the Mammoth because she's wise and I'm the bloody sloth Sid because I'm the one with the lame lines.

Mahai. I'm going to revamp the whole thing. Mel can be the female Mammoth in denial and Kim can take her place as Manny.

Wait, i'll come up with a proper reasoning behing all this.

I still damn blur.


Darling please come home soon. I'm not in the habit of bitching but with you it comes naturally and i hate it admit it but i enjoy it! Without you there is an empty void! Eh that's redundant. A void IS empty. Wah still woozy. Gotta go! Or if i wanna be trendy i should say, gotta bounce peeps! HAHAHAH damn sohai.


Heath & Potter.

Since Rachel broke her camera, we don't take pictures anymore. I can't decide if its a good thing since when I piss her off she threatens me with the "shrine of retarded pictures" of me.

We went to Laundry for the first time last Thursday. I had my reasons for boycotting the place but we thought since everyone goes there so let's go see what the hype is about. It was like a freaking reunion for Ham, he saw ex-classmates right left center. I was guessing it was probably like Decanter, cheap drinks. But a jug was RM61. Wtf. Okay so it's not the cheap drinks. A couple of minutes went by and Ray said "I don't see what so interesting about this place."

Neither did I. The sound system was terrible although they had Leonard :) Didn't do the bands justice. Even Paul's Place had better sound. Five six years ago when I used to go to gigs featuring local bands on a weekly basis, the local scene was the bomb! Bands renting Dewan Serbagunas to jam at. When I heard Tempered Mental four years ago I went nuts and bought 10 of their cds and gave it out to random people. Tempered Mental is still awesome. They will always have my support. Melina was suprisingly really good at charades, that's always a bonus.
Somehow I feel the local music scene little commercialized now. Those of you who used to go to Blue Planet and underground gigs know what I'm talking about, we've agreed on this. It's become more about the glamour and the crowd and less about their music. But reading The Rebel Sell made me realize i could be the very same people i don't like.

You know how people say the the cool places first had the in-crowd, then gradually the crowd holds the wannabe's and the B-listers. Wtf. People wanna go where they go la, do they have to be labelled as cool or cool wannabes? But i might be doing the same thing. Looking at the hype on local bands now i was thinking "Where were you people when these bands were struggling to get their music heard years ago?" Suddenly when a few of the right people turns up at these events everyone is jumping on the "Support local bands" bandwagon.

Does that mean I was cool once since this is cool now? So I was an A-list?! HAHA. Yeah right. Counterculture. It's fucking with my brain.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Will be.

I'm leaking tears of joy and anticipation while uploading the pictures below while listening to Peter Gabriel's Book of Love and Que Sera Sera.
Please listen to it, you won't regret it.

Flashes of Perry and Ellie with their first pregnancy, with children, with missing teeth and graying hair.
Getting emotional when I'm alone is just the thing I need to know that I'm alive.

Monday, November 20, 2006

The Big Day!

I always have little insignificant things to write about here and most of the time it doesn’t really matter if I put them on record. Saturday however was an incredibly significant event for more than quite a few of us.

Given, the initial high of receiving the news of their marriage has subsided a little since February… seeing the whole affair come together was still overwhelming. From jumping around their room upon receiving their news, talking animatedly practically in tears and overreacting compared to Mel who when we told the news said “I’ve always expected it what.”

So I’ll start at the beginning. I regretted not having chosen my outfits for the day earlier. I ended up in a skirt which was too loose for me for the day events and a skirt too short for my liking during the night. But, Ellie and Perry has always loved me in whatever I wear so that didn’t matter in end :P

In the morning the “chi muis” all gathered at Ellie’s parents home in SS2 at 9am. I helped Andrea and Eve with the “torture kit” before going upstairs into Elle’s room where she was chilling and chatting with Azuree and Yean in her bridal gown. Though I’ve seen her in the same dress at the fitting my heart still leaped a little seeing her in it again. After the briefing by Andrea we sat around fogging the room with our cigarettes and chatting like it was any other day. Ivan and Maryann told their usual amusing stories which I can’t get anywhere else. And of course, Ivan was the leader of the pack during the “initiation” of ‘collect the bride’. One auntie said “Aiyo, you really want to make them go through all this ah. Later stomach ache can’t make it to the dinner how.” Ivan, “It’s not our stomach. You think we care? We love her so much we’re not gonna let her go so easily” WELL SAID!

But he had some beef with Andre who had the balls to challenge Ivan the night before with “Bring on your worst! Think I scared ah! I’ll do anything, anything at all for Perry!” Hence the five macho men had coffee beans for represent the bitter, a can of condensed milk for sweet, the three-tiered wasabi sandwich with a cili padi in the middle for hot and vinegar laced with freshly squeezed lemon for sour and waxing strips for a smooth journey. Andre underestimated me. Didn’t want to let Ivan do the stripping of the wax strips and requested for Stella do to it because she’s the gentle one. Have you changed your mind Andre? The way you leapt out of the chair… you must have.

Perry then miraculously got the key off Peachy in less than five seconds and grinned the biggest grin while opening the gate and heading upstairs to Elle and ate M&Ms off her palm before he can take her downstairs for the tea ceremony. After that the chi muis and heng tais headed to Perry’s home for lunch!

Slowly but surely, Tyler, Aran, Joey and Andre begin to reel from the torture kit! Why was Tyler missing when we wanted to take pictures? Hm? Sick ah? Thought very man one. During dinner still got little boys complaining :D

After lunch and pictures we put on the video of the torture chamber for Perry’s family. Uncle Remy, Perry’s dad, had a super good time watching the video. What a dad, he can rock a stage I tell you! During the time at Perry’s house I can tell where he got his sense of humor from. The Muar relatives all joke the same way! Before, I’ve always thought Perry super one of the kind, only he can pull off lame lame jokes but come off sounding cool. But no, there is a whole bunch of them!

After resting a while we left for Maya Hotel. We’ve passed Maya many times before because half the chi muis are the gatekeepers of Zouk while Tyler Aran and Andre are regular customers :P But I never knew how great it looked from the inside! So…BIG! It’s a concept hotel so the rooms were damn nice I thought. The couple booked an extra room for the usual suspects to rest and shower in. So rest and shower we did before the dinner.

We went down at 6.30pm and handled the reception area. Actually Ivan, Eve, Azuree and Yean was while I stood aside polishing off the muruku they were serving as tit bits. Elle’s mom came to me, pinched my cheeks and asked if I didn’t have lunch. I must have looked like a glutton stuffing my face hehe.

Two more usual suspects turned up before the dinner started, Joachim and Mervyn sat down and the next thing I knew, the Book of Love by Peter Gabriel was playing. Then Ellie walked down the red carpet. Jung was tearing and I wanted to crybaby! Now that was surreal. After that we sat down next to the stage and started to feast. Joachim left early because he had to emcee at a DJing competition at Zouk. Maryann was upstairs helping Ellie with her next dress. Tyler was busy emceeing. Aran disappeared to dunno where. Eve was missing for a while. So there was extra food! I love. Maryann and I have something in common. We both love Shark fin’s soup but couldn’t have any because we are so-called environmentalists. I haven’t had it in 5 years. Not bad for someone who had commitment issues. The short speech Perry made and video Joey did on behalf of Perry and Elle was another tearjerker, especially for Eve. Everything was happening so quickly! The best chocolates I’ve ever had disappeared and then Uncle Remy made a comeback! The Lohs have music running in their blood. The whole affair showcased to me how Perry is Perry. Elle as usual was classy, calm and collected though her parents and herself was glowing throughout. After Endless love and 2 other renditions I was tempted to ask for Uncle Remy’s autograph.

This was the classiest wedding I’ve been to, bar none. I’m not biased, it really was. After the “Yam Sengs” we went up to the room to chill before heading to Velvet. After Velvet the usual suspects went back to the room to indulge in Aran and Joachim’s debates while the couple rested on the bed, to bask in Ivan’s fabulousness and everyone else’s company. And that was that.

I actually have so much more to say, that was already cutting it short. The couple and I have always agreed that they’ve already felt married for so long and this was more of a formality but whole event was bursting with magic! It’s the aura that their presence always emitted but this time ten-fold!
All in all it was an amazing night, I have no more words to convey how I felt.

I forgot to say this to the couple, so I’ll say it here “Congratulations! From the moment we met I’ve always known no one was more made for each other than the both of you. Elle and Perry I hope what you wished for me would come true, that one day I will have what you have! A small percentage of this is more than I could hope for.”

Watterson's worst nightmare.

Rachel has been back for almost two weeks. Which translates into me putting on weight and getting up to no good. I'm guessing I will continue to see her almost everyday and will gain about 6 kgs in this 2 months of our holidays. It's always 6kgs.

But I haven't seen her for 3 days because of..THE BIG DAY!
Which I will blog about after this.

She's on her way here to pick me right now which means I have some more time to blog (somehow I don't like using the word blog) and then get changed before she gets here :D

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Personality revealed!

1. This road symbolizes your life journey. Or rather, how you view it. Therefore, straight road, curvy you get the picture. Quite straightforward.

2. The forest is your current surrounding. So when I answered MJ forest! it kinda shows I'm in a stoinker environment. Haha Aran's one sounds damn inviting.

3. The animal you turn into is the animal personality you want to have is most probably does have. Yeah quite straightforward also. I'm glad Tyler didn't stick to the one eyed snake. That's quite salah. *ahem.

4. The animal that you meet is your spouse. And how you would like him/her personality to be like. I see Tyler cannot only have one partner, hence the erm convention of cougars. Very good Ty! Ellie's two animals sound like a perfect match.

5. The house that you see is the kind of home you'd like to have or already have. It's a place where you feel most comfortable be it sounding like your parent's home or your own or etc.

6. How you get into the house is how easily you open up to new people. Sounds quite accurate so far for all three of you. HEHEHEHE.

7. The cup.. you be honest I forgot what the cup one means. But Joey has answered these questions before. Joey, do you remember the meaning behind this cup thing? Cause I forgot. Don't curse me please! I'll let you know as soon as I find out. Dowan to misrepresent ma :D

8. This is how you feel about your sex life. I don't know why. But looks like Aran got mutant abilities here too!!

9. This is how you feel toward your first child when you've just given birth, or for the guys, when your wife has given birth. I can see my sister Joyce wouldn't be too accomodating. Next time sure very fierce mother one.

10. The wall represents death. And how you get past it is how you will face it, or overcome it.

Tadahh!! I'm sorry about number 7 :(

Friday, November 03, 2006

Little kitten found.

He came back right outside my door.

I put him on some sheets and hoped he would rest but he made his way over to the crystal salt light thingy on the lowest shelf. He seems okay, very subdued and his eyes keep opening and closing.

I'm not sure what to do but we're taking him to the vet tomorrow.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


I'm hoping that typing can calm me down.

See months ago Ixi had three kittens. Her first pregnancy. In a few weeks after they were born they were peeing and shitting the house and the smell was out of control! So we set up a nice (in retrospect it probably wasnt nice) big box with towels inside for them right outside our front door. Several days went past, maybe a week or so and they are gone. We figured they were either killed by the stray cats in the area or in Heng's opinion; our neighbor Agnes, this burly loud woman, had stolen them out of spite. Both are very likely to have happened. Even the latter.

A month plus ago Ixi gave birth to twins. Fraternal i suppose, a girl and a boy. They are unbelievaly adorable! The girl, Merry, died two weeks ago after she was beat up horribly by other cats. I wasn't around but Heng said he "stroked her till her last breath", I quote. So now only Pippin is left. I was much closer to the girl so that was already quite sad. Then I got attached to the boy. I wasn't in Sunway for a while but I knew he wasn't allowed out of the house so when I came today i was suprised to not to see him in sight. He was always playing with scraps of paper or chasing his own tail. An hour ago I was blasting Justin Timberlake's My love (no shame) when I heard noise outside the door. I ignored it at first but the noise persisted. I opened the door to find Pippin sitting out there staring into space. I tried to pick him up like i usually do pinching the skin behind his neck but i felt bumps and a long scratch along his left side. I carried him into my room and put him on my lap. He figeted and tried to move away. I thought perhaps it was the Justin Timberlake song that was annoying him so I turned it off. I watched as he limped over to a corner and continued to stare at nothing. Slowly his head was bowing.

I panicked and started asking Rachel what to do. Half-laughing she gave me numbers to call. No one answered. So I called Telekom to ask for 24 hour animal clinics. They only had one in Mutiara Damansara. Far. But I called anyway and no answer. Frustrated I called a cab and jotted down addresses Rachel gave me from a 24hour animal clinic website. My typing was incoherent and i remember very many exclamation marks. Pek San and Mun Fye was asking me to calm down while I shouted (caps lock) at them for a solution or some help. Why does these people have to be overseas. I hate it. Fye would have come from SS2 to here in 5 minutes flat.

I put Pippin into a box and waited outside for the cat. It was almost 20 minutes before the catcame and in the 15th minute Pippin was meowing out loud and wriggling to get out of the box. I kept pushing him in telling him he needs to see a doctor. But he was quite fierce so i gathered..maybe he's okay. If he has to energy to fight me he should be fine.

I took the box into the house and then the cab came. I went out to pay the driver and told him I was sorry but i didnt need a cab anymore. I came into the house and THE DAMN BOX WAS EMPTY. THE KITTEN WAS NOWHERE TO BE FOUND!

Only Kenny is home and he doesn't know anything about cats! What if he dies!
Ok tyipng definitely isnt helping.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Personality review bandwagon.

I forgot to say that I have the meanings behind the answers. I'm waiting for the few of you to answer before I reveal it. Answer Jung's one too, that one's good. Teehee. Oh and Joey is forbidden from answering because he's already done this. But i might just reveal his answers because they are too funny! :D

1. You're walking on a road. Describe that road.
: Smooth, no bumps but with a lot of turns.

2. You enter a forest. Describe your surroundings.
: MJ forest!

3. You turn into an animal. What animal is that.
: White tiger.

4. You meet another animal. What animal is that.
: Liger.

5. A house comes into view, describe that house.
: Fairly big cottage.

6. How do you get into the house?
: Open the door and masuk.

7. You see a cup on the table. What sort of cup is it? Eg. glass, ceramic etc.
: Tall glass.

8. You go upstairs and enter a room. Describe the condition of the room.
: Clean but messy.

9. You see someone watching the tv comfortably in the house. Describe how you feel upon seeing the person.
: I'd feel a sense of love for the person.

10. At the back of the house, there is a wall. How do you get past that wall?
: Walk around it.

Because Bloggila reprimanded me..

The other day my sister Joyce was at the 1utama fun fair and she sent me an sms telling me she vomitted. I thought that would be highly unlikely because on long journeys back to mum's hometown I'd be the one dying of motion sickness and puking into longkangs by the highway while she can read a book (she used to read back then) sitting backwards in the car. I was always envious, I always wanted to be able to read on those journeys on road. Anyway I didn't think the rides at the funfair would have that effect on her.

Then when she came home I found out she didnt even go on the rides. She got sick from the loud annoying music. When I was there last year I noticed the horrifying trance-like feng tau they were playing. Given it was of a somewhat melodic tune and very music box sounding, it was still mind-blowing.

A few years ago Joyce said to me, "Ugh i'd never be the type to hang out in clubs and smoke or drink." I humoured her and said yeah probably. But I knew I felt the same way as she did once. Then comes obligations, friends having birthday celebrations in a club and etc and one night you find yourself there and another night you find that its alright. Maybe the same thing might happen to her.

Now I think not. If i can get a headache from hard trance, though i welcome head-banging rock&roll any time of the day.. while she pukes her brains out from fun-fair music. I think clubs would never be okay for her.

And thats A-OKAY by me!

FUCK! I just had to say..

My dad's koi fishes died a few days ago. I can't begin to explain what a tradegy this is. Apart from gardening, my dad has invested great love into these fishes. When we first got our puppy Whiskey, he was about 6 months old when he somehow fell into the pond. Naturally everyone screamed "Whiskey!" or "The puppy!!" but my dad shouted "My fish, my fish!!" and was later worrying about whether they were contaminated with puppy cooties and when I joked about a certain kind of soap that you could wash fishes with, he believed me for about three seconds.

Five years ago he bought them when they were 5 inches in lenght. To date they are a healthy foot and a half long (at least) and they are majestic. Fine enough to enter competitions with next year. But Kakak Siti forgot to turn the generator on or something like that and that fateful morning we woke to my mother's silent tears. My dad's still in Shanghai and has no idea that they are dead. My mother decided to tell him only when he's home. Part of me don't want to be there to witness his agony. With foresight I can imagine my pain as i would be the one he confides in. I'm not ready. I wouldn't know what to say. I don't want to cry!


On a more cheery note, I was telling Mel that the pinkie on my right hand hurts.
Stel: You know like how San drinks tea his pinkie sticks out stiff? (I hope just his pinkie)
Mel: Wah damn "na-pek" right (What a sensitive friend we have here)
Stel: When I type the same thing happens so after a while, quite sore la my pinkie.

So i'll be off.


I had to put Boston Legal on hold and work on my presentation tomorrow. I actually haven't really started on it. Skype is evil and so is Mel. No Mel's not evil today because herself and Miss Rachel Yeng has so generously loaned me, once again, their usernames and passwords to their uni's library database so that I can do some research. Obviously, because my lousy college offers no such service despite the ludicrous fees we pay.

Anyway we ended up answering surveys.

Who would you want to be tied to for 24 hours?
a scoutmaster who is especially good at untying knots.

Who do you blame for your mood today?
melanie loh.

Have you ever seen a dead body?

What should we do with stupid people?

How long do you think you will live?
seeing as my diet takes form of the "aheartattackinayear&spiltovariesinhalf" regimen..

What was the first thing you did this morning?
piss like a racehorse.

The colour of carpet in your bedroom?
the same color as parque, coincidentally.

How many times did you fail your driver's test?
i honestly cannot remember.

Last person you went out to dinner with?
tan guan chiew.

Are you spoiled?
at first i was thinking hell no, then i thought, i'm the technicolor baby yo! ok shoot me.

Do you drink lots of water?
no but i eat a lot of ice cream.

What toothpaste do you use?
whatever's there.

How do you vent your anger?
i turn it into sorrow, then churn it into dark humour.

The last compliment you received?
ooh aran's birthday card! "its not just the clothes, its the attitude. happy birthday to someone who's always known that" :D

Do you look more like your mother or father?
my dad. the eyebush/brows gives it away.

When was the last time you threw up?
23rd oct.

Is your best friend a virgin?
would you like her to murder me?

What theme does your room have?
pastel yellow, not my choice.

Are you a momma's child or a daddy's child?
daddy's girl.

Would you ever join the military?
only as a medic.

The last website you visited?
proquest 5000

Who was the last person you took a picture with?
jung jung bom bom.

What was the last concert you've been to?
minus the bear held a private concert just for me. took place in my dreams.

Last person you went to the movies with?
my sister joyce.

The last person you stared at?
my sister esther singing "ice kacang" with the most creative dance moves ever.

Number of pillows on your bed?

Is anything alive in your room?
what the. i'm not wiccan, there are not life in inanimate objects.

Today, would you rather go back a week or go forward a week?
back a week. have my raya holidays again.

What is your current goal to achieve?
to be able to dance the "ice kacang" as well as esther.

How is your hair?

What is your current worry?
the usual and the petty, student's worries.

Do you have plans for spring break?
i don't make plans.