Thursday, April 06, 2006

60% cliched.

Joseph Arthur - Honey and the Moon.

This song reminds me of the time I spent in West Palm Beach, Florida on the beaches. My friends there had school when I was there so I'd walk to the beach by myself with a book and my discman. I'd dig my feet into the sand, watch the waves while I missed all my friends back home in KL.

Oddly, I listened to Hot Fuss, The Killer's debut album a lot while in Florida. It would follow me everywhere I go hence it would be played in whomever's car I rode in. Navarre was a quiet town, and Indie Rock and Roll seem to add flavor to the town.

I arrived in Navarre after Hurricane Ivan had hit. Although the disaster was mostly in New Orleans I got to see inferior damages the hurricane had caused. Windows were boarded up, roofs panelled with temporary planks, broken trees and branches piled in messy heaps, knolls of sand looking awkward on the roadside, highway and on lawns. Standing in the middle of the street, I gazed at the destruction and tried to picture the land before the hurricane. I could tell it must have been really pretty but I watched the sun set behind the ruins and I thought "God works in his own mysterious ways, and each one is beautiful through and through."

Since there weren't really any trees for me to climb, I climbed the sandhills and sat on top of them. I searched the area where there are broken trees for any sort of nests. Maybe a little beaver's dam since there are branches to spare.

A little bruised and battered we all move on, most times, to greater things.

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