Saturday, April 15, 2006


For the past few weeks the first thing on my mind as I am stirring in bed, waking up from sleep is "What should I cook for lunch/dinner tonight?" And for the past few days the boys have been cooking dinner and its really nice being served. Heng keeps calling me "Kuai Po" (angmoh woman, shit) cause I keep making different kinds of pasta and other western food. It's because I'm new to it! I normally cook chinese dishes.

And its all nice and dandy, thinking of recipes from whatever we have in the pantry. And sometimes I get irritated when there is the ingredient I need and don't have. And most of the time, I'm out of milk and eggs. And its so annoying cause I don't have the time to run out and buy these things again and again.

This morning when I woke up, I felt queasy. Definitely shouldn't be cooking anything oily. I looked through recipes online and felt a wave of nausea as I scanned through recipes with bacon and ham. I think I need something more..wholesome.

So when I woke up a while ago, decided to make Devilled Eggs (haha) for breakfast and maybe some pratha. I know, doesn't go but whatever la I'm not living like a king. For some reason when I got downstairs I felt lazy. Looking at the unwashed dishes and bowls filled with maggi in the sink, I felt even lazier. But I boiled some water and when it was time to put the eggs into the pot, I was too lazy to use a spoon to lay it gently on the bottom of the pot. Instead, I dropped them in one by one. Of course, they cracked.

I couldn't help feeling SO irritated. I watched as the egg whites flowed out of the shell and become water-snakes in the pot. I get even more irritated thinking that the egg white is gonna be all plastic-ky :(

True enough when I went back down to take the eggs of the heat, they look retarded. As in, mutated. It's horrible. My stomach is turning. My throat is dry. I want to give up. I want to cry. I watch an ant strut past on the computer table and my left thigh starts to itch and I just want to scream.

Something is very wrong with me today.

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