Wednesday, April 05, 2006

O bitchy me.

I have been pretty sick the past few days. Not immobile and vomiting but full of phlegm and feverish. Sunday morning I felt the bones in my body ache and a headache on its way. By Sunday night I was cranky and particularly fussy with what I wanted to eat. My boyfriend banned spicy food from my diet and I pouted the whole time he was trying to coax me into eating ‘wan tan noodles’.

Monday morning was a nightmare. I slept through my alarm. He gently rubbed my shoulder, “Baby... wake up. Are you hungry?” And I growled at him. Growled! I felt him instantly pulling back. Usually, when he wakes me up, I’d smile and say good morning darling while rubbing my eyes and then getting up to brush my teeth while making funny faces at the bathroom mirror. But that dreadful Monday morning, I was as grumpy as an irritable chipmunk. I felt a stinging pain in my lower lip and found a gigantic ulcer on that line that connects your lower lip to your gums. Then I started coughing up a storm, phlegm a harmony of white and green. Imagine how difficult I have been the past three days.

Being all pissy I didn’t want to leave the house. All I wanted to do was to stay online to chat with my friends. Imagine being the one nursing me back to health. He hurried out to buy cough syrup, Bonjela, Panadols, and Zantec for my gastric. Every two hours he would force feed me cough syrup while I glowered at him. Every three hours he had to chase me down to apply Bonjela to my ulcer. He even applied salt to it. I screamed inwardly while digging my fingers in to his flesh. He also had to walk out to buy all my meals home at least twice a day. And if that wasn’t bad enough, he had to sit next to me and wheedle me into taking another bite. Most times I wouldn’t finish my food and would snap at him if he persisted in persuading me to eat. All in all, I was being 100% bitchy (albeit suprisingly obedient).

This morning I woke up extra grouchy. I grumbled and griped at the most insignificant things. After hours of clucking and fussing over me(and even bribing me with spicy noodles) to no avail, he left me alone. I sat in a corner with my laptop and frowned the whole time. He looked over at me ever few minutes to see if I was doing better but I continued to scowl.

After a while, I was smiling and laughing at the screen. And every time I did it was as if I remembered that I was in a crabby mood so I immediately turned that smile back upside down. He looked suspicious, and gathered his guts to sit next to me. Suddenly I burst into giggles at something on the screen. He scooted closer and peered at the screen to discover that I’ve been cooing over Karen Cheng’s boys, Callum and Sean. I held his hand and the next hour was spent reading karencheng, chatting, laughing and talking about nothing in particular.

Until I realized, he’s found my soft spot(s). Children, a good read and wit.

My secret obsession for the past three years or so. I would read and re-read her posts over and over again. Sometimes I’d go back to her 2003 or 2004 posts, and re-read everything all over again. She has been exceptionally inspiring.

:: karencheng


anomie said...

Get well soon Stel.

Stella said...

i'm alright ;) just cranky when i wake up. and 8 hours after that :P