Wednesday, April 05, 2006

It must be my heart.

The awesome twosome (Ellie and Pellie) joined Sor Ham and I for dinner tonight. A happy glow fell upon us as Ellie recounted her "settlements" with the bridal gallery. Too bad we're not KMKS-ing tonight, guarantee good trip. Another trip to the set of Mulan please.

Jason's birthday this weekend. The technicolor gang has been allocated a room to themselves thanks to Tyler ;) Guess it's time we moved the magic out of BUS and KMKS and onto a new realm. Mr.Fono, time to go skiing again! :D

Also, it's my baby sister Esther's birthday this Sunday. I'm the party-planner ;) Gotta convince Sor Ham to play the clown to entertain the children.
*dies of cuteness.

The only man so far who could inspire me to sing along to Jeremy Jackson's Right Kind Of Love from Beverly 90210. He's gotta be somethin' ;)

It's been a long time since I've properly "spoken" to Ray and Mel. Though it was on MSN and all three of us stuck in three different states/countries, it felt great nevertheless. I'm fueled once again. I miss you both every day. And everytime you bitch about the weather or the workload, or even mention being homesick, I will say "Come home!" I really can't care less what you would leave behind there. I'm the one left behind. But I know you have not gone on without me. We are still walking the same pace <3

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