Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Are boyfriends like bubblegum to us?

When they lose their sweetness we spit them out.

I could never continue to chew on the same piece of gum after the taste had run out.

Or maybe when we're younger, clad in Bubblegummers (as its name so implies), it was all about the sweetness. And now that we've grown up a little, it's about the fun of chewing. At different phases, our purpose(s) switch.

I'd like to think I'm a little more grown up now.


UnkleBus said...

sooo are you saying at a later stage the purpose of having gum is only to spit it out?

thats why i think mints have an advantage, not only is there less effort involved but it retains the taste till the end. ;)

Stella said...

i guess its how long one can chew on it.

if you're "happy" enough, you can live in willy wonka's world where the sweetness in the gum never runs out.

i never liked anything minty. mentos, smint bla bla. yuck :{P

UnkleBus said...

i wasnt referring to those either ;)


Stella said...

thats so "notti" lor..