Thursday, August 31, 2006

Big booms!

I heard fireworks go off a while ago. I ran out and I was squealing like a kid watching them. (I don't normally squeal, I'm not one of those girly girls)

They were HUGE. Much bigger than the ones in KL because these ones were quite low. They lit up the whole east region of the Sunway sky. We almost went up to Genting because there was fireworks there too but I'm glad I didn't. These ones I'm sure were way cooler, they were so close at one point I thought they were coming right at me. And no, I wasn't on anything.



Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The coolest shots for the coolest dude.

The coolest person I've ever had the honor of being great friends with.

EPPY BERDDAT AWERN! Sorry can't pronounce properly, got your birthday cake in my mouth. Ty, I hope you are enjoying this.

Since we're all for glamour shots. You know how sheep I mean chicks have studio pictures taken? Jung and I did ours ourselves. Cause we think we are hip, happening and hot also you know. HAHAHAHAHA.

Brace yourselves.



Friday, August 25, 2006


I was gonna write this under the previous post but decided it should be a post on its own. Because it's about something very special.

The 1st of September is a very special day, thats when a very special person was born. She is the manager of the Technicolor band, also known as the Good Witch of the North. Oh oh! She's part of the Awesome Twosome!

So on 2nd September its her birthday celebration as well as..


Okay erm gotta go wash my oily fingers, just had another 1/2 can of luncheon meat.

Kang-kung belacan.

Looks like next week is gonna be a busy outing week. I rarely have busy outings week so..

Alex and the others are coming down from Brunei on Monday. On Merdeka Day 12 of us will be having dinner at Seri Angsaka, KL Tower which should be good if I didn't go for the buffet. Cannot make it the buffet. But must convince Ham to take the buffet so I can snake food of his muthafucking plane of a plate :D

On Thursday night we're going to Maison for Alvin's MONSTAA (in his own words) gig. Hip hop don't stop! Jung will be going nuts. I asked Aran to help me book a table and he told me that there were 2 kinds I would want. The VVIP area where the tables on the balcony or the VIP area which is actually more comfortable cause its the sofa area (What sofa, looks more like bed to me). The VVIP..can see everything from up there but then I was thinking, everyone can see you also. Which is NOT good cause this is what happens when my friendly friends from Brunei goes nuts.

Aran said Joachim gave us a table with "COLD aircond and central location". With hindsight, anywhere away from the balcony and the public eye would be ideal. Monkeys. Had to wear their shirts back for them you know. Joanna and I were standing aside staring at the pandemonium, horrified and desperately wanting to go home.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Chronicles of Fat.

I’ve been having a detrimental dependence on luncheon meat since yesterday. Not Spam, not Tulip but the old school orange and light blue can one. Ham made half a can for dinner yesterday and I’ve been hooked since. Two hours after dinner an invisible rope with a noose around my neck tugged me toward to the refrigerator and gleefully I took out the rest of the luncheon meat, sliced them thinly with tender loving care and proceeded to fry them to perfection.

See Ham has this way of making them that they are crunchy but not too crunchy to lose its flavor and absolutely scrumptious.

My first try wasn’t much of a success but it’ll do. Not as crunchy as I would like, a bit squishy in the middle. I grumbled about it and he said “Maybe you didn’t fry them long enough.”

Past midnight, the longing returned. I couldn’t get enough of them salty bastards. I opened another can and sliced half the can. Soon my hair and hands were greasy and my face, well, my face could be the next priority on Bush’s list. But I couldn’t care less. There isn’t anything else as blissful as having good food in your mouth and a good book in your hands. (After cradling a baby of course)

When I got home from class today I felt compelled to fry the leftover luncheon meat in the fridge. I felt I had to, or the world would come to an end. What to do, the fate of the world in my hands, of course sacrifice and eat la right.

Again I carefully sliced them thin and determined to get it right this time I left them in the oil longer than usual. When they were really brown and crispy looking, I removed them from the oil and waited three seconds for them to cool.


Oh my goodness.. it tasted like pure salt, with a dash of sawdust and a pinch of ash. It didn’t lose its flavor; it took on a complete new one. It wasn’t crunchy or crispy, it was burnt. It was metallic on the tongue and gelatinous down the throat. Deep-fried salted floorboards anyone?

Still, had to save the world, so I finished all ten slices like the good girl I am.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Biological lock.

I went to bed at 4am and was gonna get up at 9am for my 10am class. (Eh my drive to Cyberjaya takes at least 20minutes in the jam). But these days I feel my eyes open at 8.30am and realize I have half an hour more to sleep so I just lay there in bed day-dreaming. See usually, when I'm sleeping in Ham's room I'd sleep for much longer than I'm used to. I could sleep up to 8 hours!
The old routine of little sleep kicks in because for the past week, Ham and Nigel has been camped downstairs making good friends with Kung Lau and erm Kong Pow hehe (i think), the characters from Mortal Combat. So I've been sleeping alone. Sleeping alone means going to sleep at 4am and waking up automatically 4 hours later, much like my pre-Ham life.

Anyway, Ham comes into the room at 8am saying "I don't think you can go to school today, Nigel went home with the car." Then he slept next to me. As a result, I slept till 2pm. That's 10 freaking hours of sleep! Now I'm cranky and I feel terrible. My joints are aching and my back hurts. Sleep is bad for health, well my health, and a waste of time. Hmph.

The past 2 weeks before this one, I was suffering from severe gastric and heartburn. I keep eating and eating and stuffing my face each time hoping the gastric wouldn't strike but it does. It wears me out, the sharp pains can be excruciating sometimes and I curl up in a fetal position on the bed and grimace myself to sleep in the afternoons. My dad gave me an assortment of meds and I swallowed them religiously. But nothing would curb the pain. It was horrible. I would sweat from that dull ache, sometimes feel as if I couldn't breathe. Plus I keep burping. All that gas! Thank goodness it wasn't coming out the other end. I kept thinking of this one line from Chaucer's The Pardoner's Prologue and Tale.
But I'm all better now. No pain at all! But the fear for it is still causing me to eat everything in sight.

All hail the small boar!

Monday, August 21, 2006


I dragged myself out of bed at 9.15 for my 10am class.
This class was to be from 10 to 4 with an hour break at noon.
I trudged up the stairs to the 2nd floor and searched for Tutorial 5. Empty.
I crawled up to the 3rd floor and looked high and low for hopefully, another Tutorial 5.
I rounded the block thrice.

Then I crossed 3 blocks to the Faculty to see if maybe this really was another unfortuntate day in this hell-hole.
No changes. I called my lecturer's extention. He's not in. Shit he must be in class and I was half an hour late. Given, he isn't the brightest lecturer but he has always been really nice and I wanted to be punctual for his classes.

I walked back 3 blocks and searched for the class again. The usual students crowding around the smoking area looked on as I passed them huffing and puffing for the 5th time. Sweating like a small pig I stood inside the empty classroom for a full minute seething and wanting to kill someone.

Feeling dejected I gave up and drove Jung and Nina home to our apartment.
I had my lunch and we headed back to school.

I walked up the same wretched stairs to the same wretched class and it's still empty. Desperate I walked back to the Faculty my flip flops flapping hard against the cement. I called my lecturer's extention again and was told he was on leave.

I then walked back to Jung's table. An anonymous person has left a comment on her entry, the one where she mentioned gaining weight. The comment said "hehe..fatty."
Jung: Who the fuck is this?!
Laboo: I came to this hell-hole for nothing. No class from 10 to 4. I could have slept in, went for lunch with ham and Nigel and came at 4. I want to jump off the top floor.
Jung: Come we go together, someone called me a fatty.

But I've walked so much today I've merit myself 1000 Happy Meals and if I see another flight of stairs I might just shoot someone.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Random attempt at a post.

My stay back in Cyber was refreshing. The past months I’ve been living in a house where I’m the only girl with 3 other boys (4 if you count Nigel) so having 6 girls all at once in one apartment was oddly fun. Actually it’s three on the 7th floor and another three of us on the 3rd floor.

We were sitting around in the master and it so happens, Ning, Mal and Ana can do uncanny impersonations of bimbos. It was freaking funny. I was on Jung’s laptop where suddenly they burst into song.

“Here we go, here we go againnnn. You’re telling meeeeeee..that she’s just a friendddddd. But she calls you at threeeee in the morninnnnnnn”
And they would do it in erm mismatched harmony.

“Eh ma gawd guys, I just wanna like, put my shades on and like, walk around. Maybe like, go in the pool or like something. Yuh of course like with ma shades on.”
“Loves it!”
Jung was trying to order Nando’s but the rest was busy singing yet another round of “Here we go, here we go again.”

Jung: Attention please!
Ning: Extention? Did someone say hair extention? That’s hot.
It would go on for another 10 minutes before Ning says “This is tiring..”
And then they all fall asleep for two hours -_-

Damn Jealous.

Rachel's flying to Perth this Wednesday to be with Mel.

I wanna go be with Mel too!! :(
She needs me :(

I need them :(

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Cloud 11.

We were all over the place. Like our mixers there were different colors, different tastes evolving from different parts of the world. There is not much to say about this night, but there was too much to see. I'm still recovering from the the overwhelming blast.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Baby Sis and I

J: Cheee I need to shop for my prom dresssss...
S: Okay I take you, I need clothes too.
J: Yeah. Take Ma's money go buy books right.
S: No I need clothes! Really one la.
J: OMG That is so rare! Coming from you! You really want to shop ah?? WOW.
S: So go settle with Ma..

*ahem* whether i buy books or cds or clothes, i'll let you know. but take a pick. winner gets a little prize.

balance. balance. sigh. sigh.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Soong-guy Wang.

"Me and my boyfriend" hardeeharhar.

Alex and Ian, nutcases.

I almost forgot how good the food is at that chinese place in front of Sungei Wang. Daffy Duck! Donald Duck! The Ugly Duckling! All Ducks go to Heaven. You are all goddamn yummy! I want to eat there again tomorrow. A whole duck for myself. Ham made me weigh myself last night and I'm an astonishing 48kgs! Plus I'm only 5 feet tall so I'm fucking fat! And I'm loving life!


I have no idea why Ham is doing that.
This is Sam. She can watch any horror flick, without flinching once. Respect!
Meet my friend Alex!
Frankie and I go way back. If I was ever around Sungei Wang I'd drop by his shop and we'd spend hours talking, well, gossiping. He's the only person I gossip with. He somehow justifies it. I don't know why but when we do start talking, we could talk about the clouds in the sky to the pavements in New York City.

Three of my friends, Ian, Alex and Khai wanted to get tattoos done so naturally I took them to Frankie. Frankly, it's not really Zoo Body Art that I frequent. It's only to Frankie for piercings and Tiger(ich) for tattoos. Tiger's wife Beth is the sweetest thing. She asked if I wanted her to hold my hand during my phoenix job. Tiger's the only tattoo artist I know who doesn't have any tattoos at all. He's awesome! He hasn't been back in Malaysia for the past year or so and I've been waiting that long to add on my current tatts.
Anyway I'm chilling in Concorde and I wish the Technicolor Gang was here with me :(

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I have a good handful who would eat durians with me on a bright Sunday morning. (Ty this includes you)
Click to listen to my happy song of the week. Prancing around the room in boxers (which aren't mine) has never felt this invigorating. Or maybe I'm in need of a good swim.

My favourite things.

These are some of my favourite things.

These are two of my favourite people. If I was Calvin and she was Hobbes. He would be Susie. Fuck off Susie! And he did. Last night. Suprisingly enough, I shed a tear. The only other person who loves Boston Legal as much as I do. No one else can say "Abang!" and "Bye!" as well as he can.

Dirty laundry.

I'd just read Elle's blog and was reminded about this bar in The Curve, Laundry. I first heard of it last year when Khai Lee and his friend Yuri (together known as Project Bazooka or Bazooka Project. I'm not sure, we spent a good half an hour debating about and I definitely preferred the latter.) I'm a horrible friend and never made it there to any of their open mic shows :( Sorry Khai Lee, but you're always in and out of the country I can't keep track!

I hate to say this, but I'm glad I didn't. Despite the hooha about the place, I've heard two horrifying accounts of peoples' visits there and it's enough for me never to step foot in the place. A group of younger boys and girls, a group of 10 probably were there and asked for another table because duh, how can you fit 10 on a small table. And frankly they thought they would merit another table without any hesitations as a few of them have had worked for the same manager at that Italiannies, One Utama. Instead that same manager said "Why don't you all just fuck off! You all are only 18, I don't want your ice lemon tea and coke business!" And when they told the owner she somehow dismissed them.

Niama. Now these people aren't even my own friends but that's besides that point. What kind of fucked up ethics is that.

To my friends who goes there :) I love you all, so no offence. Don't invite me if you're going. Until that specific person is fired from that place, God knows what I would say when I'm there.