Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Unmasked at Maison.

It's been a while since I took notice of my tattoo. It's been there so long sometimes I forget that I've always "had it on." Photo taken by Tyler, edited by Aran.

Ham, Aran & Tyler. Sorry ah, supporting roles smaller sized pictures :D

That's Cameron & Andrea. Liza's hidden.The humongo Long Island Tea. Definitely played a main role. That's Victor's shirt. That's our 3rd Long Island for the night. Courtesy of Vic's mom ;) She's the one holding a straw in one hand. Ever-ready!

Cho's a friend of Ham's from high school. She an identical twin. Well represented.

Tyler, Aran and I went a little crazy with Aran's Lumix. This is the first official time I had fun with a camera in my hands.


Put Tyler and Aran together and Stel becomes the head and butt of every joke. Hey did you know Tyler can play the bass and the tamborine? And Aran the air-geet-tah.

The big fat love.

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