Saturday, November 17, 2007

This might just be goodbye.

I shouldn't have a blog.

I started one because I was once sad and angry and I needed to vent so that I wouldn't go out and commit murder. I wrote and wrote in anger in pain and with sorrow.

Now that I'm perfectly happy and carefree it seems quite pointless to keep this running. Happy shiny nonsense of mine shouldn't be taking up internet space or whatever you call it. It's just not me I feel.

I looked back at my posts for the past year and even the year before and I'm like what is all this nonsense! What the hell am I going on about. It's just nonsense for the sake of keeping something dead alive. Pointless.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Domestic huh.

Look what Rachel got me from Melbourne! So cool, on the far left its a microwavable egg boiler! You can make instant half or hard boiled eggs! In the middle its tis cup and spoon thing where you can eat eggs out of and on the right its a spatula and pan for frying eggs! She also bought me an apron, which I've mentioned I wanted and she got it in my favourite color (green) and favourite pattern (polka dots). Whee!

She uh made me try it on.

Of babies and such.

So I was out Sunday afternoon with 2 very very cool guys. I've met like 10 cool guys my entire life so yeah this was a treat haha.

Zhao Kun and I had lunch at Oriental Cravings and when Jon came by we went for dessert at Delicious. Jon and desserts come together I don't know why. Only thing is he always goes for these weird desserts whereas I always go for the usual chocolatey stuff so I think we make a good dessert team.

Jon's my oldest guy friend, in case I haven't already mentioned it before. He's also this person who has shaped a lot of who I am and I don't know, he's just special. Anyway, he told me to blog about him and ZK yakking away about hm was it New Zealand or football? Could be the All Blacks. (Told you I'd forget)

After 1utama, Zhao Kun took me back to his house to see his newborn nephew! He knows I love babies and since we were young and when ZK had told me that he wanted to be a doctor I've always said "Peads! Peads!" and guess what, he's almost done with GP thingy and will most probably go into Peads! Peads! Haha. Okay anyway.

This is Rian Kye Friedmann!

The pictures above was when he was about 2 weeks old. The pictures below are from his full-moon party. His features changed a little bit its so cool!

Uncle Zhao Kun. So fitting la this title haha. ZK and I were pretty close friends since I was 13 or 14. And one of the things we'd always talk about was children. Not having them together or anything but just having them and how they think and how they can suprise you.

I can't wait to be a mom.

Saturday, November 03, 2007


Had bad bad gastric the past couple of days. I've had gastric pains many times but this time the pain aws ten-fold and I almost wished I was dead. Was rushed to the hospital and had 11 needles poked into me but in the end the doctor couldnt help because I didn't want to be admitted. Ham nursed me back to health so I'm better now and can actually face the computer screen. Spent 3 days in a fetal position not even having the energy to get up and pee.

Since the events of late has not been pleasant for me, I shall fish out old photos from other ppl's cameras. Here's one of the other times we went up to Genting.

Our friends Khai Lik and his girlfriend Angel came down to visit so as per usual he has to try his luck at the Casino and the rest went up for the uh nice weather.
Joanna and I in the elevator.
Ham looks damn funny here. Wtf happened to his hair! That's our friend Khai.

That's right! Converse! This is Hafiz, Ham's closest friend.

This is Paul, we picked him up from the street side and he has proved himself very useful. I won't say for what :D
Jo and I.
Awang, Hafiz, Khai, Ham, Paul.
Yaty, Me, Jo.
O well, boring shit. Bye.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Day Trip

I only have a few pictures of Global Gathering. I feel like I missed the whole thing because I didnt get to meet up with the Technicolors. Was supposed to be sent to their bungalow before the rave but things popped up and Ham got sick and the whole thing was just a failure to me :(

A couple of days before the rave Ham was working on the Coke Zero shoot in Genting. He was there for a couple of days so Nigel took me up one of the days. Khai came with us so that he can gamble and win 3k only to lose it back later hah.

I went to Starbucks cause I wanted to use their wireless but their server was down. My new laptop looks nice huh!! That's Nigel by the way. Ham's part-time housemate. They are a lot like brothers because well because they basically do everything together when he's living with Ham. Ham nags him a lot too sigh. He's coming by to have his sleepovers with Ham again HAHA.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


1. Ham is very sick :( His fever is up to 101 :(

2. I didn't get to be with the awesome twesome at GG.

3. I had shit all over me. (yes, because the sewer was next to the rave)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Elle, the tarot cards! New residence!

Ham and I went to look at this Semi-D his uncle built. His step-dad and him are planning to share and buy the house together. It's beautiful!! The pictures are mixed up though some are from the link houses which are smaller. The pictures with furniture are pictures of the link houses whereas the empy ones are the semi-d which Ham is most likely gonna buy. YAY! His uncle, who is the Tan (and Ham is also a Tan) owns Tanmind Jaya and they've built bungalows and semi-ds in Kajang, Puchong, Cheras, Subang and goodness knows where else so we've actually quite a few choices since his uncle will probably give a nice discount :D but we are quite set on this house. Nice not!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Killjoy Oo

I love my sister.

She calls me Killjoy Oo.

Her name in my phone is Fatty Oo hope she knows that!

Ugh someone needs to help me with my template or banner or whatever its called. Blogger changes my things without asking me! I want to link people wei. Ugh. Ugh.


Andrea and Cameron NG!

Tyler NG and Rowena!

All the girls changing their surnames to Ngs! :P


Hello Mrs Ng!

(pictures are at


been too busy after the break-in. sigh. but there's no time to be sad because too many happy things are happening! got my new laptop, its green!! and uh, back to work.