Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Ms. Know-it-all

Ham and I were having dinner in my parent's house while Esther my youngest sister of 9 was sitting opposite us working on her sums.

Me: Whats your homework on?

Esther: Divide. You sure dunno how to do one la, mama says your math not so good.

Me: What! Do you even know what a Teoram Pitagoras is yet!?

Esther: I know. It's a dinasaur la.

OH MY. They call her my mini-me.


Elle Ashley said...

Teoram wut? Haha... Yeah I think Ur sis is right... Dinasaur la ;)

Stella said...

its a mathematical formula :P

hahah but her answer was damn cool. she was sooo confident.

hEeJuNg said...

she said that? hahahhahaha

damn cute!

Stella said...

hahahaha yeahla! she said it like she was SO sure its a dinasaur.

ezra said...

Wasn't it something like Pythagoras Theorem? Teoram Pitagoras sounds like the name of the kacang puteh fella who had a greek granduncle.

Ms M&C said...

hahahah when she's big dy, going to be damn cheeky lor

Stella said...

ez: i spelt it in malay. cause i learnt it in malay.

m&c: imagine if you were gonna teach a whole class full of kids like her :D