Friday, April 07, 2006

Broke the sword.

My two favourite girls over the seas. I'd name my children after the two of you but it would get super confusing when we are playing mahjong and I'd go "Melanieeeeee! Please don't touch that vase. Mommy knows it looks nice. Nice doesn't mean you have to touch it."

Or, "Rachel! Don't eat mommy's acrylics!!"

Kim and I (the responsible ones) are here in our homeland where we can have authentic nasi lemak and swiss rolls with kaya.

While I was blogging about this I was telling Josh about how much I miss them and how busy Kim has been. And asked him if he had anything to add,

"These four girls are a living breathing stock photo, a girl group without the singing ability - but all of the sass, attitude, and characteristic perfection. although they vary in size, the smallest being Melanie, and the largest being Kim, and in boob size, the friendship between these girls over the years is nothing short of remarkable. The grouping defies the odds. usually got at least one annoying one. but even melanie's constant complaining is endearing, stella's bluntness is refreshing, kim's ambitions are respectable and realistic, and rachel's er...i don't know enough to comment. but arthur is lucky."

Wokay.. I wouldn't say I agree with everything he said otherwise I would have posted all of what he said. The rest of it were very flattering but unfortunately not very true Josh.

Rayyy..come home.. lottery..

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