Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Kimmy if you are reading this I don't have my handphone with me so I can't call you and I panicked and I can't meet you for lunch after all because I don't even know where your workplace is and how am gonna find you! I used to have your number memorized but now I can only remember the first three and last four numbers. I randomly inserted numbers in between and got a very rude chinaman who was sprouting profanities at me at my 3rd call to him. The other lady couldn't speak English.

I'm so sorry! I will call you as soon as I get my phone!


kimfluttersby said...

woman you are sooo cute. :P i understand.. i just guessed that u had a late night and as usual slept when ppl were abt to wake up. :P hehe.... it's ok we'll do it another time k? plus i'm thankful that you're willing to come by this side... we all know how tough it is for me without a car. sigh. soon.. in a few mths, ill be driving.

Stella said...

hehe yay at least we met for lunch today. will come see you again soon! ;)