Monday, January 29, 2007

Lights on.

The impact was a mixture of the predicted and the unexpected. My investment fell through the floor as people turned on themselves.

Shit I can't write about the mundane. The little and meek writing I know is of the pain, sorrow and maybe anger. I sit here and rack my brain for a string of semi-interesting sentiments and my mind is blank. The kind of blank where its not that you're forgetting something, but your mind is not allowing you to remember. It's a thicker, dumber blank. Like trying to run underwater in a dream.

It's good to know that i can block out the memories; repress them, whatever. I've been 'Freudish' lately thanks to that chapter "Freud goes to California".

It's good that I can no longer belt out about the times. The times like when I wake up next morning curled on the bathroom floor, my head resting on a balled-up towel. When i stand up, i bring my hand to touch my arm where it had been in contact with the floor and my arm is cold, like a dead person.

Okay..looks like if i ventured on a little more, they do appear in the dark. Like a Joan Didion book. I'd walked into MPH for the 114th time asking for Burrough's Possible Side-Effects but end up with something else. But it wasn't the Joan Didion; close though, I wasn't feeling myself.

Until I bought the The Mammoth Book of War Correspondents.

I already have The Mammoth Book of True War Stories. Now all I need is the The Mammoth books of Historial Whodunnits and I'm like a pre-teen with her new magazines for the month. Short non-fiction stories can be just a good as the long ones o.O

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Lychee Talk.

Mambo was fun-ish. Though most of the fun was in Terrace Bar. Remember i said i don't want tp drink anymore alcohol cause it doesn't taste good? Nemind la drink only la nothing better to do.

We are going to Maison tomorrow. Ray doesn't want to go because, and this is according to her that there are too many kids there. Kids she says. Anyhoo I haven't danced in a while and i want to.

I love my friends, those who were there and those who weren't. You fat and colorful people know who i'm talking about teeheehee.
Sounds so cheesy but if you met my gorgeous kind loving and giving friends you'll know whati'm talking about.

Look through me and see that my psyche is wedged in between theory and practice. I never quite lived up to everything I believe in. But I seem to understand that time has passed, that I am someone else now. Someone who is very much like what I was except.. back then i was strange. Now everything that made me strange has given me a family. They say blood is thicker than water. I say thats bullshit. Family is who you choose. My friends fills this cavity of who i am and who i want to be. I have done nothing to merit this love.. and this is what i believe is salvation.

Okeyyy I'm rambling and i think i might need to throw up. Bai!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Technicolors at the fount-tannn

A bunch of the Technicolors were at Seb Fountain last Friday, hehe can't help it. Got stuck with me since a year plus ago when Terence kept repeating Seb Fountain Seb Fountain. Terence who by the way spun a really good warm up set for Mr. Fountain. I don't know nuts about dance music but it definitely sounded good to my ears.
Tyler uploaded the pics on his multiply and I being a multiply photos leech of course nicked them and is postnig them here :D
Anyway my favourite picture of the night.
Hehe I think I give her that expression quitee often.

Mel and I with Andre! I swore his shirt was blue inside Zouk.

The ELs are back in action! Stel, Elle, Mel.

THe hell is wrong with my face?!

Happy! happy! happy?Eh I really didn't know lor. Otherwise I would have "pan" cute also hehe.

I MUST keep this picture forever. Bunny ears from Elle while my twin and i are being our usual selves.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Today today

This morning I got up extra early because we were to paint Ham's new house in Tanming Jaya. Rachel was really excited about it and even stayed home the night before so she could harvest energy for our project. Painting in whatever form, is always a treat.

She picks me up and we went for lunch. Then we chose paint together with Ham, Heng and Victor. Then we brought everything to the house and it started pouring. We ran like monkeys into the house and began vacuuming and cleaning the master bedroom.

See this house has been empty for a decade. No one has lived in this house for 10 years. We checked the furniture and chucked out whatever was unncessary. While cleaning Ray screamed. I thought, probably a cockroach. Then she screamed again, "Rats!" Half in disbelief (because she said rats, shit, plural, shit more than one) I walked over to where she was to see if there really were rats.

There were. Small ones. 2 maybe 3 inches long. I flinched and as i was about to yank her out of the room Heng came running in with a plastic broom going "Where?! WHERE?!"
Ray and i grabbed our bags and ran for it. In a couple of minutes she decided that she cannot stay. In that couple of minutes I nagged Ham about getting an exterminator AND calling them pest control people... YOU KNOW WHAT I WAS DOING I was crouching over rat dropping while lining the newspapers. Thinking they were i dont know something else we vacuumed it up. UGH.

Altogether there were 5 rats. Small ones. Imagine where the parents are. If there were 5 on the bed, this house is a freaking rat shack!
So we left, running in the rain with t-shirts over our head.

We drove back to Rachel's house; showered, ate and watched The Island. I was just about to take a nap because the night before I stupidly went to Mambo knowing I had a full tiring day the next day. Although we didn't do much I was damn tired. But Fye and Rachel had a Driving Range date and guess who got to be Little Miss Chirpy cheering them on. "Wow! Damn kau lousy that shot. Still wanna play ah?! Just give up now la"

After that we went to Pizza Uno, the only pizzas I eat in Malaysia, or in the world maybe. The only pizza i eat here is the one we make ourselves. Always: salami, pepperoni, anchovies and extra enchovies. ITS THE BOMB! I LOVE IT!

On the way home I felt really carsick and it was quite a long ride too so now that i'm home i'm actually very "vomittish" (as my dear sister Joyce would say) and its not a good feeling. I don't like to go to bed feeling vomittish. I'd rather sleep feelnig unvomittish. So i'm sitting here unsuccessfully recounting my day. Sorry if i sound choppy but i can barely string two thoughts together.

I'm just yakking yakking and yay, two fatties are online. Bye.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


The last post had "bugs". Am i right Ty? IT jargon or something, "bugs".

So anyway since I managed to get more pictures off Mel's multiply.

This is Mel's family. Her hubby is the charming one holding the ciggarette while the drunk one is his twin sister. I happened to be haha the evil spawn of man with the ciggarette while the guy in the middle is my half-brother from a different mother. The fella with the erm hat is Mel's brother while Chuan in grey stripes is her distant cousin. Together we are one sick group. But wait, I haven't told the Wizard of Oz story.

Oh and if you were a friend of mine I trust you would have met the enchanting Tyler Ng. Resident Setan slash the best friend anyone could wish for. See that face? He actually does it quite often, without realizing it.

Aran, the coolest dude. Really i mean, do you know any other guys who can pull off Dorothy?

I literally cannot live without them two. Without either I would have never lived to see today. You've saved my life and Mel has turned me into a Drama Queen.

Sometimes I just want to give Fye a hug and a medal.

Sometimes I want to kill her, most times I would kill for her. Sometimes he wants to kill me, other times he just lets me live.

The three legs of the tripod. When one falls, the others hover.

The halo and the horns. Love you both!

If I don't see them+AwesomeTwosome+Usualsuspects for a fortnight, I feel as if somethign is terrbly missing from my life.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Hapi Nu Year!

At midnight I got struck with streamers. I then hugged my loved ones. 2 minutes later I had faux snow in my left eye. White gunk in my eye!

All fair's in love, war and party streamers! I got my hands on 2 bottles but both were empty. But having the bottle in hand was good enough, as long as I hold both up in a threatening pose people stayed away. But not for long before they figure it out and I got blasted again -_-

We were upstairs of Zouk at the Recharge area leaning over and watching people on the dance floor. Rachel had a few too many sips of Long Island, Vodka Ribena, Screwdriver and whiskeycoke. Her behavior was an exaggerated version of normal. She was lolling about on the couch and while several people was fussing about her I popped my head in and she said "Hi Stel! I love you!" Then I asked her "Do you wanna go throw up in the toilet?" "NoooOoo. *giggles*"

"Okay then do you want a wedge of lime to suck on?" "Noooo. Hehehe." Siao.
"Do you wanna go get something to eat?? And she shook her head still smiling.
"Do you want me to throw you onto the dance floor?"
"YES! Hehehehehehe."

I tell you, that woman is nuts.

I missed the technicolor gang. I hope you guys were having a blast! I'll see you soon!!