Monday, August 06, 2007

When we remember Zion

I spend my weekends with my Dad. And recently, on Saturdays I've been joining him and his friends, Uncle Steven and Uncle Vincent for lunch. A long lunch stretched over peking duck, dim sum and of course, hokkien mee with exxtra fried pork lard. We're usually at Oriental Pavilion Jaya 33 for abour 3 hours or so with 3785 refills into the teapot. Sometimes another uncle joins, sometimes not. It can be quite enjoyable, chatting with my dad, debating with the uncles.

Uncle V sometimes prints out absurd emails of his about our government and its slander right left and centre. Sure bits and parts are true but its stretched to the point of nonsense. My dad would tell him that its depressing to read even though its mostly untrue while I nod my head vigorously. One of them said something quite funny yesterday, "It's not that I'm scared of my wife, its my wife not scared of me..Ok??" Hahaha he said it in hokkien. I laughed I couldn't help it.

The night before that, Friday night, my Dad and I went for durians with Uncle Steven, Ah Yi and some of my cousins. Uncle Steven recently suffered a "slipped disc". So him and my dad (arm injury) can't play badminton for a while. Which is their favouriteee thing to do. Anyway, Uncle Steven has to wear this back brace for a while, for his lower back. It's brown and its huge. When I got to the durian place, he was wearing it. Only he was wearing it on the outside of his shirt! My dad told him it looked like he was wearing a girdle o.O My aunt then told us he was wearing it the same way when they were out for lunch and some ladies were glancing at him as they were waiting their table. Uncle Steven loudly said that if they wanna look they should look straight at him and not glance here glance there. My aunt then told him he must have wanted more of that attention thats why he's wearing it on the outside again. He huffed, and then pulled his shirt over the brace. His son Jian Hwa said " Aiya, just take a piece of paper, write there Slipped Disc, No need to ask! and stick it on your brace."

HAHAHAHHA. Anyway, my dad secretly went to play badminton. I woke up today at 10am and saw him, well caught him, creeping into the house in his badminton gear, "Did you play??"

"Yeah! My arm's better already, I can smash and everything...But uh, I sprained my ankle a little bit" and pointed at his bandaged ankle that I didn't notice before.

What is this..

Cassie's being really demanding. Everytime I get on the computer for more than 15 minutes she'll start trying to scramble up onto my lap, and then wanting to get down, then staring at me, and just distracting me. I just groomed her yesterday and already today she looks like fried chicken.

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