Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I got tagged!

I've always seen the word around, tag. But never knew what it was till today. Yeah I'm stupid like that.

Anyway, before the tagging thingy.. We went to Cowboy and it was closed! Ham was so sad! So we decided to try Boathouse which Ray said, I have to try the beef burger there. But steak trumps burger so I had this bleu cheese and black pepper steak. The lady said "Oh this one's different, quite special." So I was all excited to try it but when it came, it wasn't bleu cheese and black pepper mixed. It's cheese on one side and black pepper on the other. It was yum anyway.
Steaks never keeps me full. I came home and had nasi kandar with fried chicken and sotong two hours later.

So okay, tagging thingy.
We're supposed to talk about our ambitions. Or at least, what they were.

Detective (higher ranking than a cop ok)
Oooh I've wanted to be a detective for the longest time! All throughout primary school. My friend Candice and I always talked about cases we would solve and stuff. I think its because we read a lot of Nancy Drew and Famous Five books. I wanted to be a detective all the way until I started reading newspapers and watched Kisah Benar.

I've always wanted to teach. At first it was because it is an honourable occupation. How clever teachers are to know these things and could answer my questions (well some of them) But lately it's because I love kids! I do teach a little here and there.
First I tutored some kids and it was good pay, RM25/hour. But then it all got a little hectic and I my A2 exams were coming so that stopped. After that I gave night tutoring to Korean kids, all 22 in one class. They're 8 to 12 so the drama between the girls had already started so.. I didnt like the job that much. I used art to teach them about harmony and how people, just like colors work better when united. (Long story) It didn't work, maybe cause I didnt believe what I was saying haha. Though..they did pay me RM600 a month for 2 hours of tutoring a week.
During my past holidays I worked part-time in Peter and Jane. They threw me in "the deep end", or so they said. Three year olds. I was Miss Stella to Class Yellow. I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT. Even though there was a kid who cried till he threw up every morning, a kid whose mom has to sit there all day while he weeps and you know, more vomit. Even so, I love every single one of them. I have so many stories to tell. I yakked about it nonstop, Ham was going cuckoo cause after a while I kept repeating the same stories.
They were going to pay me 1200 a month full time from 8 to 4 but I decided to do it voluntarily. After all I'm not qualified in Early Education. So this kindergarten thing is something I'm definitely looking into.

Why?! Why?! I like(d) debating and arguing so I thought being a lawyer would be fun. I was in primary school, probably had to do with the detective thing. I thought, If I know the law well enough I'm gold! I can get out of any situation and put people in situations! Bullshit made my parents so happy I had to do Pre-Law in A-levels. I knew I didn't want to be a lawyer but it turned out my best subject. Bye bye Queen Midas.

Art Restorer/Painter
I love painting. I discovered it in Form 4, late I know but I was nuts about it. I was painting all the time. But it was the one thing that my parents were unhappy about. The art I love isn't digital, isn't photography or anything semi-practical like that. I am a copier. I look at something in a book and replicate it. I go weak at the knees when I see a beautiful scenery that I can copy. Also if I restore paintings, that means I get to touch paintings from Renaissence! But uh, no hope of that here and since I was young my parents' biggest fear is that I will move overseas. So..slowly my parents discouraged me, got rid of my paints and somehow I don't want to like painting anymore. I picked up a brush a year ago, it felt strangely familiar and wrong. Like being caught in the act of something shameful.

Professional Skateboarder.
Ok, so I wasn't good at tricks. But I am damn fast yo. I used a gravity board and it had this little speedometer in the front. I was fast. I ran into a bus once, but it wasn't moving. I've had stitches, dislocated knees, bloody knees, bloody palms, bloody hair, fractures and whatever but the most painful skateboarding experience was when I was running downhill after my board when it hit a car tyre at full speed, bounced backwards off it and hit me full force in the shin. I think I had a hairline fracture, because the last time I felt that kind of pain, it was a fracture but I was too scared to tell my parents again so I limped for 2 weeks. I saw the exact same thing happen to my friend and I made the same mistake. I love Bob Burnquist because he is good-looking and I loved Chad Muska's 26 steps so I tried it and a piece of flesh from my finger came out cause the railing was rusted and busted in a few places. I used to wear torn jeans and black cons everyday, and listen to what they call "noisy music"; some people called me a lesbian. Yep, thats what you get for skateboarding in Malaysia they call you a lesbian. Also because I never dated in high school and thought high school love are for insecure saps. I rather be a dyke than be stupid :) I didn't date but I had my fair share of making boys do stupid things so somehow although the first time I held hands with a boy and kissed a boy was in college, I was either an Icequeen or a slut. The world and all the teenagers in it are warped. Why are people stupid.

I studied Advertising and PR. People tell me I'm perfect for the job. WHY?! I dislike more things than I like things! How can I romantisize things that I hate. If I have to work with Nike how? Or Esso? Or McDonalds or KFC? They are all criminals! Opportunists with no principles! If I go into advertising I might end up a criminal too, for grevious bodily harm! I sure whack people one haha. Somemore this kind of field where you have to layan people sometimes and the girls are all one-kind. How! I sure cannot stand one. Look at me and Mel! I almost killed her! :)

Okay, so I didn't stick to the topic. I'm a stoner, I can't ride my own train of thought.


sukyee said...

People say you're good because they think you have talent. There's nothing wrong with earning a living by doing what you're good at. Of course we all want to do what we love but it's a privillage.

Stella said...

i'm talenting in free-falling :D

Kim said...

yoú're best doing what you love to do best....kindergarten teacher? hehe... open up a kindergarten or something... OR a writer.

Stella said...

i'm definitely gonna start my own kindergarten!

Anonymous said...

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