Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Legs to beat the ground, and our hearts to beat the band

After a shower Cassie would look damn good. But after 5 minutes of play with Sexy, gone la she'd look like a wild puppy possibly a stray. Like in these pictures. They would tumble and bite each other to no end and Cassie would emerge covered in saliva and her fur like chicken feathers. Somehow she's not photogenic la. She hardly looks nice in pictures but the real crazy cute!! Cute until can die why why la the pictures doesn't show. Doesn't even show 5% of her actual cuteness.

I've been making cheesecakes the past 2 weekends. Damn nice lor if I say so myself.

These past weeks I've also been seeing more of Ham's friends Darren and Dwayne, along with their girlfriends Su Ann and Michelle. I got along with the girls! Stella made new friends :D Ham's usually the friend you have to beg and plead before he'd agree to go out so..even though we've been dating for almost a year and a half I've only seen his friends in a complete group a handful of times.

I miss my own ones. My colorful colorful space people!

I'm gonna post more nonsense pictures before posting my shit/choclate ones (I've been saving them!). To achieve balance. Heheh
My sister did my nails. I like!

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