Monday, August 13, 2007

My little secret.

I know people say "Life is too short to read shitty books."

But I've read a fair few of books I wouldn't pay money for.
I've read maybe 6 books of Marian Keys and all of Sophie Kinsella's.
Also, I've read all of Jane Green's books. A few of Nicholas Spark's, Sidney Sheldon and several other authors I walk past in the bookstore. But when my sister buys them, or when I see them in people's houses I pick it up and finish it. And then, to my horror, I started to borrow a few when I'm at Walk In Rent a Book. Given, their non-fiction section is made up of 30 books which most I've read so..not being able to afford books I borrow from other sections. My dad stopped buying me books on military history and warfare for 2 years because apparently, it was making me an angry person.

Anyway, chick lit.
Especially! When it's about babies. Jane Green had this one called Babyville. That was the first chick lit book I read. Then there was this other one about different couples, some trying to have kids some with kids and how they coped with their partners and their babies and baby baby everything! I liked! I also liked Anybody Out There by Marian Keys o.O

Chick lit. OMG.
What has become of me la, buying meat and vegetables from the wet market at 7am and once, I was tempted to read a female beauty magazine. I saw it when I was getting my hair cut and instead of picking up my usual Master Q comics, I almost..almost picked up Vogue or something.

I am rock and roll! I skateboard, I have stitches! I hate pink! I hate sparkly things! My dad wanted to change my name to Scott! I hated wearing skirts! Certain friends still snigger and laugh when they see me in one now.

So ok la, life's too short to be too critical of everything. I plan to age gracefully and if it means reading flimsy chick lit I'll do it.

I also come up with reasons to justify things I am ashamed of doing.

I was bored and asked Ham what I should do and he said "Blog about one of your secrets. "

"What secrets! What secrets! I don't have secrets!"

"How bout the time you surfed that hollywood gossip page and was telling me random useless infomation."

Fuck man that was just ONCE and I was so bored and I saw the link and discovered that Britney already has 2 kids. He's gonna remember it forever.

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