Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Venus, hardeeharhar

Last night, I went to a night club! Venus, somewhere in Sg Chua. Joanna and I have never been to a shady night club so we decided to go. I bugged Ham and he called his friends who has friends who frequent the place.

We got a big 20 seater room with moderately comfortable couches. I was quite excited to see the "girls" in action but erm they were quite irritating in their high-pitched, extremely loud cutesy China accent. They kept screaming and yelping with the guys. The guys asked them to leave after 20 minutes hehe.

At first it was pretty fun, singing and listening to others sing.

But later in the night, some of the guys played some trance music which was realllly crap. Imagine Safri Duo remixed with some ah beng dude's voice talking in between. It got so bad Jo and I went outside to escape for a while.

It'll probably be my first and last time.

Anyway, this is one of the rare occasions pictures were taken.

Me sleeping cause it was past my bedtime with Jo and Hafiz.

Hafiz and Jo. Hafiz is back from Perth for good! He's now working in True Fitness in Hartamas and is pestering Ham to work out -_- me don't like muscles. No mus-kels!

Victor and Leong. They are both fathers to adorable adorable kids.

Jourdang made his special appearance. I loveeee this expression on his face.

Ham and his best friend Hafiz. Victor pulled a prank and called a girl for Hafiz. He glared at Victor after giving a feeble smile to the chick and asked her to leave. Damn tiu these guys.

Ham and I!
Erm, not sure what Ham was doing here.
Hello everyone!
Ok bye!

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