Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Back to school.

Back to school, back to school, to prove to Dad that I'm not a fool..
Adam Sandler in one of my all-time favourite movies, Billy Madison!

I used to recite lines from that movie day after day. Till it kinda got on ppl's nerves, so I did it even more until it wore out heh.

So Fye didn't come home for the holidays and I miss him like mad. 8 years of annoying me and I still can't get enough. San didn't come home either, so now I just hate them both.

But Tigger came back! I met Tiger and GG (George) one night and we were hanging out in the park haha like we used to for years and GG was munching on this chocolate bar. Only it wasn't any ordinary chocolate, it was some health chocolate thing.

"Mahai 15bucks and taste like shit," GG said. He tossed it somewhere and we all continued talking when suddenly I saw something that looks exactly like a piece of stool, on the bench opposite ours. Long piece some more complete with creases and what nots.

"Is that shit?!"
Tiger looked over and laughed and laughed.
Stupid GG scrunched up his lousy chocolate and left it on the bench. I'm dead serious, it looked like shit. Then Tiger decided to pick up the shit, and put it on the swing.

GG and I took pictures with it. Freaking funny. No one's ever gonna use that swing again we said! Damn tiu right I can be so evil. I will definitely post the pictures up when Tiger sends it to me. Classic! Fye will so miss home when he sees it.


sukyee said...

Reminds me of the lifeguard who threw chocolate bars in the pool so nobody would dare to swim inside. That was damn funny.

Which also reminds me that the last time I shared a story here, it involved shit as well.

Stella said...

hahaha earth's full of it anyway

fye said...

if i were there, i'll prolly do something with that shit that'll earn me a one way ticket to hell for good...

Stella said...

you already have your season pass la. kam fu yan fu.