Sunday, August 19, 2007

Have an apple, have some lye..

I lost my phone USB cable thingy right, but then today I realized, my mom has the same phone! (My parents also uses the same message tone as I -_- So when Bob Marley's Don't worry be happy comes on all three of us move) And she definitely doesn't use the thingamajigs. So I took hers :D

Yay there are cool pictures to see! Can upload the shit/chocolate pictures! I wanna upload these videos of Cassie. But first I gotta find out how and I'm guessing it'll take me a while -_-
So here's some pictures of Langkawi from my phone.

Ham and I! Bangun pagiii gosok gigiii

One can of that and I was spinning and spinning (the Heineken). No more! I don't know why I bought that vodka thing apart from it being peach flavored there's no other redeeming quality. When I used to drink.. vodka tasted the worst! Smell and taste like rats saturated in detergent. I drank half of that though and made Ham drink the other half. He agrees with me, got cockroach inside. All vodka is made from cockroach pee. Ok, I need to make up my mind about the contents of vodka. Brown liquor used to rock. Whiskey la everyone. Eh that can of beer RM3.10 only :D

Krys at Rasa. Rachel took this picture and said my phone picture quality sucks. You just don't know how to use it la. Look at the other pictures -_-

View of Babe from the bed. I like!

Okay so this picture isn't from Langkawi. This was in Rachel's room. Dunno when. He's so adorable! msikgn494jgmn309902n2777ion!!!


Jung said...

ahhhhhhhhahahaha i like that picture of kong!! hahaha berry noice la!

Stella said...

must find a way to put it on his friendster..

ooh no i can put it on facebook! hehehhe