Saturday, August 18, 2007

Cassie infiltrates.

Cassie's favourite spot in my house is under the couch.
Everyday I'd lie down on my stomach on the floor next to her and hold her hand while she sleeps. My parents think it's a little abnormal.
Last night Joanna slept over so we put a mattress on the floor for Ham :D
But Cassie took over so I lied down on the mattress and stared at her for a good one hour.
She kept moving away from me cause I'd put my nose right in front of her and grin at her.
Everytime she moved I'd move also to face her. Ham sat next to me and stroked her. When she moved he'd move her to face me saying "Baby girll mommy wants to look at you" :D

Ham says he's becoming more like me cause he's starting to talk to her in a baby voice.
He damn bad lor. Whenever Cassie is under the bed and we wanna get her out I'd call and say "Cassieee Cassieee mommy hereeee come come mommy hereee."
Ham mimiced me using a high-pitched annoying voice. All complete with the gestures except he made it extra gedik. He calls her "baby girlll" haha so pondan.
Sexy is so fat her head looks too small for her body. Sounds like someone we know :P

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