Friday, August 24, 2007

Most of us are sad, but I'm not most people!

Last night Ham tried using this free facial wash Heng brought home months ago.
He had his whole face covered white in that gunk except for a thick line above his upper lip and he turned to me and said "Look babe, no milk."

Maybe this is commonplace for couples who use facial wash, but neither of us do so I laughed and laughed and laughed.


Ham has his friend Awang. Awang is also my friend. Awang loves trance. Whenever we are in Ham's car my music would obviously be playing. Awang would compliment the song and tell me I have good taste but then ah, at almost every song he'd say "Hey if they made this song into a trance track, best!" and would try to churn out this sound.
After a while I said "Wang, jangan semua lagu best best nak jadi trance ok!"

But apparently there are already quite a few of the Ramones' songs made into trance song. Hm.


It's 9am and Ham isn't back from his outing. I'm so hungry cause I'm waiting for him for dinner and I ate a quarter of my cheesecake. It's not very thick la about half an inch of biscuit and an inch or so of cheese. But dunno why now feel quite the full.


Arth Akal said...

which reminds me of a dj friend of mine who turned 'Placebo-Every me and every you' into hardstyle beat.
I think he had massacred a few rock songs as well...
can't remember...

Stella said...

ugh butchered it up huh! but as long as we honor the origins, its all good ;)