Friday, August 10, 2007

All in a week of my wonderful life! Hah

I put Cassie on a leash for the first time three days ago. She definitely did not like it. I tested it around the front of our house walking about and she would hold her ground in an "attack" pose refusing to move. So cute! I was heartbroken though to have to tug on her leash. I become a wimp around her. I crawl around my house for an hour playing hide and seek with her everyday and had nasty bruises on my knees. (Augusten Burroughs does this with his French Bulldogs too except he wears a cat mask, I didn't know until I read Possible Side Effects!).

Sometimes when it looks as if something happened I'd hurl myself to the floor to get to her and yeah bruise my already bruised knees.

Anyway Ham and I go for dinner at his grandma's place nearby and he walks Sexy there everyday. At first I'd carry Cassie all the way but she'd always be looking down at the street longingly, envious of Sexy who has the freedom to sniff and bite at everything.

So, reluctantly I bought a leash. I didn't even like the idea of a collar on her but o well. Love a dog too much ppl say you siao, not so nice to a dog ppl say you are cruel.

It's been three days and she's getting used to it though today I think she felt lazy cause as I was sitting on the steps waiting for Ham to put Sexy on her leash Cassie jumped up onto my lap so I made Ham drive there :P

I'm such a wuss la. I'm overbearing, I worry over every little whimper and at first I didn't even like other people or other dogs around her (unless they are poodles jessica hehe).

Rachel says "Stel I'll go to all your push push classes with you and everything but as soon as the baby pops out, I'm not gonna see you for seven years. You are mad."

But you know, it gets better and I don't worry that she's gonna die as often.
Though I still crawl around the house on my elbows to play with her.

I lost my phone USB thing so I can't upload pictures of her anymore :( I have about 150 stuck in my phone and 100 on Ham's computer. Which is more pictures than my entire collection of pictures with friends for the past 4 years :D

Good thing it isn't on my laptop because Ham reformatted just now.
He asked if I wanted to keep anything and I said "Nah nothing important, wash it off."
He asked again, "Your songs? Your shows? Pictures?"
"Nothing one la. Delete la."

All gone. Suprisingly I feel nothing. I'm so not a geek! :(

Ham's computer got struck by lightning a few days ago, sort of, and when it didn't turn on he was grumpy and sour all day until he bought a new power box thing, new lan card, new network card and new modem/router that he cracked a smile.

Oh Ham was telling me about how he shouldn't have partition(ed) my laptop.
A partition? Like a living room?!

Ham has spent 1k on curtains and curtains rods for his house. So mind the auntie in me.


Jessica Rabbit said...

LOL.. We still haven't had our playdate! I prefer a body harness as opposed to a collar, that way if you need to tug (for discipline or emergency measures) it doesn't hurt the little one.

Jolie is sick sick. Scratched her eye and now she has to wear the damn lampshade collar. She's literally grumbling and giving me puppy dog eyes... Damn sad.

Stella said...

so sad!!! i hope she gets better soon! that lampshade thing, hehe must look funny though

ooh a body harness i'll go look for that. i'm such a noob la when it comes to dogs and stuff.