Thursday, August 02, 2007

Let's go to a rave and behave like we're trippin cause we're so in love.

Ham and I reached Langkawi in the morning on the first day. We left the night before and got to Berjaya Resort whatever nice and early at 8am. Thankfully we were allowed to check in at the time. We got a whole chalet to ourselves, divided into two rooms. The other room was for Rachel and Krystina. We spent the morning watching infomercials and left to pick the two up in the afternoon. Sauna solution!

Because our chalet was in the middle of the jungle, to get to our room or from our room back to the lobby, we had to take a buggy. They were available 24hours and is hell fun if the driver is a daredevil cause the swerving made for a lousy rollercoaster. Better than no rollercoaster I say. That's us on the buggy.

Our rooms were really nice. Wooden and erm big. Wonder why we didn't take any pictures. That's the two sleeping in the other room. Takes us 45 mintues to wake them up every morning -_- Ham is useless at waking them up. "Erm Ray? Krys? Time to wake up." Practically a whisper. I'm like storming around the room going "WAKE UPPPP!!! We're late! WAKE UP!" Admittedly, that didn't really work either.

Oh, this is the jungle view from our jungle chalet balcony.

We didn't really take very many pictures on this trip, none at all on the 3rd day cause Ray left her camera in the car. Which was a shame cause we rented a private boat on our third day and they took us to 5 different spots around Langkawi and we swam in the middle of the sea cause we treated the boat dude to some reefer. There was also this lake where we, with foresight, bought water guns and had a really nice time shooting water into each other's eyes.

Also, we didn't get to have pictures taken with Daniel. The guy who arranged the day for us. We met him the night before at Rasa restaurant where he was working as a waiter. Throughout the day he kept telling us to come visit him in Perhentian. He told us he had his own place there and kept promoting snorkeling packages to us. "We have really good teachers! From Holland etc." He yakked non-stop about diving and this that but when we got to the lake (which was 25 metres deep) and jumped in, Daniel didn't come into the water.

You know why? The fella can't swim! He's afraid of the water! HAHAHAHAH. So should have taken a picture with him, fella looked baked 24/7.

This is us at Pantai Tengkorak. The nicest beach we went to. The first hour was awesome cause we were the only ones around but soon after others came by. Heh the others.

What's left of their sandcastle.

What's left of ours. The unnknown slipper was the mouth of our Sandkenstein castle.

The waterfall! Telega Tujuh I think its' name was. So as you can see, the space to wade in the waterfall wasn't very big. But we jumped in anyway, the water was super clear.

Several groups of people came by and were taking pictures of the waterfall. It wasn't until much later we realized this waterfall probably wasn't meant to be swam in because people kept giving us curious looks. I don't know, I think all waterfalls are meant for swimming. Maybe we were just a weird bunch. Maybe with Krys' tattoo and mine they thought we were a mob :D

Hehe Ham's been packing on the pounds. Can see some fatness there muahaha

This is where we ate by the roadside. Some Laksa Power place. I loved it. It tastes like my highschool Assam Laksa which was the only redeeming factor of my 2nd highschool. Everyone else hated the laksa though ho hum can't please everyone.

During this trip I broke my non-drinking vow and drank every night because beer was so cheap. What a waste of time la really, within an hour I'd be lolling about wanting to go to sleep. No more drinking. I never get to that nice tipsy stage anyway, I either feel nothing or I feel like shit.

Great trip! Next stop, Tioman/Perhantian!


Perry said...

Fuh..Ham puii-puii liao ah..hehe ;-)

Stella said...

yeah man!! happeee!! like me ma!

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