Monday, August 13, 2007

Eat eat eat only I know.

I'm having steak tonight! Yay yay yay. I haven't had steak in a month!

Ham and I have had steak everywhere.

San Francisco Steakhouse Okay only la. I go there for their desserts. But because you're in a steakhouse you gotta have steak.

Jake's The bomb! Price also quite the bomb.

Victoria Station Overrated dunno whyy we go there I hate the place. Try once like ok only. Then somehow we'd think "maybe that time not good this time good leh got the wrong chef or something" then we'd go again and its always just so-so only.

Roadhouse Grill Not good at all but dunno why we end up there sometimes

Fridays (JD steak!) Yum

Le Meridien's Prime Expensive! We've only eaten there once. Dunno how our bill came up to almost 700. *faints. But on the bright side, they've got quite a selection of butters! I love butter!

Maredo's Steakhouse Love the ribs over their steak though

Gobo's Upstairs Lounge and Grill At first when I thought..lounge ah..yer dowan la later got a lot of pretentious people and girls talking in high-pitched voices. But damn the steak is good! It was salted hardcore! Anything salted is good.

Okayla, that's all I can remember off the top of my head. But I'm pretty sure we've covered quitea few steakhouses. We see a random one somewhere, off we go.

I haven't tried Boathouse and Tony Roma's which according to Ray and my sister, are good.

I use to have steak every weekend as a child! One of the places we'd frequent is that Windmill place in 1u but it closed down. Their steaks were served in cut-up pieces! I like! Child ma that time. But about seven years ago my mom became a Buddhist so none of us are allowed to have beef. Not in her presence anyway. So we stopped going for western food. At the same time I grew to love chinese food so I didn't really miss steak that much.

You know why. Cause I use to have them well done. When Ham forced me to take a bite of his medium rare, I fell in love all over again! I've rediscovered steak! Sometimes we'd order them rare because some people don't understand that medium rare means there should be some blood oozing out :D

Mind you, this is one of few things Ham and I spend money on. We are really quite thrifty. But since we don't waste any money on shopping for clothes or things like that, we spend them on steaks! It's our common ground! If cheap steak I'll pay if expensive steak, Ham pays hehe so no pinch on my part.

But anyway, our favourite place for steak is..Cowboy in Kelana Jaya. (I also like Suzie's Corner)

Cheap and effing good. The sauce..once you catch a whiff of it your mouth starts to water. Maybe it's because we're Malaysian and they are Malay chefs and the just perfect.

We're not the kind of ppl who care for a nice ambience and nice chairs or whatever. It's all about the food and just the food. Sigh dunno why we pay good money to go to nice looking restaurants with mediocre steaks. Quite con la the whole thing, you see a nice looking place and you think, hmm they probably have good steak here because there's rich looking people in there and surely, rich people would know good food!


Just like Jogoya and Shogun. Everyone thinks Jogoya is better because it's more expensive and it looks nicer. People don't admit it, but its true. Because even people who've not eaten there thinks its the better. I've eaten at both places about 10 times each and honestly I'd have to say they are both equally good lor. For different things.
Shogun definitely has better salmon shashimi and since that's my FAVEEE I prefer going to Shogun. But Jogoya has a wider selection of food and Movenpick ice cream and pretty good desserts. But half the time I'm there the raw stuff just isn't that good. Like it's been sitting there for a while. They rarely serve the good shashimi, the one with thick white lines of fat. Although my dad and I love going to Rakuzen best. Only thing its a la carte and it'll be quite expensive if I eat as much shashimi as I can take. Hm no perfect place for japanese food yet.

Anywayy...shit I'm becoming quite long-winded.

OK. One problem with Cowboy though is that, its by a lake. So there are mozzies! I HATE! Also if you go there on public holidays like Christmas Eve *ahem, the food will suck. But on weekdays where there are only a few patrons the steaks are the bomb. THE BOMB! Only about RM40 per steak. And uh, don't sit on the water. The first time it looked quite inviting, the dock bobbing along the water and all but really, its in disguise. It's really a feeding tank for the giant mos-ti-kos!

So we're going there tonight!! In exactly half an hour!

Actually I'm just killing time writing in here waiting to go. Ham wants to nap first and I'm getting quite agitated. Sigh.


Kim said...

hey babe, í've tagged u on my xanga blog. xoxo nice langkawi pics.

Stella said...

tag? what tag? i go see hehe

p 3 k s a n said...

food glorious food . . . all i see on that post is foood foood foood!! hahahha i wanna eat steak too btw you getting fatter and fatter and fatter hahahhahahah but you still my lovable mui yea . . .

Stella said...

yer i didnt know you read my blog.

remember we drove all the way to ampang in the freaking jam? 5 ppl cramped into your car and the steak place was closed! DAMN TIU.

i know la i'm fat. i put on 3kgs in the last 3 months cause i was back home with my family eating 5 meals a day. love the fatness!