Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My poor baby!

Ham smacked Cassie for the first time today! Not smack la like a little tap but it made her so confused! She was staring at him in a "Papa why you beat me" kinda look. I know these things la ok.

Cassie peed outside of the toilet today. She's stopped it a long time ago you know! She has been doing her businesses in the toilet for months already :( But daddyHam would not tolerate it.

After that she went to him and licked his feet. Poor baby. Until now keep staring at her Papa, wondering why he smacked her.


On a brighter note, she has become quite aggresive. She bit Sexy till Sexy was bleeding. *evil laugh*

Ham and I had a big argument today because I refused to take my cirit-birit medicine (its pink and white.. and quite frankly, tasted like fermented tulips) and he went and crushed it. and put it. in my air kelapa. Like I couldn't taste it in there!

After that we continued arguing cause I didnt want to go to school tomorrow saying I should make full use of my 2day mc and claim I'm still feeling sick. Lecturers love me! They will surely buy it one. But no, kept giving me that sullen face. He's going to start working on another production again soon, might as well spend time together now! Other boyfriends would be thrilled if their girl wants to skip class and spend time with them.

Only of course, when that class is a 9am class and he doesn't have work that day.

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