Thursday, August 23, 2007

Brainstorm, take me away from the norm

I went for class today and my classmate John said "Wow Stella, you're early! It's only Week 4, we usually see you at least a month after classes had started."

True. But this Lenny has been scaring me saying Mr.Bong (Faculty Director) has been really strict on attendance and they'd minus 2% for every class you miss without an mc. 2% is damn bloody a lot lor considering I skip at least 50% of all my classes. Plus I know he would definitely notice if he walks into any class and don't see me there.

But apparently that might not be true too. We'll see.


In the beginning, when I'd go to Ham's grandma's for dinner I'd stick by his side, eat quietly, wash the dishes and then sit in front of the TV.

These days I'm not glued to his side anymore. In fact sometimes he'd take his dinner to the telly and I'd sit at the dinner table chatting with his aunts and uncle. After dinner I'd sit outside with his two aunts and chat for an hour or so while he watches TV. Sometimes he'll even go out with his friends and I'll stay back at his grandma's talking to her and taking notes as they explain how to cook certain dishes. We do things separately in his grandma's house. I'm really comfortable there! Sometimes I don't even want to go home cause I like the atmosphere so much. I love family life la, just makes you feel like everything will be okay no matter what and nothing could go wrong.

Now Ham is trying to convince me to go over earlier everyday to learn how to cook from them so that I can cook the same dishes for him in the future. What la.
Actually I don't mind, the food there mostly spicy! I LIKE!


Alvin asked me if I had a blog a couple of days ago and said that someone someone gave him the link. Then he teased me and called me a blogger. I'm not a blogger lor. I never considered myself to be one and I really really don't want to be one. I see this as an online journal and though people say it all the time I really do mean it when I say it exists as an outlet for me and just something for my friends to read. 5 friends who read this blog. I don't write here as if its for the world to read and I'm definitely not hoping to attract more readers or anything like that at all.

If you know me, you'd know I don't give a shit about my "social life" or "network" or anything lame like that. I keep it real! (quote the lovely

But recently certain friends tell me that some of the things I wrote offended their friend(s) and bla bla bla. That I should be more mindful of what I say because anyone can access this blog. Hello! I don't even know your friend leh.. I give a shit ah how they feel about what I write. So kepoh wanna read ppl's blog then deal with what's here la aiyo.


The other day someone, one of Ham's friends I think asked me if I was going to the Gwen Stefani concert and I said "No.."
Then the fella said "Eh, no? So your thing! Gwen and hiphop and all."
SINCE WHEN AH. Do I really look like the type *SOBS I rocker maa..mat rocker also can dowan to look like a Gwen fan hehe.
No Doubt was okay la, but when she went solo I never really caught up with her. It's like a different sound in a different dimension.


sukyee said...

We blog readers very kepo one loh. I've never found anything you wrote offensive. In fact, I find them very heart warming and funny. Thank God for my goldfish-like memory.

Bong will love you lah.

Just remember when you go to class to say "GOOD MORNING MR. BONG! SORRY I'M LATE! SORRY CLASS I'M LATE!" in a loud confident voice. And don't take any of the mean things he says to heart. You'll love him too.

Stella said...

bong makes dirty comments one lor! haha

i am as quiet as possible around him. dowan to give him anything to say about.

eh what makes you think i will be late to class ar? heehehehe he's damn entertaining la but not lecturing me this sem.

sukyee said...

At least funny mah.

And I don't feel like I'm getting retarded in his class loh. Maybe next sem you'll have him? If you're taking advertising lah.

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