Thursday, November 30, 2006

Makan makan

Now that i'm back home with my family, I eat my usual amount. When I wake up I go "Kakkk Sitiiiiii saya mau makannnnNNN" and while giggling she will reply "Tauuuuu, sudah siapppp." I love her la. Then after a lunch of rice and usually french beans, sambaled fried eggs and fried chicken i'll have a snack 2 hours later of a packet of Cintan. If i go out i'll have something else and if i don't i'll also be munching on something, kuih or potato chips. Then come dinnertime i'll have rice and everything nice. Then ice-cream or whatever my mom bought home. Then supper usually in SS2 Lok Lok with a bowl of porridge, bowl of fish balls and a shared ikan bakar with Joyce.

In fact just an hour ago while Joyce and I were having supper with my dad, we were having the Ikan Bakar last and my dad couldn't have any because he's got the sore throat. Suddenly he asked, "Is it still hot?" "No." "Can hold with fingers?" "Can la" We told him it wasn't and he should try some (we tried a new stall, not bad). Then he said "Then pick it up and eat it while walking to the car, it's getting warm here I'm sweating." I tell you ar...father like this...we LOVE!

So after midnight I'll usually have a slice of cake that's in the fridge or whatever other goodies they have there. Then around 2am Joyce and I would get hungry again and we'll have instant noodles or half boiled eggs about 3 each.

After this holidays its back to Beached-Whale-Stel!

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