Saturday, December 02, 2006

My Big Mouth

2 hours after the post below my upper abdomen started to hurt but I knew it was quite impossible for it to be gastric. And it felt different. It started to really bother me and then I was looking into the toilet bowl while brown and salmon colored mush was stuck in my nose. This as well as other busniesses *ahem went on for a couple hours and I didn't get much sleep. More like a painful stupor haha. I woke up the next day and I couldn't eat. I had no appetite whatsoever! I could only eat 2 slices of bread. So at dinnertime when I told my dad i still couldn't eat, he figured it must be serious so we went to a doctor.

*Whee food poisoning from that Ikan Bakar. Joyce was lucky before right after the below supper with my dad she came home and puked everything out right down to the Baskins ice cream out into the longkang outside. Daddy had a sore throat so he couldn't have that damn fish either :(

Tyler and Eve came over the next day for Eve to rediscover her inner child and when they were walking in i sadly said "I can't eat.."
Tyler "YOU can't eat??"

It's been three days. I still can't really eat.
I suppose its a good thing? :(
But i am damn sad lor.

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