Thursday, November 02, 2006


I'm hoping that typing can calm me down.

See months ago Ixi had three kittens. Her first pregnancy. In a few weeks after they were born they were peeing and shitting the house and the smell was out of control! So we set up a nice (in retrospect it probably wasnt nice) big box with towels inside for them right outside our front door. Several days went past, maybe a week or so and they are gone. We figured they were either killed by the stray cats in the area or in Heng's opinion; our neighbor Agnes, this burly loud woman, had stolen them out of spite. Both are very likely to have happened. Even the latter.

A month plus ago Ixi gave birth to twins. Fraternal i suppose, a girl and a boy. They are unbelievaly adorable! The girl, Merry, died two weeks ago after she was beat up horribly by other cats. I wasn't around but Heng said he "stroked her till her last breath", I quote. So now only Pippin is left. I was much closer to the girl so that was already quite sad. Then I got attached to the boy. I wasn't in Sunway for a while but I knew he wasn't allowed out of the house so when I came today i was suprised to not to see him in sight. He was always playing with scraps of paper or chasing his own tail. An hour ago I was blasting Justin Timberlake's My love (no shame) when I heard noise outside the door. I ignored it at first but the noise persisted. I opened the door to find Pippin sitting out there staring into space. I tried to pick him up like i usually do pinching the skin behind his neck but i felt bumps and a long scratch along his left side. I carried him into my room and put him on my lap. He figeted and tried to move away. I thought perhaps it was the Justin Timberlake song that was annoying him so I turned it off. I watched as he limped over to a corner and continued to stare at nothing. Slowly his head was bowing.

I panicked and started asking Rachel what to do. Half-laughing she gave me numbers to call. No one answered. So I called Telekom to ask for 24 hour animal clinics. They only had one in Mutiara Damansara. Far. But I called anyway and no answer. Frustrated I called a cab and jotted down addresses Rachel gave me from a 24hour animal clinic website. My typing was incoherent and i remember very many exclamation marks. Pek San and Mun Fye was asking me to calm down while I shouted (caps lock) at them for a solution or some help. Why does these people have to be overseas. I hate it. Fye would have come from SS2 to here in 5 minutes flat.

I put Pippin into a box and waited outside for the cat. It was almost 20 minutes before the catcame and in the 15th minute Pippin was meowing out loud and wriggling to get out of the box. I kept pushing him in telling him he needs to see a doctor. But he was quite fierce so i gathered..maybe he's okay. If he has to energy to fight me he should be fine.

I took the box into the house and then the cab came. I went out to pay the driver and told him I was sorry but i didnt need a cab anymore. I came into the house and THE DAMN BOX WAS EMPTY. THE KITTEN WAS NOWHERE TO BE FOUND!

Only Kenny is home and he doesn't know anything about cats! What if he dies!
Ok tyipng definitely isnt helping.

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