Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wednesday Adams

Wednesday morning rain is (not) fallinggg..

Damn pei. Just woke up quite hyper.

Kim is working but i still wanna kacau her on MSN. Flooding her with random msgs.
Since she starting working we hardly get to see her :(
We are unsuccessfully trying to get her to join Miss Malaysia World or Universe.
Looking at the previous contestants, Kim is a sure win!

Mel once wrote on her blog that in Ice Age, that she she is Diego the sabertooth because she danm kau fierce. And that Ray is the Mammoth because she's wise and I'm the bloody sloth Sid because I'm the one with the lame lines.

Mahai. I'm going to revamp the whole thing. Mel can be the female Mammoth in denial and Kim can take her place as Manny.

Wait, i'll come up with a proper reasoning behing all this.

I still damn blur.


Darling please come home soon. I'm not in the habit of bitching but with you it comes naturally and i hate it admit it but i enjoy it! Without you there is an empty void! Eh that's redundant. A void IS empty. Wah still woozy. Gotta go! Or if i wanna be trendy i should say, gotta bounce peeps! HAHAHAH damn sohai.


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