Saturday, November 25, 2006

Wedding pictures!

I think i'll be posting Elle and Perry's wedding pictures every now and then when i get the pictures off the others hehe. These are from Eve's camera.

Whee, the bride damn kau pretty lor. This was in the bride's room before the guys came. Left to right, that's Yean in the yellow top, Jimmy the hairliist, Azuree is rasta colors, Lalang Eve next to the bride, Andrea the bridesmaid behind the bride, uhm the makeup artist, Maryann and ME! Eh! Where's Ivan??

The delightful 'torture kit'. Nescafe, condensed milk, crackers with wasabi and cili padi (i said crackers!! hahahaha) and of course, the waxing strips.

Eve, Stel and Ivan. We look nice and calm but at this point we were actually already getting real excited at the prospect of watching the *ahem dicks go through what we had planned.

Eh cepat la! Scared is it :P Pushing the best man forward all. Joey so brave! (kind of) I damn like the sound of the wax strip coming off your almost hairless leg hahaha.

KMKS with the Lohs.

In the hotel room before the wedding. I like that expression I have, try zoom in and see :P That's Jung's back!

At the reception area with BlogLittle, Bloggila and BabyBloggila (of late)

Uncle Remy Loh and Christine before they crooned Endless Love.

That'll all for today folks! More next time when Elle gets the professional shots from the photographer. Not that Eve isnt professional :P

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