Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Heath & Potter.

Since Rachel broke her camera, we don't take pictures anymore. I can't decide if its a good thing since when I piss her off she threatens me with the "shrine of retarded pictures" of me.

We went to Laundry for the first time last Thursday. I had my reasons for boycotting the place but we thought since everyone goes there so let's go see what the hype is about. It was like a freaking reunion for Ham, he saw ex-classmates right left center. I was guessing it was probably like Decanter, cheap drinks. But a jug was RM61. Wtf. Okay so it's not the cheap drinks. A couple of minutes went by and Ray said "I don't see what so interesting about this place."

Neither did I. The sound system was terrible although they had Leonard :) Didn't do the bands justice. Even Paul's Place had better sound. Five six years ago when I used to go to gigs featuring local bands on a weekly basis, the local scene was the bomb! Bands renting Dewan Serbagunas to jam at. When I heard Tempered Mental four years ago I went nuts and bought 10 of their cds and gave it out to random people. Tempered Mental is still awesome. They will always have my support. Melina was suprisingly really good at charades, that's always a bonus.
Somehow I feel the local music scene little commercialized now. Those of you who used to go to Blue Planet and underground gigs know what I'm talking about, we've agreed on this. It's become more about the glamour and the crowd and less about their music. But reading The Rebel Sell made me realize i could be the very same people i don't like.

You know how people say the the cool places first had the in-crowd, then gradually the crowd holds the wannabe's and the B-listers. Wtf. People wanna go where they go la, do they have to be labelled as cool or cool wannabes? But i might be doing the same thing. Looking at the hype on local bands now i was thinking "Where were you people when these bands were struggling to get their music heard years ago?" Suddenly when a few of the right people turns up at these events everyone is jumping on the "Support local bands" bandwagon.

Does that mean I was cool once since this is cool now? So I was an A-list?! HAHA. Yeah right. Counterculture. It's fucking with my brain.

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