Monday, November 20, 2006

The Big Day!

I always have little insignificant things to write about here and most of the time it doesn’t really matter if I put them on record. Saturday however was an incredibly significant event for more than quite a few of us.

Given, the initial high of receiving the news of their marriage has subsided a little since February… seeing the whole affair come together was still overwhelming. From jumping around their room upon receiving their news, talking animatedly practically in tears and overreacting compared to Mel who when we told the news said “I’ve always expected it what.”

So I’ll start at the beginning. I regretted not having chosen my outfits for the day earlier. I ended up in a skirt which was too loose for me for the day events and a skirt too short for my liking during the night. But, Ellie and Perry has always loved me in whatever I wear so that didn’t matter in end :P

In the morning the “chi muis” all gathered at Ellie’s parents home in SS2 at 9am. I helped Andrea and Eve with the “torture kit” before going upstairs into Elle’s room where she was chilling and chatting with Azuree and Yean in her bridal gown. Though I’ve seen her in the same dress at the fitting my heart still leaped a little seeing her in it again. After the briefing by Andrea we sat around fogging the room with our cigarettes and chatting like it was any other day. Ivan and Maryann told their usual amusing stories which I can’t get anywhere else. And of course, Ivan was the leader of the pack during the “initiation” of ‘collect the bride’. One auntie said “Aiyo, you really want to make them go through all this ah. Later stomach ache can’t make it to the dinner how.” Ivan, “It’s not our stomach. You think we care? We love her so much we’re not gonna let her go so easily” WELL SAID!

But he had some beef with Andre who had the balls to challenge Ivan the night before with “Bring on your worst! Think I scared ah! I’ll do anything, anything at all for Perry!” Hence the five macho men had coffee beans for represent the bitter, a can of condensed milk for sweet, the three-tiered wasabi sandwich with a cili padi in the middle for hot and vinegar laced with freshly squeezed lemon for sour and waxing strips for a smooth journey. Andre underestimated me. Didn’t want to let Ivan do the stripping of the wax strips and requested for Stella do to it because she’s the gentle one. Have you changed your mind Andre? The way you leapt out of the chair… you must have.

Perry then miraculously got the key off Peachy in less than five seconds and grinned the biggest grin while opening the gate and heading upstairs to Elle and ate M&Ms off her palm before he can take her downstairs for the tea ceremony. After that the chi muis and heng tais headed to Perry’s home for lunch!

Slowly but surely, Tyler, Aran, Joey and Andre begin to reel from the torture kit! Why was Tyler missing when we wanted to take pictures? Hm? Sick ah? Thought very man one. During dinner still got little boys complaining :D

After lunch and pictures we put on the video of the torture chamber for Perry’s family. Uncle Remy, Perry’s dad, had a super good time watching the video. What a dad, he can rock a stage I tell you! During the time at Perry’s house I can tell where he got his sense of humor from. The Muar relatives all joke the same way! Before, I’ve always thought Perry super one of the kind, only he can pull off lame lame jokes but come off sounding cool. But no, there is a whole bunch of them!

After resting a while we left for Maya Hotel. We’ve passed Maya many times before because half the chi muis are the gatekeepers of Zouk while Tyler Aran and Andre are regular customers :P But I never knew how great it looked from the inside! So…BIG! It’s a concept hotel so the rooms were damn nice I thought. The couple booked an extra room for the usual suspects to rest and shower in. So rest and shower we did before the dinner.

We went down at 6.30pm and handled the reception area. Actually Ivan, Eve, Azuree and Yean was while I stood aside polishing off the muruku they were serving as tit bits. Elle’s mom came to me, pinched my cheeks and asked if I didn’t have lunch. I must have looked like a glutton stuffing my face hehe.

Two more usual suspects turned up before the dinner started, Joachim and Mervyn sat down and the next thing I knew, the Book of Love by Peter Gabriel was playing. Then Ellie walked down the red carpet. Jung was tearing and I wanted to crybaby! Now that was surreal. After that we sat down next to the stage and started to feast. Joachim left early because he had to emcee at a DJing competition at Zouk. Maryann was upstairs helping Ellie with her next dress. Tyler was busy emceeing. Aran disappeared to dunno where. Eve was missing for a while. So there was extra food! I love. Maryann and I have something in common. We both love Shark fin’s soup but couldn’t have any because we are so-called environmentalists. I haven’t had it in 5 years. Not bad for someone who had commitment issues. The short speech Perry made and video Joey did on behalf of Perry and Elle was another tearjerker, especially for Eve. Everything was happening so quickly! The best chocolates I’ve ever had disappeared and then Uncle Remy made a comeback! The Lohs have music running in their blood. The whole affair showcased to me how Perry is Perry. Elle as usual was classy, calm and collected though her parents and herself was glowing throughout. After Endless love and 2 other renditions I was tempted to ask for Uncle Remy’s autograph.

This was the classiest wedding I’ve been to, bar none. I’m not biased, it really was. After the “Yam Sengs” we went up to the room to chill before heading to Velvet. After Velvet the usual suspects went back to the room to indulge in Aran and Joachim’s debates while the couple rested on the bed, to bask in Ivan’s fabulousness and everyone else’s company. And that was that.

I actually have so much more to say, that was already cutting it short. The couple and I have always agreed that they’ve already felt married for so long and this was more of a formality but whole event was bursting with magic! It’s the aura that their presence always emitted but this time ten-fold!
All in all it was an amazing night, I have no more words to convey how I felt.

I forgot to say this to the couple, so I’ll say it here “Congratulations! From the moment we met I’ve always known no one was more made for each other than the both of you. Elle and Perry I hope what you wished for me would come true, that one day I will have what you have! A small percentage of this is more than I could hope for.”

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