Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Personality review bandwagon.

I forgot to say that I have the meanings behind the answers. I'm waiting for the few of you to answer before I reveal it. Answer Jung's one too, that one's good. Teehee. Oh and Joey is forbidden from answering because he's already done this. But i might just reveal his answers because they are too funny! :D

1. You're walking on a road. Describe that road.
: Smooth, no bumps but with a lot of turns.

2. You enter a forest. Describe your surroundings.
: MJ forest!

3. You turn into an animal. What animal is that.
: White tiger.

4. You meet another animal. What animal is that.
: Liger.

5. A house comes into view, describe that house.
: Fairly big cottage.

6. How do you get into the house?
: Open the door and masuk.

7. You see a cup on the table. What sort of cup is it? Eg. glass, ceramic etc.
: Tall glass.

8. You go upstairs and enter a room. Describe the condition of the room.
: Clean but messy.

9. You see someone watching the tv comfortably in the house. Describe how you feel upon seeing the person.
: I'd feel a sense of love for the person.

10. At the back of the house, there is a wall. How do you get past that wall?
: Walk around it.

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